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January 24, 2003


OK, thanks to Ken Layne I now have a real blog, sort of. There's a link on the left that will take you to my primitive old blog, powered by kerosene.

I will now spend days and days trying to figure out how this works, as opposed to doing anything productive.


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I don't think a blank comment from a "spammuh" really counts, so for Garrt's sake, I claim "First" on Dave's first blog post.....

I just wanted to have a post on Dave's first Blog. Also, I think there should be a length limit to posts, so spammers can't go on for 20 pages.
Booger and Neener.

What this is is a test.

What this is is a test.

Again with the testing.


More more


A comment!

I surrender.....

Yes, another test.

We test and test and test.....

It seems there may be a rival to the Prince.

Dave has a blog? Will he be writing a book?

I wonder if it's possible to post here, still.

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