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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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Excellent news, BigD. Congrats.

Whoops, sorry about that. Forget to change the name from the blog yesterday.

Highlights of Saturday Night Live:

Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann
Cindy McCain selling jewelry on QVC

They nailed the cast of the View.

Ditto with Samuel L.

Right, Leetie. Great job with Elisabeth and the rest.

KIbby, does your costume include your Cape of Invisibility and Toe Grips of Steel?

Posted by: slyeyes | 12:35 PM on October 31, 20

Sly, they wouldn't let me take them on the plane.... some security crap...

pssst ... it's the Cape of "Can't Touch This!"

*cues music*

... probably something about the photo ID not matching.

Kibby - when we traveled to Vegas one of the security guys looked at Jackie's photo and commented how much longer her hair was now than then.

some pictures of kylie ...the lego meeting was just before trick-or-treating so she's in costume (as a princess, naturally)

Boy, has Disney figured out the marketing for Princesses! Every little girl wants to be one. Every little girl needs to have some.

Daddy just wants one.

Great pictures. I like the first one the best.

Exactly, Kibby. My sister said that her girls are a different Disney princess each year.

Jackie is working today so we went to vote early (for us) at 8:00. There were about 8 people on line ahead of us and it took about 15 minutes total.

I was #107, pretty high total for that early.

I just don't get these places with 8 hour waits. Do they not have enough machines? Or are people just dumb too slow?

I haven't heard about any 8 hour waits. I was in line for two hours. Got there at 5:45 for the polls to open at 6, but they didn't open until 6:20 because no one thought to give the poll workers the new key after changing the locks (!)

I left at 7:45 and was number 54. We had a long ballot, lots of propositions and local stuff.

I drove by on my way to work and the line was down, there were about 10 people outside of the door as opposed to wrapping around the building and down the street at one point when I was waiting.

From the door, it's about an hour wait because the line goes down the stairs and across the building.

Sly got propositioned!

We got there at 7 when the doors opened and had about 30 minute wait #'s 45 and 46. You can get free coffee and starbucks, free donut at Krispy Kreme, free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's and free sandwich at some Chik-fil-a. What a great day!

sly, the guy where we voted said people were at the polls at 5:30 here (6:00 opening).

The 8 hour lines were reported in Atlanta last week.

We only had one proposal on the ballot, which I think was rhat veterans did NOT have to be disabled to get extra civil service points for jobs. Most of the judges seemed to be on three lines (D, R, Conservative).

It took me about 60 seconds to vote.

Wow - I want to vote where Mad voted!

Mad, I think the free Starbucks must be national because they have it here too, but I haven't heard about any of the other stuff.

sly, there are 4 EDs voting in the high school where we vote and ours was by far the longest line; in fact the line next to us was completely empty. Jackie asked the poll worker where the people in his district lived. He misunderstood and said they'd been busy all morning.

One more, from an online article:

Hundreds converged on polling precincts in Missouri, a crucial battleground state. Norma Storms, a 78-year-old resident of Raytown, said her driveway was filled with cars left by voters who couldn't get into nearby parking lots.

"I have never seen anything like this in all my born days," she said. "I am just astounded."

I think the long wait for early voting was due to the fact that everyone didn't get the same ballot. You had people voting from many precincts and the workers had to make sure they were giving out the correct ballot, which will take some time. And I dont think the boards of elections are set up for mass voting. I was going to vote early, but when I heard how long the lines were, I decided I'd just do my waiting in line closer to home.

Jeff I believe the Ben and Jerry and Krispy Kreme are also national. Chik-fil-a is on a store by store basis, but across the US. Unfortunately other than starbucks none of the others are too near to me. I might be tempted to drive to the Ben and Jerry's (within 10 miles) later. And I don't drink coffee so starbucks is not much use to me.




it took me about 50 minutes, the mrs. voted this morning took about 90 minutes, turnout seems high.
got no free food though :(
if mccain wins, he would the only u.s. president born in the 1930s, if he loses it's not likely we'll have one since anyone born from 1930-9 would be 73 to 83 on inauguration day, 2013.
also there hasn't been a president born in the 1950s, (obama was born in 1961), but they still have a chance since people born in the 50s will only be 53 to 63, then.
the last decade that didn't have a president born in it before the 1930s? the 1810s ! (and since the vampire party has dropped out, there's no 190-year olds in the running).

I know they are national, Mad (Ben & Jerry's, etc.), but what I meant to say was we don't have any nearby. We did get our free St@rbuck's coffee this afternoon, but we'd have had to go to Manhattan to find a Krispy Kreme store and downtown Brooklyn (at least) to get Ben & Jerry's.

sly, if you can vote in any precinct how do they know who is registered where and which ballot you're (not your) supposed to get?

Isn't that kind of confusing?

I guess in that way our antiquated system works better.

I still think there could be a way to have online voting without fraud. My brother lives in Oregon, where all voting is by mail.

Whoops, sorry, that was me.

Obama was born in the same year as my youngest sister, 1961, though several months earlier.

Jeff other than starbucks none of those places are near me either. There is a B&J within 10 miles, but I don't think I want to wait in that line...

FF update for Week 9. Just in time for election day!

1. El's Champs 7-2-0
2. Sly's Guys 6-3-0
3. Godless Communists 6-3-0
4. kibby's kruisers 5-4-0
5. Mad Lab Weasels 5-4-0
6. Theodore 4-5-0
7. Area 51 Visitors 4-5-0
8. Di's Johnz 4-5-0
9. Tooligans rule again 4-5-0
10. Higgy's Heroic Huns 3-6-0
11. The Smegheads 3-6-0
12. Eagerest Beavers 3-6-0

Even with a weaksauce loss to Kibby, El stays on top of the heap this week. With a miserable 41-43, this was also our weaksause matchup of the week!

Another close matchup this week was your faithful Commish, who couldn't squeak points out of Washington's kicker in MNF and lost out to the Communists 43-48. The Beavers squeaked one out from Sly's Guys 48-46 - almost, Sly! Lab wins the high score this week with a nice 74-61 win over Trillian, Ted comes back with two in a row beating Di's Johnz 69-44 and The Weasels laid the smackdown on Kaf 60-42.

Some close matches this week! Keep tweaking those rosters!

Next week's lineup has:
Higgy's Heroic Huns trying to get into the playoff hunt versus Theodore; The Smegheads wonder how they'll do against the Godless Communists; El's Champs look to keep their lead against the very strong Mad Lab Weasels; Sly's Guys keep a wary eye on the Communists (with the same record) and look for a win over kibby's kruisers; while the Tooligans rule again try to keep the Eagerest Beavers out of the playoff hunt! The last matchup has Lab's Area 51 Visitors looking to get a leg up over Di's Johnz.

Keep in mind that only the top 8 spots get into the playoffs - and that'll be decided by week 14! Good luck all! Trade deadline is Nov 14th.

Jeff, I think you misunderstood. The early voting is done at the election commission. All precincts can do their early voting there. They can't set up shop at the separate precints, so it's centralized.

i thought about early voting ,but it was only at one location, the courthouse downtown. a news interviewee said they had to wait a couple hours, which was longer than i had to wait today, so i'm glad i didn't.

*waits patiently by the mail for his free coffee and donuts*

Thanks, sly. I thought you meant that you could vote at any precinct yesterday. I knew that made no sense.

For those of us who remember the 60s (I know, if you remember the 60s...) it was a historic night no matter how you feel about the result. Bull Connor, lunch counter sit-ins, fire hoses used on marchers, James Meredith & Medgar Evers...we have come a trememndously long way.

And there were two outstanding speeches at the end.

I particularly enjoyed McCain's "Oh THERE you are, Peter!" moment during his speech last night. It was his best speech of his campaign, and he appeared to truly mean it. It was nice to see him being honest again. We were all like: "Day-um!"

We managed to edge up to the front of the Grant Park non-ticket crowd. It was a lot of fun, Pepper and I might be in a few pictures. Some red-headed Kirsten Dunst doppelganger was dancing with everyone, and her apparent body guard was none-to-pleased. She appeared to have consumed some hallucinogens... I thought iwt actually could be Dunst, Pepper didn't think so, especially after she booty-danceded with the dude in front of us. I loled.
The crowd in Grant Park was moved by McCain's speech.
When he first walked out there was the low rumble of booing, but it was for sport - most people were laughing at the boo - and it wasn't mean spirited. However... It was serious booing when McCain started complimenting Palin. The rest of the speech had a great deal of cheering for it's content.
Then everybody sang along to the National Anthem, everybody, really loud. A lot of strangers were knocking each other upside the head to remind others to remove their hats.
Then we boogied down to Stevie Wonder, not so much the Brooks & Dunn (not a great dance song - but it did get a lot of laughs at first and again when a confused-looking black man appeared on the jumbotron), then everybody sang Sweet Home Chicago, and we danced to Jackie Wilson.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


Crash, sounds like a fun time. Kinda miss that with absentee voting ... though I never got into rallies much anyhow.

We did hear the Jackie Wilson, Crash.

But did you see Oprah?

All the crowds reminded us of Times Square on New Years Eve waiting for the ball to drop...really happy and festive. There were big groups in Harlem, in Times Square and at 30 Rock, among other places, but Grant Park was the Big One.

Crash, I'm so jealous! I really wanted to be there. I thought it was GREAT that a crowd gathered outside of the White House, too.

Oprah was on the other side of the mean scary construction fence and an unplugged fountain. Saw her on CNN though!

Another sign of age: the first President that is younger than I am.


The president is younger than me but also younger than the wifester by 6 months...ha ha ha. Can't leave the teasing alone. Am I cruel?

yep, younger than me, too...

Older than me!!! SCORE! ;p

(but biden isn't)

Me either!

Much as I hate her, I have to give Elizabeth Hasselbeck props for this.

And yes, Biden is TOTALLY older than me, Mr. Insom! ;)

...Obama is ...older than my Dad!
Blammo! Geezers!

Obama is older than me...but not by much.

Somehow I just can't see people my age as president, but it will happen.


Hey, Christobol is back on the main blog!

...Obama is ...older than my Dad!
Blammo! Geezers!

Posted by: Crash | 08:50 PM on November 6, 2008

*smacks Crash with cane*

Final election thoughts:

All along I was hoping for 350 or so electoral votes, though I would have settled for 270.

A couple of days before the election I figured Obama had all the Kerry states plus Iowa, which gave him 259.

I had 9 "swing states" on my list: Colorado, Florida, Indiana (which amazed me), Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio & Virginia. Any of 6 of these would have given him 270.

In the end he got all of them except (very narrowly) for Missouri.

/end election stuff

*throws pants on White House lawn*

*starts looking for stuffed parrots*

don't remind me about Missouri. Actually, I think they are STILL counting!

*eleven twelve carry the four... one two

Good morning, MOAT.

Rhetorical question: is there anything less useful than the local 7-day forecast?

Today's forecast: "not a washout by any means, just occasional drizzle and light showers."

So we went downtown and...it POURED!

*still wringing our clothes*

Good morning, Starshine...

Great. I will be singing this all night now.
*throws sock full o' nickels at Susan*

Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Early morning singing song

leetie's singing in tongues!






sly, are you, by any chance, my new puppy?

or maybe he's insom, cuz i think he has a twinkle in his eye when he tinkles where he's not s'posed to

Insom has a twinkle in his eye?

Twinkies never go bad.

*tinkle tinkle little...*

um, never mind

neo, how are you?

WCBS-FM has been playing all the songs in their catalog, A to Z, for the second time this year, which is great for hearing stuff they don't ordinarily play, like the stuff from the late 1950s.

I just heard one I hadn't heard in a long time, the late great Rick James doing "Super Freak."

Better to have a twinkle in your eye than a tinkle in your eye.

Just sayin'.

*opens golden umbrella*

I'm Rick James Bitch!

Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Amen, to that, brother.

*is wearing-in her new water-proof snow shoes.*

I had to buy Pepper some today too. His combat boots let water out, but those holes also let water in.
Also I'm not particularly fond of the retail environment.

It's currently pouring outside. Doesn't give one much incentive to get rockin' and rollin'.

Your rain is apparently headed our way, sly, ETA Thursday afternoon.

*begins hunkering*

Proof that the economy is in the dumpster #9: apparently for the first time in memory there are NO perfume spritzers at Bloomingd@le's.

Unheard of!

once i schpritzed some perfume; it was fun
made guys and girls run from my line.
once i schpritzed some perfume, now it's done.
Brother , is that chanel no. 5?

good one.

What the?

It's only 4:30 and it's pitch black outside!
I do not understand!

Your FF Update for week 10:
1. Godless Communists 7-3-0
2. El's Champs 7-3-0
3. Sly's Guys 6-4-0
4. kibby's kruisers 6-4-0
5. Mad Lab Weasels 6-4-0
6. Theodore 5-5-0
7. Area 51 Visitors 5-5-0
8. Di's Johnz 4-6-0
9. Tooligans rule again 4-6-0
10. Eagerest Beavers 4-6-0
11. Higgy's Heroic Huns 3-7-0
12. The Smegheads 3-7-0

Whoa - who is that on the top of the list? It's the amazing and surging Communists, with 2 wins in a row landing them in first place over El. They pull out an easy win over Kaf's Smegheads 70-38 - which TIES the weaksauce point total that El managed against The Weasels 38-71. Not often we get a tie for weaksauce!

In other action - Sly's guys lose a hectic one with Kibby 64-73; the beavers pull out a close one from Trillian 70-62; and Lab gets a fairly big win from Di 69-47. Last, but not least, your faithful Commish had a 30 point lead over Bismuth going into MNF - and even with his SEASON-HIGH 83 points, he loses to an awesome week from Theodore, who manages a very impressive 96. Way to go, Bis!

Coming into week 11, we have:
Higgy's Heroic Huns hoping desperately for a win over Di's Johnz; The Smegheads see if they have anyone left with bye weeks to match up against Theodore; El's Champs battle for king-of-the-hill rights with the Godless Communists; Sly's Guys look to keep Mad Lab Weasels in 5th place; Tooligans rule again face off against kibby's kruisers; and Area 51 Visitors try to squash the Eagerest Beavers. Good luck, all!

I gotta tell you...it is way too early for Christmas ads on TV.

Somebody make it stop!

Jeff, I was in WalFart the morning of November 1st and they were playing "the music" on their lousy sound system. I had to call my wife to come poke an ice pick in my ears 'cause I could not take it (obviously she did not). We also went to L0wes and they had the Christmas crap out around the 5th of October....just leave it out all year for Pete's sake (who is Pete by the way?)

Will be posting some pics, on the Y, of the remodeling in the next few days, will link them here if'n I can.

The Walm@rt ads were the first ones running here, BigD. I can't help but wonder if they're still going to run those "buy your loved one a luxury car for Xmas" ads this year given the current economy.

And buy "they" I obviously did NOT mean Walm@rt.

At Macy's we had Christmas trees up before I even started. In September.

did i see us gas at $2 !?

*wanders in*

*waves at everybody*

Well, I am very impressed with how FloriDUH managed to not screw up this election. Had to drive about 45 minutes to an early voting site away from downtown, but once there it was less that 1 hour from entering the courthouse to exiting. It was all very organized with ballots being printed on demand for each voter and a nice, easy "fill in the dot" format. No hanging chads, no chance that you hit the wrong button on the touchscreen.

Did anyone else catch the South Park "About Last Night" on last Wednesday? I just want to know if they had two episodes ready to roll depending on who won.

Hope all my MOATies are well, and will try to stop in as schedule permits... I miss you guys!

*wanders out*

Kibby - Yes indeedy, you did!

Sorry to be gone so much. Just spent 3, 12 hour days, working to get into our new building. Being one of the "net Nazi's" here I was selected to confirm the new network there.... they passed.

Onto better news!


often thought, never said enough....

And THANKS Higgy, I was looking for that update! Now I need to take time to get ready for this weekend, oops, tonight!

... more boogers.


Kibby, New Jersey also has gas under $2 a gallon.

*waves to djt*

*smooches Tony*

*wiggles between Kibby and Theodore in the FF pile*

El please don't hurt us!

*feels movement below*


*checks temperature outside - 62*

*tosses pants, casually strolls away*

Where's Peri when we need her?

oh, yea. pantsless friday

*tosses socks*

it's a little colder over here

tosses everything. It is freakin hot with the devil winds out here

*send Mad an iceberg by overnight mail*

Nutty weather here but nothing like L.A. We're having mid-60s and plenty o'rain, possibly even thunderstorms with this tropical air mass, followed tomorrow by sun but plummeting (a word I never like to hear) temperatures, with a high about 40 by midweek.

*empties out entire coat closet for week's weather*

Weird. It did rain this morning but when it let up we went downtown and by the time we got there, the sun was out. It's clouded up now but it's still 65 or so.

Weird weather here too. Sunny, cloudy, rain, cold wind, within a 5 mile radius.

Gas below $2.00 at some stations, finally.

It might flurry tonight, but I am not staying up until 3 AM to find out.

Off to make a Moatarita!

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