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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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... maybe I'm allergic to imminent fascism.

So, Crash, did you hear McCain won the debate?

How can that be when they haven't had it yet?

Seems his website posted the victory message THIS MORNING.

The man is really losing it.

We just watched Grey's Anatomy, which we recorded yesterday. I think most fans probably cheered Christina when she could no longer stand one more second of Meredith's whiny blathering and told her, "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!!!"

Amen, sister.

You kids, get the #J%K off my lawn!

RIP Paul Newman



I just saw that about Paul. Not the most fun way to start my day...

Nobody ever eat fifty eggs.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

It's a real dreary, nothing little day out there. We did our usual downtown run anyway - what's a little water? - where the big excitement was the opening of Brooklyn's first Trader Joe's.

The cool thing is that it's an a huge old bank building on the site of a fort where George Washington fought during the Battle of Long Island in August of 1776.

Who ARE those guys?



Man... I don't think McCain looked at Obama even once during the debate. He sure blinked a lot though.

I'm young and ignorant, maybe you guys can help me here.
Do your eyes get a s***tton drier as you age?
(hehe, geezers: I'm kidding, stagelights suck.)

er... Ooops.

Gotta fix that Bad Link.

You could smell the hatred, even thru the TV.

Crash, you're (not your) right. He wouldn't look at Obama even when the latter looked directly at him, he didn't call him "Barack" even once though the latter called him "John" many times, he said a variation of "Senator Obama doesn't understand" about 10 times, he was condescending throughout, and even when they agreed on positions (as Jim Lehrer pointed out) he'd never admit it.

Oh yeah, also what Leetie said.

I really fear we're approaching a search for missing strawberries.

The only question is: can they find a pretext to cancel or postpone the VP debate before Thursday or replace Palin before she further torpedoes their own ship.

You can go to nbc.com and see Tina Fey's "interview" with Katie Couric.

Jackie suggests they send her to debate Biden.

before mentioning the parallels with the Bentsen/Quayle debate("...i knew john kennedy...")
remember who won that election!

"Governor, you are no Dan Quayle..."?

I kept wondering why McCain kept talking about Ronald Reagan.
...I've heard more than once that for a time, Ron and Nancy would not even speak to him because they were friends with McCain's first wife Carol. She worked at the White House as an event planner under Reagan, and Nancy was crazy about her.
Nancy Reagan's endorsement of McCain consisted of exactly: “Ronnie and I always waited until everything was decided, and then we endorsed. ...Well, obviously this is the nominee of the party.”
...a glowing recommendation.

I saw that "endorsement" Crash. Pretty cold.

Boat's 'down the river' for winter storage. There's 1 more regatta at the end of Oct I'll try to attend. It's the final club event for the season and my FIRST! club event though I've been a member for 6 years.

I'll have to see about getting a club flag, known as a 'burgie'. I was actually quite proud of my little boat docked among all the others. She's really not that bad off. Over the past 6 years I've been quite "solo" in her storage, mooring, sailing and entire mind-set. Having the storage at the club may change that a little..... only a little.

Kibby's waiting until the election's over to endorse. Peter the Great's running again, isn't he?

Oh, Nancy's explanation of their "endoresment" process doesn't do much to shed positive light on the weight of their endorsement. It doesn't help with the impression of "forward thinkers" .... which is slightly disappointing.

I've always thought that Nancy sort of "Mothered" Ronald and his image rather than contributing directly herself. If she was a 'non-activist' "Mrs. Pres" then Barbara B. did a much better job. One cannot say Hillary was 'non-activist'. I don't think Mrs. Obama would be while I think Mrs. McCain would. Something about "wearing your husband's rank on your shoulders". We saw it in the AF and it happens to civilians too.

/kibby's political thoughts for this election/

*wants to see picture of Kibby on board during the regatta*

So, now that the House voted against the bailout, what next?

Apparently McCain was going around this morning taking credit for passing the bill.


So, now that the House voted against the bailout, what next?

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 02:32 PM on September 29, 2008

Breadlines. Panic in the streets. The end of civilization as we know it. Until tomorrow when they try Plan B.

dogs and cats living together?

sly, it was kind of amusing - if you could get past the apocalyptic reporting.


1. things are dire but we have at least a couple of weeks (or so) to do something before Armageddon, or
2. Meltdown Day is imminent (unless it isn't)

There is no 3. of course

i have dogs and cats living together in our apartment. Every night there feels like armageddon...

Kibby next year when you come to the states let's coordinate for a Vegas meet -up.

Jeff - Weasel and I will probably just be there Sat & Sun trying to win enough money to pay rent in November...

Happy New Year Jeff, El and any other Jewish moat friends.

*checks sky to see if it's falling*

Jeff - The sky is falling over wall street

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate."

We had some gas stations closed, now all gas is regular 87 octane, but we can get petrol at about $3.70 a gallon.

It will be in the upper 40's as a low and upper 70's as a high tonight and tomorrow....I love Fall weather.

Your FF update for week 4.
1. El's Champs 4-0-0
2. Sly's Guys 3-1-0
3. Tooligans rule again 3-1-0
4. kibby's kruisers 2-2-0
5. Area 51 Visitors 2-2-0
6. Di's Johnz 2-2-0
7. Godless Communists 2-2-0
8. Mad Lab Weasels 2-2-0
9. Theodore 1-3-0
10. Eagerest Beavers 1-3-0
11. Higgy's Heroic Huns 1-3-0
12. The Smegheads 1-3-0

Stocks are falling, but El certainly isn't! She remains perfect (as we all know) with a WEAKSAUCE win over Di's Johnz 48 to 34. EVERYONE ELSE IN THE LEAGUE WOULD HAVE BEAT HER, except for Di. Still, a win's a win - and hearty congrats go out to her for staying undefeated.

Kibby went down to the Weasels 49-65; the Beavers picked up their first win over the Communists 65-50; Ted pulls a close win out over Lab 61-57; Sly pulls out the high score of the week in a win over Kaf 71-57 and your faithful Commish can't pull enough points out of MNF and is defeated by Trillian 57-70.

Coming up in a heated week 5:
Higgy's Heroic Huns try to karate chop the Area 51 Visitors; The Smegheads see what they can do to the Tooligans rule again; El's Champs fend off Sly's Guys to stay on top; Eagerest Beavers take on Theodore; kibby's kruisers look for a win against the Godless Communists; and the Mad Lab Weasels try to keep Di's Johnz in their losing streak!

Good luck, all!


that's hard to say, after a few beers

not that i've had any

and gas is like, $3 something here

$3.93 to $3.98, last time i had to tank up

no shortages here, as far as gas, but my local beer supplier convenience store has been shutting down early, due to lack of workers, and lack of ice

lack of ice!

oh, the humanity!

and, as a side note, jeff - are you and jackie going to jazz fest again this year? cuz maybe, just maybe, i might be able to attend this time :)

s'girl: all other things being equal - i.e. the economy not crashing to the point where we're sleeping in the street - we do hope to be in NO for jazzfest. We'll have to wait for the schedule to decide on which weekend.

if you're going to be sleeping in the street, may as well sleep in a NO street as a NY street.

I think the chances of being peed on while sleeping on a NO street are only slightly higher than a NY street.

I say: Let them crash. Go for it.

i like your attitude, crash :)

jeff, let me know, once you know

maybe we can work something out for a meet

My eldest son had his Master's recital a couple of weeks ago. I missed it due to the house. His professor told him he was crazy for the pieces he chose. My Mom and Brother attended and said it was amazing. Can't wait for the CD to listen to it. He is thinking about going for his PHD but might take a year off to teach and decompress.

What instrument does he play, BigD? The boyfriend is a violist/violinist/viola&violin teacher. He had to do that kind of recital to get his bachelor's degree in viola performance. I am totally mystified by that kind of thing. I got my B.A. in English and mostly spent my time writing papers analyzing various and sundry pieces of literature. It was fun, I learned a lot, and I gained few marketable job skills. (Unless I had decided to teach high school, which probably would have been better than some of the jobs I've had.)

Believe it or not, I can do far better with the M.Div.(theology degree) I'm getting...I can do something called hospital chaplaincy, which is basically crisis counseling in the hospital. That's what I'm planning to do.

This weekend at school we're having an annual event we call Ed Day. There's a divine liturgy in the morning (roughly equivalent to the Catholic mass), lots of speakers, a musical performance, multiple booths with ethnic food plus a dessert table. It's a big fundraiser for the seminary, and tends to attract lots of nostalgic alumni they can hit up for donations. :)

Naturally, they impress the seminarians into working the thing. This year I'm in charge of the Poster Crew by dint of this being the fourth year I've done poster crew, in a row. (I should get some kind of medal.) Honestly I started the prep for thast last week. Plus, I'm leading an icon-making project for the Children's Booth (oh yeah, that is the other booth that they have I forgot to mention). It's going to be fun--icons on acetate and embossed icons on tooling foil. But the downside is there's lots of prep work for it, so the sooner I can get poster crew stuff off my plate the sooner I can start working on the icon project...

I'm looking forward to the food that day, too. Every year I get this Serbian specialty called cevap (pronounced like cheh-vap). They are like something my family makes and calls lulah kebob. Spiced ground meat on the grill. Numm num. I'm also looking forward to the after-party...particularly certain beverages that will be served... :)

This year I'm taking Intermediate Greek and a class called Theological Anthropology. Because my teachers apparently forgot that Ed Day is Saturday, my Greek teacher (who is normally quite nice) gave us twice the normal amount of homework last week, and my Theo Anthro teacher assigned a paper due tomorrow. The assignment is to write, in 5 to 7 pages, 'what it means to be in the image and likeness of God.' "It's quite simple, really," he says, regardless of the fact that the topic is as broad as a barn door and has been the subject of doctoral dissertations and hundreds of books.

Suffice it to say it's one of those weeks I'm taking it one day at a time...Plus I've gotten sick. I hope it's a 24-hour virus or something.

In other news, me and my violinist will have been dating for a year come next week. The 8th is our one-year anniversary. We're going to celebrate it the Friday after, though, cause the 8th is a Wednesday and I have class that night and the following morning. Only two days I have class. He's planning to do something nice.

Oh, and in other OTHER news, I'm seriously considering voting for Obama. That would be the first Democrat I would have ever voted for in a national election. Yes, I admit I've always been a one-issue voter. But between healthcare, the environment, and the economy...I agree with the Democrats more than I disagree. I just don't GET the Republicans, and I think the last 8 years have been an unmitaged disaster.

Of course the fact that violinist boyfriend switched from McCain to Obama-phile after the first debate probably has something to do with it...yeah, I'm going to vote for Obama, I think.

This will probably be the first election in my memory where it wasn't a case of hold your nose and vote, this guy is possibly slightly less bad than the other guy...neither candidate out and out sucks. The Republican party, however, sucks, and Palin sucks, which sways the balance of suckage; and I think, on the whole, Obama is more articulate, measured, and a better leader. We need a visionary right now, my violinist was saying, and I think he's right...

I can do something called hospital chaplaincy, which is basically crisis counseling in the hospital. That's what I'm planning to do.

So then, you can be like that woman who was on ER a couple of years ago?


I think the chances of being peed on while sleeping on a NO street are only slightly higher than a NY street.

Crash, I thought of that, plus it's warmer. But the streets are even dirtier there than here. Of course, I could join the guys in the tents sleeping under the freeway... .


6 days and counting ... till Kibby goes Home.

... think he's excited? Na

plus, it's warmer...
no, i'd imagine the pee is about the same temp. everywheres...

//FF Rant//

Hey! I'm still top points leader (ok, by 1 - BUT!) but I'm in 4th place!

So much for the popular vote!


I now return you to your (not you're) normal MOAT.

So then, you can be like that woman who was on ER a couple of years ago?


Yeah, like that woman. Not that I ever saw the episode, mind you... ;)

Have to vent. I had to write a paper for class, and of course there's the big o' thesis. Allegedly there's no limit on the number of books you can check out for your thesis, but the librarian is now coming down on me and saying I broke the rules by taking out too many. And she's yelling at me for checking out books too late. This wouldn't be a problem if the stacks weren't open for what is, for all intents and purposes, 5 usable minutes every day, and not AT ALL on weekends.

Plus she copied the nastygram to the dean of students, who is not exactly my best friend. I'm going to talk to my buddy on campus who used to work in HR and see if he can help me write a polite but effective 'buzz off!' response--and I'm also going to xerox as many freaking books as I can and return them.

So, in addition to giving us ridiculously limited access to the stacks, they're being a nazi about checking the books out...what are they supposed to do, stay on the shelves and look pretty?

/end vent

...Pee on them Blogchick!

(That's all I've got. Sorry.)

yeah, library access is a sore spot, especially 'closed stacks'...we have an old library and a new library, they wanted to make the old one into 'closed stacks' but instead you have to surrender your i.d. and sign in /out to visit the older books.

it's funny but the higher up you go here, the more time they give you with library books. when i check out a book, they give me one year to read it. but if someone else wants the book, the library asks for it back (it's happened to me once in 22 years).

a long time ago (before insomniac, jr.) the mrs. volunteered to do 'pastoral care' at the hospital.
they usually looked for ministers to do this, but, as a quaker, any member of a meeting is as qualified to head it as any other, so she was o.k. in the hospital's eyes. in fact, on the day insomniac, jr. was born, she was at a luncheon for all the pastoral care people. this was all unpaid, though.

...Also Putin Rears His Ugly Head" WBAGNFAP(orno).

But not one I'd want to see, Crash.

Just sayin'.

Computers are driving me crazy...

I came in Sunday night...one was gone here at work...another had a note on it. The note...the computer had a nasty nasty virus and not to touch it. It (the virus) has I think finally been killed...(It played random bits of audio. Not good when the computer in question is being used to air a football game, and the random audio has profanity...)

The other computer had a total hard drive failure.

On the plus side we're learning more about the newest on air system...we may use it correctly one day!

The military ball was last weekend at my daughter's school...she borrowed a dress from someone she had been at high school with...and she was third runner up for queen. I got a picture taken there of her...with the rose, and the medallion she got...looking quite peeved at having her picture taken. She'll be glad of it one day. Graduation is in *gasp* two weeks!

*tries to look pretty on the shelf*

My son plays the tenor sax (along with about 10 other instruments).

Akkk. My baby daughter (LittleD) turns 20 today. It only seems like days since I fed her about 3 hours after she was born...then she puked on me! Good times!

Not good when the computer in question is being used to air a football game, and the random audio has profanity...

But Susan, football often calls for profanity!

Happy Birthday, LittleD.

Putin rearin'

Jeff, not that much profanity.

Although I remember one from a few years ago...one of the coaches was apparently near the broadcast team.

He was quite fond of the phrase "chicken sh!t"...although he kind of cut chicken down to one word. Not quite chin sh!t, but close. Not quite sure how to spell it...but he certainly said it alot.

And happy birthday to little D!

Let's hope OJ gets 99 years +.

"I believe marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers."

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

sometimes,... other times, not.

My son just got hired for a Philharmonic position . I am waiting to hear which city it is for, I believe it is the Miami Philharmonic. Sometimes communication between children and parents is a pain.

Starting to count hours to USA trip!

49 hours til 'wheels-up'!

Congratulations, BigD! Excellent news.

Have a great time, Kibby. We'll be leaving here at about the same time (on Wednesday, heading down to Baltimore for a mystery convention weekend with friends. We'll be back Sunday night.

Two weeks later it's Vegas with the Weasels!

42 hours!

*start panic*

So what's the itinerary, Kibby?

I've been havin a helluva time gettin in this place. Did somebody revoke my membership card?

... we have cards?

Fly to FL, Fri. drive to SC for reunion, Mon.drive back stopping at Susan's to see her and the new studios(tune in to lunchtime show, we'll try to be there in time), finish drive to FL, stay there till 21st and return to Prague.

rinse, repeat.

Congratulations to your son, BigD!
I thought we had Members Only jackets, no cards...
...kibby that's a lot of driving planned... oh wait, I guess that really depends on where you're (not your) going to be in FL (I always think Miami).

Speaking of bad communication, I have not spoken to my mother since she sent me a racist email about the election, charading as being about taxes. I replied by attached some charts about the tax plans, to show I actually read the email when I doubt she did, then explained that I am against taxing Health Benefits when the man who proposes that has never been on anything but a Federal Health Plan. Then I listed, by name, 53 people I knew personally who would lose their health insurance. I wrote that I would not call her because racism ruins my mood (when I'm in a bad mood I complain about things because I can only think about thing I wish to complain about, and then she just wont stop yelling at me for only complaining).
Yes, we REALLY do not get along. Pepper encourages me to just tell her off and then take the SIM card out of my phone.
I have not summoned the courage to do this yet.

Good for you, Crash.

My parents are in their 80s and live in Arizona (deadly combo) but they are the ones trying to explain real life to their idiot friends who still insist Obama is Muslim, etc.

Besides, can your mother explain how a $5000 tax credit will help you buy health insurance that costs at least $12,000?

We should be home Sunday night so - if I remember - I'll try and tune in Monday, Kibby.

What really gets me about the accusations about Obama being a Muslim (besides the total inaccuracy of it), is that it assumed that being a Muslim would be a bad thing.

I would have no problem with a TRUE Muslim. The extremists are the ones who give the religion a bad name; just like the extreme fundamentalist Christians give our religion a bad name.

Extremists in any situation are the problems...

Less than a week! Woooo!

Too bad you can't stay til the following weekend, Kibby...that's the SC Jazz Festival.

Eeek! And I'll be all kinds of busy...with that, and football...and my daughter's graduation that Friday.

I talked to her Saturday...I guess she talked to an Army recruiter...apparently he said a bad word...

I guess she tested really well...and she is not, apparently, totally opposed to going into the military...(yay! I think she'd thrive there...)...but...she's only 16...and can't join til she's 17, in May. I guess he wasn't happy about the wait.

I will be so glad when this election is over.

*is glad when ANY election's over*

Then conversations can return to normal.

Crash, I'm headed out of Tampa.

Oh, 27 hours.....

Got the garden gnome packed and it's looking good for making it there in 1 piece. Told my Mom on the phone last night that if this one doesn't make it (it'll be the 2nd attempt) my sister's going to get a bag of pieces, a tub of glue and touch-up paint. IF she's lucky, I might number the pieces...

Susan, so glad to hear the good news about Amy! You MUST share pix of the ball and graduation! :)

Kibby! Have a wonderful trip!

Sly, ITA. And things are only going to get dirtier. I'm so sick of fear-mongering.

We were wondering if she'd be interested in the military, Susan, since she has obviously done so well this summer.

23 hours, Kibby?

18 hours Jeff!

Thanks Leetie. I'll be staying AT MY OWN HOUSE in Bardmore for the FIRST! time. YAY!

... if I see your sister I'll send regards ...

I'm out-o-here MOATies! My only chance would probably be to get to FF and avoid the 'bye' weeks.


*casually sits on a stool at the Moat bar, buffing her nails and whistling as she waits for Higgy's FF report*

Your FF update for week 5.

1. Sly's Guys 4-1-0
2. El's Champs 4-1-0
3. Godless Communists 3-2-0
4. Di's Johnz 3-2-0
5. Tooligans rule again 3-2-0
6. kibby's kruisers 2-3-0
7. Area 51 Visitors 2-3-0
8. Higgy's Heroic Huns 2-3-0
9. The Smegheads 2-3-0
10. Eagerest Beavers 2-3-0
11. Mad Lab Weasels 2-3-0
12. Theodore 1-4-0

Wait - who is that on top of the heap? OH NOES! It's NOT EL! That's right - the hot girl on girl action between Sly and El went right down to the last minute on MNF, and Adrian Peterson couldn't pull enough points out for El - so she falls to the onslaught of Sly's Guys 57-54.

In other league action, The Smegheads - WITH THREE PLAYERS ON BYE - STILL managed to win over Trillian 73-48. How Kaf managed that, I'll never know. The Beavers handed Bismuth the worst record with their win 60-41; the Communists over Kibby with the high score of the week 82-61; and Di's Johnz pulled one out from the Weasels 56-38. Your faithful Commish, having YET ANOTHER QB go out on the 3rd play of the game, still managed a win over Lab 68-48.

This week's lineup:
Higgy's Heroic Huns try to contain the Eagerest Beavers; The Smegheads see how many players they can have on bye week against the Area 51 Visitors; El's Champs are again in girl-on-girl action with Tooligans rule again; Sly's Guys try to stay on top of Di's Johnz; kibby's kruisers keep Theodore in the cellar; and Mad Lab Weasels try to beat the red out of Godless Communists.

Good luck, all!

*shakes head in disbelief* Crushed!

Higgy-We haven't had a QB for 2 weeks running. bad year for QBs.

But you still have the Dodgers, Mad.

Dodgers don't have any QBs either.

but the Dodgers have Manny!!! Oh I can't wait until Thursday. My boss is a Phillies phanatic so we will see who is happier on Friday.

As much as I don't like the Dodgers there is nothing (this year at least) I want to see more than Manny kicking the living daylights (so to speak) out of the Red Sox, should those teams make it to the Series.

sly's daughter Meaghan visits New York...

Tourist: Huh, I could have sworn he'd be here!
Cop, looking around: Can I help you, miss?
Tourist: Yeah, I'm looking for a guy.
Cop: Okay?
Tourist: Should be wearing tighty whities...cowboy hat.
(cop sighs, pointing to his left)
Tourist: Thanks!

--Times Square

Let's see if I can remember how to do links...

This should be the school site...there is a link on the left side to a slide show from the military ball...she's on there a couple of times...early on with me...you know me, so you'll know her...and then later on too. She's also in the photos from the softball game.

Meanwhile...I'm making some not-so-pretty sounds.

The Jazz Festival is coming up. Sunday I found out there will be a group choir for a jazz mass on Sunday...and I plan to sing. Last night I found out a neighbor had called, since someone had suggested Amy to play trumpet. Who will not be here til the Friday before the mass, giving her no time to practice. But my mother mentioned that I played trumpet.

Sure. Years ago. Also clarinet...however my clarinet is pretty much unplayable, as most of the pads are deteriorated, but I'm going to try another one tomorrow. The trumpet I can play, a little, but badly. My lip is waaaaaaaaaaay out of shape.

(And I'm not going to make any comments about that, either.)

(I'm sure there are those here that will, though...)

Back to making icky sounds...

Nice, Susan!

Have a great weekend, all.

Whoa Susan! I wouldn't have recognized Amy with all that hair!!! You both look terrific.

"Chris was invited to play with the Abilene Symphony", wee. They paid for his travel, hotel and expenses. What a great thing for his resume. He was so busy he did not get back to me for days.

Congrats Susan, that is wonderful. Being a father of a young woman, it is great she is doing well. LittleD is doing well, but I am worried about her carrier. The Army does well for some, not for others.

Rain here...Finally. Over a 10 inch deficit.

Otherwise, I need a friggin job and do not want to relocate, aggggh.

Otherwise, all is well.

Leetie...I know. She has all the hair I don't have any more.

The first weekend she came home, her hair was all up nice and neat. We stopped on the way home so she could change and brush her hair out...she came out of the restroom and just had HAIR! Big hair.

She mocks me for my thinning hair, but I tell her to just wait. Her day will come.

I am at least up to almost playing something recognizable on the trumpet...although not playing well as yet...

If this double or triple posts...I didn't do it on purpose.


Happy Anniversary to Higgy and Lisa!!!!

It's 15 years for me and Mr. U. :)

*whispers worriedly*
Big D puts his daughter in a carrier...

On second thought...

Happy Anniversary to Leetie and JU! 10/9 FTW!

Happy anniversary to Higgy and TCMH and Leetie and JU.

Jamester- You have never put M in a carrier?

Go Dodgers!!

10/9 FTW! -- I love it. ;)

10-4 on the 10/9
happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary!


the mrs. singing in the car:
Row, row,row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

kylie: Say 'bottom'!


kylie: 'butt' is a bad word!

What I was playing at practice today on the trumpet was nearly recognizable!

No clarinet as yet...I ended up taking mine to get it repaired. I've been putting it off for years...knowing I should be playing it. So I'll be able to now. Maybe. It'll take even more practicing.

Kibby's on the way! Yay!

(At least, as far as I know he's on the way...and I'll see him Monday. Yay!)

Congratulations to Leetie & JU and the Higgys on their respective anniversaries. Ours is the 24th, the day we leave for Vegas to meet the Weasels.

We had an excellent week/end in Baltimore at the mystery convention, hanging out with friends, etc. The weather turned out great all weekend. We even got to see the new Newseum in D.C. yesterday before coming home. Highly recommended.

Susan, would Big Hair BAGNFARB, or is it already?

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