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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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It's getting colder again around here after a few milder days.

We are seeing Mr. Loaf at Rev. Ike's United Palace Theater at Broadway & 175th Street tomorrow night.

*tosses pants in anticipation*

Hi,kids. Just posting to let you know I'm alive...Totally ate too much at Thanksgiving and probably regained every pound I lost in my 3 months of exercising. :( And I'm on an antibiotic again for another sinus infection just like every other freaking winter...it's this weirdly warmish weather. Why can't it just decide to be December?

Good news: 1)my thesis advisor liked my thesis outline and gave helpful suggestions, 2) my boyfriend has moved/is moving his stuff from the ghetto-y Coop City in The Bronx to a spot in Yonkers about 2 minutes away from me by car (probably a 10 minute walk, though I haven't tried it yet), 3) I got a job lined up for Christmas break, the same job I had 2 years ago at Freddie Mac and LOVED with the boss who thinks I walk on water! she actually called up the temp agency SPECIFICALLY asking for me! Yay! and it's for 17/hr-2 bucks more per hr than last time! I can pay bills! :) c) 2 weeks left to the semester--although I don't know if that's good news or bad news, since I have a paper to write and a Greek final to study for and a million thesis related books to xerox--but on the other hand, it will soon be over!, d) I got most of my Christmas shopping done in November! The only person left to get a present for is my mom, and hopefully I can make her something she will like. :), e) I'm taking iconography lessons from a really talented iconographer who's the wife of a student here, and she's a great iconographer and a great teacher. In fact, she's better at both than my old iconography teacher (I say this even though I love my old one dearly.) Icons are basically Orthodox church art, there's a specific technique/style to it that gives them their glowy look...rather fascinating that we carry on a practice that's at least a millenium old.

In other news, I believe this is my first semester at Vlad's ever where I have not once gone to Manhattan. I went to The Bronx for Thanksgiving hosted by my violin-playing boyfriend's mom, who is QUITE the cook. She's Puerto Rican and rubbed the turkey with Puerto Rican style spices to amazing effect. And she made this fantastic PR pork dish called pernil. OMG, you have got to try it! (They sell it at Puerto Rican restaurants, you can find them in NYC...he's taken me to one in The Bronx (of course) called Las Brisas del Caribe--wow! yummy!)

Perhaps if the stars align properly, one of those days before I leave for break (which I will have to do right after taking my final, since I start work THE NEXT DAY), the boyfriend and I should take a stroll down to Rockefeller Center...this is the time of year for it! That's one of my favorite NYC things. Along with the Met...and Carnegie Hall...and Chinatown...and SoHo...and yes, even tourist-trap-central Time Square.

*waves to Blogchik*

I {heart} pernil

I ♥ pernil also. My wife makes a similar dish minus the citrus (although somehow I always find a way to squeeze some lime juice on mine).

Congrats on the job, what a compliment, and I bet it feels good to.

Cold and dreary here today. HA. The day I need to be outside for extended periods of time building various cabinet like thingys for my basement office area.

I am finally beyond 50% completion of sorting and removing 18 years of accumulated crap. What fun!

Sorting and discarding the contents of boxes and boxes of crap the kids left (thinking they would want it in the future) is taking the longest. I do not want to toss "important" things so I need to look at everything and discard what I deem as unimportant. Sheesh. Oh well, if they wanted it they should have taken it with them, this ain't no friggin warehouse.

Just don't throw away the baseball cards, BigD.


It's cold here too - 30s through Monday, with a little snow possible overnight.

Gas prices are still way too high considering oil prices and what the rest of the country is paying.

That's funny Jeff, I did find a file box full of baseball cards I guess my son forgot about. They are stashed for my retirement.


Beats a 401K nowadays, Mr. D.

Hello, all.

Lowest local gas (regular) here in my part of NJ is $1.55. Jeff it amazes me, when I get into NY every weekday, how much more gas costs there. The difference is all taxes!

Susan, I wish you and your mom well. Sounds like she's got a fine, loving daughter.

Neo, I have nothing to say to you either, but I say it with great affection.

Oh, and congrats, Blogchik on everything! If you have any lunchtime errands in White Plains, shoot me an email and we can try again to meet up.....

We saw Meat Loaf last night up at the United Palace Theater (worth the price of a subway ride at least to see the ornate decoration), Rev. Ike's place (Sundays at 2:45) at 175th Street & Broadway.

Good show, though the place was very far from full. We were able to move way down. The opening act really showed me my age, as I literally understood about 5% of the words they were saying. I just felt "I've been through the real 60s and honey, you're no Janis Joplin."

The great was called Dead Rose Beauty, by the way. The lead singer (Nina Bergman, apparently) is on Battleground Earth with Tommy Lee & Ludacris.

The group, not the 'great' - which it wasn't.

Meanie, yep, my sister is a fine loving daughter. I'm a cranky butt.

Really. I don't always show it...she made some comment during her last hospital stay about how patient I was through all this. HA!!! The day spent in the CCU with her, her dozing all day, moaning on every breath...I thought I would tear out the little hair I have.

Not that there weren't a few amusing moments. Like when she asked me if I was going to stifle the vegetables.

Hmmm...don't know that technique.

Her family doctor was happy this week when we saw him, though, I had a written timeline of all the trips to the hospital and what happened where. I knew those silly notes would come in handy.

I had a chance to see Meat Loaf with John Waite many years ago at Carowinds. I had just gotten my driver's license and wanted to go. But no...I had to go to the Ashville Zoo. Grrrr.

*googles "stifle the vegetables"*

*is interested in the results*

kibby wanted to see Meat Loaf during his last world tour. he got as close as London .... didn't make it.

I saw Meat Loaf just the other night... in Fight Club. He had gi-normous man boobs. *giggle*

*stifle yourself, Edith*

Thankfully, Meat kept his shirt on, but he did appear somewhat thinner than in the past so maybe his manboobs have shrunk a little.


Kibby, I saw he did a bunch of cities in Britain, Ireland and western/northern Europe this fall. Maybe next time he'll get a little closer to Prague.

I think I will see meatloaf tonight, if the wife cooks one like she said she would.

My wife had gall bladder problems when she was pregnant with our second. She had emergency surgery to remove it 2 weeks after Nick was born. That night she asked me to get her fur coat out of the tree. Drugs do wonderful things to the mind.

*wonders what fur coat was doing in the tree - decides to lay off the drugs*

Yum, meatloaf. Haven't had that in a while.

Last loaf I had was a lentil loaf

I remember Meat Loaf from Fight Club...

Can't remember any other really good comments from my mother while being influenced by the lingering anesthesia effects...She did ask if she had told me about my sister climbing the stairs, I said No...Her reply? Well, I'm not going to tell you now.

Um...fine. There was a night right after the surgery that she was not all there. My sister and I went out in the hall with her for a walk. She noticed a panel on the wall...I didn't know what it was but she said "Oh, they took the picture down." No...the pictures are further down the hall, hanging up higher. I don't know what this is. (Beige metal, flat box...) She said it was a lazy susan. Noo....a lazy susan is a round thing that spins. No, she insisted. When it's flat on the table it's round and spins but this is a lazy susan. Implying that my sister and I were total idiots for not seeing that this metal box on the wall was a lazy susan.

Later found out she thought it was a dumb waiter...what one would be doing on the wall of a seventh floor hospital hall, I don't know. Lazy susan.

We asked on a later visit what it was...the front drops down as a writing surface, and the unit is used for storage. It's a WALLaroo, of the wall storage type, not the animal variety.

Everytime my mother would say something odd...my daughter's comment..."Drugs are bad."

I had meatloaf with shitake mushroom gravy for lunch. It was yummerful.

with jello pudding?


I guess it's been awhile since I posted on here from work. Some of you may not know, but I was Bill Cosby in a former life.

I saw that, Cos.

Weird weather update: "normal" temperatures for this time of year is 45.

Yesterday's low: 19 (earliest "teen" day since December of 1989)
Yesterday's high: 29
Today's high: 49
Tomorrow's high: 59
Thursday's high: 39

*takes out winter coat, spring jacket, umbrella and snow boots*

The other night when there was a light drizzle on my drive home, the read-out on my car's radio said "ice possible."

I went to a meeting and when I left the meeting, I had to carefully walk across the parking lot to avoid falling on ice. When I turned on the car, I checked to see if my car would tell me about the icy conditions. No. It was silent. I guess it tells you about possible ice conditions that might occur while you are driving; but if you had to slip and slide on your way to the car, and scrape ice off the windshield before driving, it assumes you are smart enough to figure it out.

But I still looked.

65 now, 100% rain tomorrow - between 3 and 4 inches, snow Thursday.


First time we've seen gas prices under $2 in NYC in a long time today - $1.99.

$1.43 here....

I made Christmas cookies today, from scratch (because we can't afford to actually buy dough and I looked in the cabinet and was surprised to find that I had everything I needed). I was trying a new recipe and decided to only make a dozen cookies. So I did the math and lo, I found I needed 1/4 of an egg. I hate when that happens.

But they were good. I ate all of them.

I know if I post this the original one that disappeared will show up too, but...

How do you like your new Governor so far, Crash?

Chicago now feels a little bit like home, Jeff.
Except with less pastel colorings and more clothing.

crash how did you measure 1/4 of an egg? Did you save the other 3/4 for breakfast?

I have taken to making most everything from scratch. So much cheaper and usually healthier. I made my first round of x-mas cookies this past weekend. It was a test run. Now when I get paid on Friday I can buy the real ingredients and start cooking! Cheap gifts and no one better complain!!!

Crash-I know you have a degree in Graphic Design. I know of a few websites where you can do some freelance if you want. email me

Has anyone checked to see if there are any Senate Seats on e-Bay?

FF Update for week 14. End of the regular season!

*1. Godless Communists 11-3-0
*2. Mad Lab Weasels 9-5-0
*3. kibby's kruisers 9-5-0
*4. El's Champs 9-5-0
*5. Sly's Guys 7-7-0
*6. Higgy's Heroic Huns 7-7-0
*7. Tooligans rule again 7-7-0
*8. Theodore 6-8-0
9. Area 51 Visitors 6-8-0
10. Di's Johnz 5-9-0
11. Eagerest Beavers 5-9-0
12. The Smegheads 3-11-0

Congrats to our top 8 - they'll go into the playoff brackets next week. A sad farewell to a surprisingly absent Lab, as his Visitors fall to the Communists 41-83. Oh, how the mighty have fallen - didn't even make it into the playoffs! Di's Johnz put up a brave fight but weren't able to overcome Kibby 68-72 - quite a close game there. Thanks for playing, Di! The Beaver's charge from the basement came too late, and they fell to our high-scoring Weasels 77-93. Great week, Mad/Mike. Better luck next year, Mr Fish! The Smegheads kept their lock on last place with a weaksauce loss to El's champs - 36-66. Kaf - I think you'd better stick to rugby!

In the squeaker of the week, Trillian barely got bye Theodore 64-61 - and thanks to Bismuth's points, he gets 8th place to the Tooligan's 7th. Your faithful Commish was a bit nervous going into MNF, but DeAngelo Williams pulled out a pair of TDs and launched me into the playoffs over Sly's Guys 64-54.

So - all records and points aside as we head into the playoffs. The #1 seed is matched up versus the #8, #2 to #7 and so on. So our matchups for the quarter final rounds are:
Higgy's Heroic Huns look for revenge for week 7's loss against kibby's kruisers; El's Champs in hot girl-on-girl action trying to stay on top of Sly's Guys; Tooligans rule again pop their playoff cherry against the long-since-deflowered Mad Lab Weasels; and Godless Communists have no walk-over matchup against Theodore.

Good luck all. The Losers of the first week's matchups go into a consolidation bracket (to fight it out for 5th-8th positions!)

Hey who took all my flowers?


little boy to father: When are the bad people leaving the White House so Obama can be President?

Sly, I think your car was either too frozen or asleep (hyperthermia?) to tell you about the ice condition.

Or it figured you already knew.

*kibby hates cars that out smart him*

Man, how embarrassing is it to live in Illinois when 3 Governors have already gone to jail and the 4th is obviously heading there? There could be two consecutive Governors in jail at the same time.

Something is rotten in the state of Springfield.

1. Former Gov. Walker's imprisonment was for offenses that occured AFTER his term in office. Small difference, but still. Tax evasion or something... can't remember.

2. Springfield does not equal Chicago. There is a huge difference between Chicago and the rest of Illinois -- except for Madison County. It's unfair to lump them all together. That's like lumping the Catskills with Manhattan. Besides, nimRod only goes to Springfield when he absolutely has to and tries not to spend the night there.

3. I feel sorry for the legislators in Springfield who are trying to do a good job but their "boss" is making a joke out of the entire process. He's not governing, he's wheeling and dealing. The state is in a financial crisis and now they have to deal with this.

4. If Blago refuses to resign, they are trying to pass a law for a special election, taking the power to appoint away from him. That special election will cost the already cash-strapped state $50 million.

As a former long-term resident of Illinois (and former 4-year Chicago-are resident), I'm not embarrassed. I'm pi$$ed off at the staggering abuse of power. I think they should put him in a room with his father-in-law. That guy looks like he's ready to tear his limbs off, and then some.

The biggest problem is that the legislature could pass a bill ordering a special election and Blago could legally appoint someone the day before the election (not that they'd want his appointment).

The man needs to go but how to get him out?

Maybe he's looking to cut a deal? Or is he so delusional that he thinks he can weather this?

I just mentioned Springfield as it's the capital, sly. I know it's Chicago where he comes from.

Previous Governor of Illinois.

What I was getting at, Jeff, is that even though Springfield is the capitol, he doesn't work there. He does nothing there.

That's another beef the legislature, and the state at large, have against him. When he absolutely can't get out of it and has to go to Springfield, he flies down on a private jet. During an important time on the legislatiave calendar last year, he flew down every day for a couple of weeks, sometimes spending as little as three hours in town; but never spent the night. It cost the State over $60,000. Commercial flights would have cost less, but he wouldn't do it. So even though it's the Capitol and he's the governor, he's a stranger in town and conducts very little business there.

If he does appoint someone, odds are that person would never serve. The U.S. Senate has the option of voting it down. It has seldom happened, but I think everyone already has their finger on the "nay" button.

I also meant to acknowledge all the crap that goes on in Albany (not to mention the Spitzer stuff). We've had Governors who stay away from Albany as much as possible (and who can blame them?).

The problem in Albany is that the legislature is basically irrelevant. Everything is decided by three men - the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly and the Majority Leader of the Senate. The membership sits around for weeks until their leaders tell them what to do, then generally follow like sheep.

For the first time in aeons all three are now in the hands (although barely so in the Senate) of the Democrats, so we'll see.

And Hudson County (NJ) has always been a cesspool of corruption with many, many Mayors ending up in handcuffs and behind bars.

It was not meant to single out Illinois, just the extreme behavior of this Governor. When he was compared to John Gotti there was some truth. After all, he knew they were investigating him and spoke openly on the phone anyway.

/end political rant

The weather? It sucks. At least it's wet here, not white.

Wet and all too warm here. Rain, and 70...with a tornado watch for another two hours.

And if I had some veggies, I could stifle them. It's a smothering 86 in this studio right now. Bleh.

Gas is $1.39...although I may have seen a $1.35 too...

No cookie baking for me as yet, but I am planning a batch of marshmallows tonight for a co-worker. She asked for strawberry ones, so I'm going to try that for her birthday.

Maybe. Depends on my mood.

My mother had a followup visit with her heart surgeon yesterday, since we were there he sent her over to the hospital for an ultrasound of her lungs, see if any fluid needed to be removed.


A liter from around each one.

Hopefully this will stop soon. Apparently this happens to some people after their chest is opened up and worked on...

Wow. (((Susan))).

I second that hug for Susan. And her mother. {{hug}}

I didn't vote for them.
And then for the past election I voted Green party.
Bless them, they try so hard.

Also, one of our friends is getting us a Christmas tree!

"Bleep the bleepin' Cubs!"

Mrs. Blago's contribution.

Susan, that stinks. Hope it is cleared up SOON!

Speaking of cookies, I keep forgetting to mention the GREAT cookies we had in Baltimore. Sort of a plain vanilla cookie with a THICK LAYER of frosting on top.

They're called Berger Cookies and Jackie bought 4 boxes from their website.


Rain continues unabated and very heavy.

/end update

Blagojevich's approval rating dropped to an all-time low of 8 percent, and friends and foes alike feared if they don't act swiftly to get rid of him, he might commit some kind of political mischief.

As opposed to what he's been doing so far?

Mmmm Berger Cookies...

Crash-glad you are getting a tree. You would be surprised at the cheap ornaments you can make! My first Christmas in Miami you should have seen my sad Charlie Brown tree. Saddest of all was I gave it to a neighbor about a week before Christmas because I was leaving town. Homemade ornaments, sad tin foil star and all! The family was so grateful to have it. Enjoy your tree!

I got extra money by tutoring last night and I plan to use it to buy a tree this weekend! Can't wait. Luckily I have lots ornaments I have acquired over the last 15 years. Unfortunately we have 2 cats and a dog. Ozzy has never has a Christmas tree in the house. I can't wait to see if he decides to treat it like the trees outside.

jeepers please forgive all those typos it has been a long bleary-eyed day!

Illinois: where our governors make our license plates.
(It was an email I just received.)

My first Christmas living away from home, I had no money for anything. (Twenty years later and I'm back to where I was then!) The Christmas tree was a wedding present, as was the tree stand. I hung cookie cutters on the tree and cut snowflakes out of used post-it notes and tinfoil. I still have a few of the snowflakes.

so 8 percent approve of the sale of offices?
snowing here...

Neo's post got me to wondering if license plates are actually made by prisoners. Since I can't sleep due to a certain hooty owl outside my window and since I've updated my blog as much as I can right now, I decided to g00gle and see where license plates are made.

Interestingly, only Ohio and Michigan still have their license plates made in prisons. Illinois only did that for a few years during the '30's, and now the state accepts bids from private contractors who make them.

Wonder how much of a kickback Blago got for that contract?

Interesting, sly. I thought NY prisoners made plates too but that must have been in the 'olde days' - if ever.

Rain finally stopped and there wasn't the ice storm upstate they were worried about, but now a lot of roads around the city are closed due to flooding, especially on the Island of Long.

I loved this picture of snow in New Orleans. The last time it snowed there was Christmas Day of 2004 and...we were there!

My friend Bill also got snow in Alvin, Texas near Houston.

I blame Al Gore.

Jeff, no ice storm up there? I've a Czech friend going through Newark this afternoon headed to Denver.

Snowing with rain over here... had gas last night - didn't cost me anything, cost those around me lots...

Newark should be OK, Kibby. LaGuardia was delayed 1 1/2 hours on arrivals as they were holding planes at their origins, but the worst is behind Newark & JFK.

/end meteorology & air traffic update

So, I go and buy a car that doesn't get the best gas mileage, but I'm ok with that since I take the bus or train to work. But since a proposition failed this past November and there are budget shortfalls, many routes will be terminated. These include mine. But I may have until 2010 before that happens. I blame Blagojevich. I know he has nothing to do with anything in st louis, but I'm going start blaming him for everything. "I blame Rod" is my new saying. By the way, gas on one side of the street is $1.35. It's $1.55 on the other. Guess which station was not busy.

Strawberry marshmallows are yummy.

I'll try them again in the spring with strawberry puree, rather than the flavoring I used.

But they are still yummy. Messy as anything to make, but yummy.

For the past 10 years I've had nothing but bad luck going through Newark. Multiple times I've been delayed either on the runway, or in the terminal trying to get out again. I refuse to go that way anymore.

Come to think of it, I don't recall ever having a good experience there. Either as a destination (requiring a return from there) or as a transient point.

sly, they are talking about eliminating weekend service on bus lines and some lines altogether. One of the lines on the "cut" list is the one that runs from behind our house, up 86th Street (major local shopping street which crosses lots of other bus lines as well as subway line), etc.

We can always drive but what about seniors and others who depend on the B16 to get them where they need to go?

Shortsighted is a polite term for this and I hope it doesn't happen.

Florida strawberry festival is about to start!

The Illinois Attorney General asked the state's highest court to rule Blago is "unable to serve as governor due to disability and should not rightfully continue to hold that office."

Somehow I doubt it will be that easy.

Neo your tree sounds a lot like mine. I had popcorn/cranberry garland and lots of paper/foil snow flakes, santas, stars. Of course I am not very artistic so they all look like a 2nd grader cut them out. Then my roommates ferrets started running up the tree and pulling anything off they could. Then the cats would shred the paper or bat the foil around. Yeah that was the best tree ever. And my first live tree! No snow here but the high is suppose to be 50! Brrrr

For Kibby: Ice Storm cuts power to more than 1 million customers.

It shouldn't have affected your friend but it was bad way upstate and in New England.

17 degrees this morning.

We got ourselves some Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's today. It was, still, $2.99. It was surprisingly good, like they said.
This does not exist in Florida (as far as I know).
If you get the chance though I recommend some Schnebly's out of Homestead, Fla. That s**t is dope yo. A tad more expensive than I'd prefer. Check your state laws on import.

I now actually own tights that are not thigh-high fishnets.
Also (relatively) non-existent in Florida.

Pepper got a Cubs hoodie, and I laughed at him.

I've been enjoying Yellow Tail Cabernet-Merlot (the blue label). I think I bought it for $5 a bottle.

Too classy, you guys. Ever try these?


The Tr@der Joes they opened in NY isn't allowed to sell wine. The one on 14th Street in Manhattan solved that by having the alcohol store next door.

Good morning, by the way.

Heard about that Jeff. My sister's in NH and affected. Luckily they have a generator that could just about power the neighborhood - so they're better off. Power to come back tomorrow?

My thinking this is hilarious has nothing to do with politics:

I loled.

anyone else see that movie about the soulless robot from outer space? (but enough about keanu...)

"I mean, ...Who throws a shoe?!"

iraqis do... remember when the big statue of saddam was pulled down and people showed their contempt by whacking it with their shoes? well, this is the same thing, (except 'w.' is a living breathing etc...)

I was quoting Austin Powers.

It's all I can think about now.

Was that Random Task? *pinky to lip*

They said throwing a shoe is a major insult as the bottom of the shoe is the "dirtiest" part, or something like that.

Or maybe they don't know what they're talking about.

I give W. credit for good reflexes in ducking.

*returns to watching Animal House*

He's had 8 years to practice that ducking.


Blonde #1: Oh my god, how was your date last night?
Blonde #2: Like oh my god, we hooked up!
Blonde #1: Really?
Blonde #2: Like we totally hooked up...well, we didn't like hook up, hook up, but we definitely like hooked up!
Blonde #1 (in awe): Like oh my god, you're so lucky.

--Q17 Bus

Overheard by: My IQ lowered listening to this...

Mine did reading it.

Nutty weather continues: Saturday's high was 32, yesterday 46. It was already 50 this morning going up to 61, then back to 40 tomorrow.

Plus, there's rain all week.

/end forecast

maybe they're not so dumb...blonde#1 understood what blonde#2 was saying (or thought she did) which is more than i can say!

They've formed a secret code.
It's only a matter of time before they rise up against us.

Me? I've got my machete and am prepared for the coming blondocalypse.

crash you don't need a machete - Double sided tape will do.

*waves wearily at everyone*

Thanks for the linky, Jeff!

Not much new to report here, just ketching up on my MOATies. Hope everyone's happy and healthy for the holidays!

Good/bad news on the workfront... they want to promote me from ATM tech to Retail tech... good news is more money and more job security, the bad news is they expect me to complete at least 40hrs. of online courses by the 31st, in addition to my regular hours, but they have frozen all overtime approval and don't have enough techs to cover the workload as it is.

*punches buttons on calculator*

*head explodes*

I'm a technician, not a magician, dammit!

*wanders out in search of a case of Jolt Cola*

We saw Neil Young at MSG last night. Great show, probably the best solo show we've seen him do. The man has amazing energy. If he performs at a venue near you I highly recommend seeing him.

/end unsolicited testimonial

There was a time I wouldn't think you'd be able to use "energy" as a descriptor for him.

I will admit it; I am darned lucky to work at a place that hires a chef. And a darned good one, too. It's something they started this year. For $7.50, we get a really great meal and it's fast, too.

Today's lunch was Pork Roast with Winter Fruit Compote and Port Sauce, Wild Mushroom Mac &
Cheese and black pepper and Lemon Roasted Green Beans with Shallots. For a salad, I had a Whole Grain Tabbouleh with grapes, figs and goat cheese. All for $7.50.

The downside? One of the dishes that I did NOT choose to get. It was the evil vegetable that they tried to pass off as something tasty, Lemon-Roasted Brussel Sprouts, but they can't fool me.

Oh, and there was a dessert, brownies, but I passed since I had that wild mushroom mac and cheese. I gotta tell you, that was WONDERFUL!!!

Beats the heck out of Ramen noodles.

Today's lunch - hot dog and drink at c0stc0.

Total cost $1.50.

Yours sounds a lot better, sly. I would have skipped the fruit compote, but would kill for the mushroom mac & cheese, combining two of my favorite foods.

Where's Higgy with the playoff update?

*runs in, out of breath, just off the plane from southern CA*

Here's your (gasp, pant) FF update (wheeze) for the first week of the (massive inhale) playoffs:

In the top bracket, the Godless Communists had an easy week of it with their high-score win over Bismuth 89-57. El's Champs posted a healthy 68 to Sly's 47. Our semi-final for next week has those two fighting it out for a spot in the top 2.

In the second bracket, the Mad Lab Weasels squeaked out a win over Trillian 55-46. So close, Trillian. The upset of the week has your faithful Commish sweating out MNF against Kibby's Kruisers - but the Philly Defense outscored Brian Westbrook and Higgy lands a final four spot 58-32. I'll take on the Weasels this week for that spot against the El-TCK matchup.

The losers of the first round go into a consolation bracket - to battle out the 5th-8th spots. Theodore takes on Sly's Guys and Kibby takes on Trillian. Best of luck to you all there.

I'm on vacation for the rest of the year, so hopefully the next 2 weeks updates will be a tad more timely! Good luck, all!

joke submitted on a calculus 3 exam (in lieu of actually doing the problem):

a pirate walks into a bar with the steering wheel of a car sticking through the crotch of his pants.

the bartender says, "isn't that painful?"

the pirate says," arrrrrr, it's drivin' me nuts!"

...............and did he/she get the obviously warranted extra credit?

*offers to trade sly's brussels sprouts for a twinkie*

I love the little teeny cabbages. I could steam a few pounds and eat them like popcorn... To each their hated vegetable... More for me!

*sneaks up behind Higgy*


Dropping in for a quickie. I'm off to Dublin to see F2 in concert tomorrow at school and not back till Sun.

I saw I was in trouble against Higgy on Sun and didn't think the Phil. offense (1 person for me) would out score their defense ... figured I'd lost already ....

Other news? .... nope

Gotta fly!

Smooches Tony, Kibby and Higgy! Have a great holiday guys!

Good deal. My sister is going to New Orleans next month to a work conference (sort of H0meland sEcurity-related) and Jackie convinced me we should meet her. We were able to get a flight for $94 each way and Marriott has dropped the hotel price by $18 per day in the week since we made the original reservation.

It's almost too cheap not to go.

Have a great time, Kibby.

*looks around*

Any news?

hee hee thats my favorite pirate joke

my most hated vegetable is okra. disgusting little snot pods.

my most hated vegetable is okra. disgusting little snot pods.

Posted by: Trillian | 05:54 PM on December 17, 2008

Oh, she's not that bad, Trillian.


What? Okra is, like, the best vegetable.

Mmmmmm. Fried Boogers.

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