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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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hey, at least you were able to stay up that late.

Only for the opening, Trillian. We DVR'd it.

Jeff, I didn't even DVR it...I just had a feeling it wasn't going to be that good.

Besides, if last season is any indication, they'll air it in another two or three weeks anyway.

And on Anderson...he may have just gotten the waders and wanted to get his money's worth out of them.

i tuned in and out... i can't remember most of the sketches, except the quiz bowl one...yeah, we get it, home-school kids are deluded and public-school kids are stupid...
(coincidentally, a local home-school kid got a perfect 36 on his ACT test ...his whole family had been home-schooled and taught math by the mrs. ...the other local kid who got a perfect score, went to a public high school. he was the student who shadowed me this summer.)

kibby failed his aptitude test

Kibby, that's no...ooh, something shiny!

GMA just had Yo-Yo Ma backing up James Taylor on "Sweet Baby James" in the Berkshires.

/end update

It was really warm and extremely humid here yesterday and I couldn't help but think of my friends and all the others sweltering near Houston without power.

... i SHOULD have seen it coming when I answered the "Sex?" question with "Tuesdays."

this weekend i read Jane Austin's Mansfield Park. it wasn't until 10 minutes after i finished the book that it occurred to me how funny the heroine's name was: Fanny Price. 10 minutes after that it occurred to me that would be a good name for an "exotic dancer" working her way thru school and studying English lit. or the like.

and when they asked 'percentage of employees broken down by sex?', i said 'not enough' (ba-dum-bum)

Trillian, with Jane Austen it's quite possible that was the point.

It depends on who does the schooling.
All the useful things I've learned I learned from my father (certainly not from public school!).
But the full-on home schooled kids next door "didn't believe in" dinosaurs.
Seriously. They also didn't believe in math and spelling, although I don't think that was official.

Crash, as I've told people who "don't believe in" evolution or anything else, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I guess Santa doesn't exist...

My daughter's last letter home was addressed...not to "the dudes who live there" or "occupant" or "valued cardholder" (yes, she's used those and others)...but to...


My mother opened it.

So I guess it's true...your parents are really Santa.

And on Jane Austin...I watched a little of The Jane Austin Book Club last night. I may have to go back and watch the whole thing at some point.

Your FF Update, Week 2.

What? Week 2 already? How time flies!
1. Area 51 Visitors 2-0-0
2. Sly's Guys 2-0-0
3. El's Champs 2-0-0
4. Di's Johnz 2-0-0
5. kibby's kruisers 1-1-0
6. Godless Communists 1-1-0
7. The Smegheads 1-1-0
8. Tooligans rule again 1-1-0
9. Theodore 0-2-0
10. Eagerest Beavers 0-2-0
11. Mad Lab Weasels 0-2-0
12. Higgy's Heroic Huns 0-2-0

Kibby gets High Score honors this week, with a complete drubbing of the Beavers 121-52. Great week, Kibby! Sly had a strong week over Bismuth 96-67, Lab got by the weasels 79-52 and Di's Johnz squeaked by Kaf 60-49. The battle of the weaksauce was divided into two contests - The communists edged by Trillian 49-41 and El's Champs limped by a Brady-less Huns 52-31. Not the strongest of scores, but a win is a win!

This coming week's matchups:
Sly's Guys watch out for the revenge of Higgy's Heroic Huns; El's Champs look to extend their record over The Smegheads; Theodore tries for a win against the Tooligans rule again; Godless Communists try for 2 in a row, but are up against Area 51 Visitors; we have hot threesome mustelid action with Mad Lab Weasels against the Eagerest Beavers and Di's Johnz try to hold off the surging kibby's kruisers.

Good luck, everyone!

Yeah Jeff.
Their middle child at 9 years old thought it was a great idea to attack me about whether I "believe in" evolution or not (I was 14, maybe). So I stood up over him and said: "Listen. Dinosaurs existed, and someday you're going to have to come to terms with that!."

That was the last time I ever babysat for them.
Which I was fine with, their little girl told me later that her mom had called me a witch. Well, not exactly told me... more like: "Stay away from me. My mom says you're a witch!"

Yeah, so apologies in advance if I get all anti-Republican up in here in the coming months. That horrid misogynist woman stirs deep disdain in me. She's just like that crazy neighbor. CW McCall has more mayoral experience. Really, I was a down home, church-going, rodeo-watching, fishing and camping (if feminist) kinda girl with a Businessman dad - total Republican Demographic.
I mean, I just referenced CW McCall.
Also, WSJ says McCain healthcare plan will will tax everyone insidiously, causing 20 million people to lose coverage, and will force those people into the private sector on their own, god forbid they have pre-existing conditions and cannot even obtain private health insurance. Which frankly, I don't know why that isn't important to the news groups.

Crash - The joke is that under McCain's health plan McCain himself would likely not have insurance. Of course he can afford to pay out of pocket so doesn't care. Elizabeth Edwards pointed this out a long time ago. I hope Obama will put Edwards on the healthcare reform committee, but I doubt Obama is really for that much change.

*wiggles around enjoying being sandwiched between the beavers and the huns*

Crash (& Mad): the NY Times had a piece on the McCain health care plan this morning too. I can't understand all the "blue collar" and "white women" and whatever other demographic they are talking about who lean to McCain when they are the ones who are going to be most affected by this. I'll be able to afford health care (knock on wood), they won't.


saw the mccain-palin ad that mentioned how they both took on the g.o.p...you know who else takes on republicans? democrats!

kibby breaks 100!, now if he could only do that to his golf score.... THE OTHER WAY AROUND! gads

*goes to check Mad's beekers to see what DNA samples he could inject next week's roaster with*

... nice thing with that score is that I could have "drubb"ed everyone.

*is proud*

Way to drub, Kibby!

And Happy Birthday today to Jackie. I won't mention her age but it's ... well, let's just say she's not getting older, just better, and leave it at that!

kibby taking drubbery to a new low....


*been meaning to look at the MOAT calendar*

oh, and it may be F2's Mum's Birthday today too... I have 2 dates on my calendar for her.

Happy Birthday Jackie!!

happy birthday, jackie!

it's also insomniac, jr.'s birthday (his 21st)...

Happy Birthday Constitution!

(Oh, and Jackie and insom Jr [who can binge drink now! Yay!], and f2's mum, and everyone else [just in case]).

Happy Birthday Jackie! See you in Vegas next month!

Kibby be careful with that DNA you wouldn't want to mix Lindsay Lohan in with Ben Rothlesburger. Then you would have a Rothlohanburger

*adds a cheeder melt to see if it improves*


*carefully puts Lohan DNA back*

Hey guys. Am now back in France, in lovely Dijon, temporarily crashing at a friend's place before going to Paris.

I wonder what to change my blog nickname to now that I'll no longer live in Barcelona. Am undecided as of yet but have shortened it to MiB just to make it clear... ish? that I am no longer in Spain.

Happy belated birthday to Jackie and any other MOATies' loved ones.

I've heard of the "no covered ears" in passport photos rule, but have never had to do so (so far).

And I thought the gal taking my photo was just admiring my earrings.

She probably was, sly.

Marie, we've been to Dijon. We drove through on our way from Paris to Switzerland, had dinner nearby and spent one night there.

This was before you were born - 1972!

*god, i'm old*

*warms up the geezer bus for Mr Meyerson*
*but at least he gets a discounted fare*

Dijon is really quite lovely. It's strange that I'd never heard anything about it except for its mustard and its crème de cassis. Since I got here I've been eating food with lots and lots of mustard. This makes me a happy camper, because I love mustard.

We went to our last game at the soon-to-be-closed Yankee Stadium last night, a 9-2 win over the White Sox, who hardly looked like a first place team. If the Yankees played as well the rest of the time as they did in the games we saw (final record 6-2) maybe they'd be a first place team too.

What was coolest, however, was having the first ball thrown out by the oldest living former professional player, also the first native-born Puerto Rican to play in the Negro Leagues in 1928. He's Emilio Navarro and he turns 103 next week!

Pudge Rodriguez helped him out to the field but he stands straight and even got to clown around a little, pretending to shake off Jorge Posada's sign before throwing the ball.

And here you were thinking you were old.

Baseball players get the best nicknames, don't they? Bucky, Yogi, Chipper, Catfish, Twinkletoes, PUDGE, ... I somehow doubt that a woman would ever accept such a nickname.


I read a book by Bill James (long before he became guru to the Red Sox) where he talked in part about baseball nicknames and said the 20s and 30s was the worst era as players were given really unflattering names: Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons, Old Tomato Face (Gabby Hartnett), and - a personal favorite all the way around - "Ugly" Johnny Dickshot.


dijon was the capital of burgundy,...why back in the middle ages when i was duke of burgundy...but that's a story for another time!

due to a massive power failure, classes are cancelled today, although faculty and staff report to work as scheduled...to do what? climb stairs?

Dizzy Dean, PeeWee Reese,

PeeWee Reese appeared in the crossword puzzle i did last night.

yarrr and avast and the like

Most common recent crossword puzzle answers:

erle (as in 'erle stanley gardner')
eel (& variations like eels, eely)

Of course, in the early years of the last century there were a few deaf ballplayers who were invariably nicknamed "Dummy" as in Dummy Hoy.


With the economy melting down (and McCain with it) you know somewhere Bill Clinton is going, "You see? What did I tell you? IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!"


(a woman of few letter)

You really only need one.

When I played ball, my nicknames were 'T' and "Chunk".


Also, Macy's hired me. So, no more broke Crash, living in a strange city.
Hopefully that will be tons better than I've heard about Target.


Congratulations Crash!!! Just make sure you pee before your shift starts. ;)

I dressed as a pirate for work on Friday. Then The Wench and I went to dinner, as pirates, with some friends. We got a few stares.

*tackles Lab, Dino Flintstone-style*

No pictures?

No, I didn't take any pictures. This is the second year we've dressed up. And the second year we've forgotten to take pics.

*takes picture of Leets tackling Lab, Dino Flintstone style*


*waits impatiently for sly's fashion report on the Emmys*

slyeyes report on the emmys:

Didn't watch. I went to a bbq and concert in the park given by my church's jubilee band.

My cousin Emmy moved to China to teach kids English. That's the extent of my knowledge of Emmies.

well here i am at school, and the power is out again. classes are cancelled until 6:30 tonight (guess when mine is?) at least for the moment. the library has their own power, which is where i am now. i know attendance will be bad no matter what, but at least it didn't happen weds. during their exam. (i had an exam in another class postponed because of friday's blackout.) the guy i was having lunch with had signed up for text alerts (which they started after the virginia tech tragedy), today they didn't think to tell him.

it's just very frustrating ...

We go to stores and restaurants all the time dressed as pirates or in Renaissance attire. Sunday we went after the pirate faire and were meeting our friends. When we got to the hostess stand she took one look at us and said "I know who you are eating with"

Funny, Mad.

sly, we were mostly watching the final game at Yankee Stadium, but Jackie switched to the tedious awards show between innings.

I had never considered the convenience of that, Mad.

I go into stores and restaurants all the time dressed as a bum.
It never helps me in any way, except to get immediate service or followed around.

Ken Levine (on The Huffington Post) on the Emmys (and Jackie said the same thing during the show):

Note to Mary Tyler Moore - SLEEVES! SLEEVES!!!! For the love of God and all that's holy. SLEEVES!!!!

Crash - Maybe you need to add a little more stink to your bum outfit? Congrats on your job at Macy's. Hopefully you can get some freelance work in the graphic design field. Being able to pay the bills is always a good thing. Good Luck!

Jackie occasionally helps out her friend, a middle school principal, with scheduling and the like. Recently she had to work on the program because a second year science teacher left suddenly because he couldn't handle working.

She just found out that he'd done 3 tours in Iraq and came back this time with PTSD and can barely leave the house. The son of an aide in the school has been suffering from the same malady for a year.

Yet another consequence of this insidious war that gets almost no play in the media.


Not to bring levity back to the MOAT after Jeff's post, but it's time for your FF Update for Week 3!

*rest of MOAT yawns, hits f5 hoping that someone else has posted after Higgy*

1. El's Champs 3-0-0
2. kibby's kruisers 2-1-0
3. Sly's Guys 2-1-0
4. Area 51 Visitors 2-1-0
5. Di's Johnz 2-1-0
6. Godless Communists 2-1-0
7. Tooligans rule again 2-1-0
8. Mad Lab Weasels 1-2-0
9. Higgy's Heroic Huns 1-2-0
10. The Smegheads 1-2-0
11. Theodore 0-3-0
12. Eagerest Beavers 0-3-0

Sitting pretty at the top of the heap, all alone, is our El with her 3 big wins! She pulled out some numbers from MNF and her Chargers, winning over Kaf 67-44. The Communists take a win from Lab, 71-49; The tooligans keep Ted winless 54-48 and the Weasels win the hot threeway action over the Beavers 46-30. The Beavers join Ted in the winless column.

The squeaker match of the week saw Kibby holding out BARELY over Di's Johnz 68-67 - and your high score of the week goes to your faithful Commish - who almost doubles his SEASON points in a win over Sly 74-69.

Several very close matches this week - great job all!

Coming for week 4:
Higgy's Heroic Huns try to extend their streak against the Tooligans rule again; The Smegheads look to get back on track versus Sly's Guys; El's Champs look to stay perfect opposite a very tough Di's Johnz; Area 51 Visitors attempt to keep Theodore in the cellar; Eagerest Beavers vie for their first win from then Godless Communists; and kibby's kruisers take on the rampaging Mad Lab Weasels.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact your friendly Commish.

Yet another consequence of any war that gets almost no play in the media.

... I don't think excluding Viet. Vets does anyone any justice.

Yes, Sad.

*sees he's clawing his way to the top*

*is worried about bye weeks*

Commish, how can I get to our league without bookmarks. I tried from Dublin this weekend - yes, just visited F2 - and yahoo.ie tried to get me to SOCCOR! I could find NO WAY to enter FF and our league.

"Help, I want to play abroad"


YO! PARTNER! I see we're pulling 1, 2 again!

*is proud*

Kibby - you should be able to log into your Yahoo profile and get to your Fantasy teams that way. Try to get to http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/ and log in.

Thanks Higgy. There's nothing in my profile but the link works. I'd tried straight yahoo.com and couldn't find anything.

oooh another week of wiggling about in top of the Huns! Cool!

*is jealous of Mad's three-somes*

Why We Should Have Faith in Our Government #73:

Jackie was watching one of the morning blabfests and they had on Sen. Richard Shelby, Democrat-turned-Republican from Alabama, former Chairman and now Ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee.

When asked what he'd say to taxpayers upset about the crisis his answer was (literally): "It's not my fault!"

His opinion was that we should do nothing and it would all work out, which has basically worked for him in life.

/end update

Have a nice day.


There are few things creepier than someone...somewhere else...controlling your computer.

I know who it is...and where...and it's still creepy.

And how do you get the whole image on the computer screen rotated 90 degrees, anyhow?

turn the monitor sideways?

Nope...the co-worker...from home...had changed the image on the screen. But it's back to normal.

However the onair computer system isn't working now.

Fortunately I have a co-worker on the line to tec support. Since I'd be completely lost trying to figure this out.

I think you can do that in your video settings. For some reason, Windows thought it clever to allow people to mount their monitors sideways, thus allowing for "tall" displays (if you had a wide-screen monitor)

Too much of a pain for me...

That is creepy, Susan.

Happy 5th Birthday to my niece, Brooklyn.

This girl is a real character. She was already given the Friendship Prize in her kindergarten, she insisted on inviting the school principal to her birthday party (my sister assured him she really meant it), and she told my sister that yesterday was her first school assembly and, "I wonder if Mr. Johnson (the principal) is nervous. It's his first assembly too."

We used to do change the monitor settings to sideways as a practical joke.
Also, animated .gifs play as animated wallpapers as well. So we'd get pictures of broken LCD screens and animate them. Or we'd take a screenshot of the desktop and set it as the wallpaper and then hide all the desktop items, so when you tried to open something nothing happened.

I was also fond of switching the M and N keys.

Uh oh...I'm in trouble...I just saw on the news...the Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach is closed for the season...and has filed for chapter 11. My daughter has pestered and pestered and pestered me about going...

(I had no interest in it, and it's not like she would have ridden many things...)

Now we can't go.


They do hope to reopen in 2009.

This comes, of course, after her pleading and begging to go...saying that if we didn't go as soon as they opened it would probably be closed by the time I said yes.

My psychic child.

hey,what happemed?

48 degrees now, upper 70's today. Approx. $4.00 a gallon for gas, when you can get it. Thanks George (a..hole)

Finally cool enough for this geezer to get some yard work done. Since i am going bald, the sweat from my chrome-dome runs into my eyes when it is hot, so working in the heat sucks. I love cool weather!

The current work on the house is almost complete, after 6 months, wheee.

LittleD will be 20 next Friday (Oct.3) ...I am getting old(er).

BigD: it's way cooler up here - mid 50s with a high in the 60s.

And gas prices have come down to about $3.60.

Letterman was in rare form after McCain blew off the show yesterday.

"Sarah Palin is in town meeting world leaders. She thinks Warren Buffett is the leader of Margaritaville."

McCain told the CBS show that he was immediately flying back to Washington, Letterman told his audience. Then Letterman showed a TV feed of McCain being made-up for an appearance on news anchor Katie Couric's "CBS Evening News."

"Doesn't seem to be racing to the airport, does he?" Letterman said. "This just gets uglier and uglier."

As McCain spoke to Couric, Letterman shouted at the feed: "Hey, John, I've got a question. Do you need a ride to the airport?"

Letterman later said: "We're told now that the senator has concluded his interview with Katie Couric and he's now on Rachael Ray's show making veal piccata. ... What are you going to do?"

This whole mess is pathetic.

You mean he's not the leader of Margaritaville?

*wonders where kibby's been*

Gas is about $3.72 here...when you can get it. Reports of some places being out...

I was at half a tank so I figured I'd better get gas...mobs of cars when I stopped.

Idiots, too.

An SUV filling up. She must have been on fumes because other lines were moving...but the one I was in? Nope.

Finally the SUV right in front of me got to the pump. When I looked at it...that driver had gotten 3 gallons.

Tying up the line to get 3 gallons.

Then the two cars next to me were drivers that had to keep squeezing the handle to get that extra drop in the tank. A couple tries, to round off the amount, ok. Two dozen or so times...click click click click click clickclickclick...no. Not needed.

Morons like that should have their cars and licenses (if any) taken away, Susan.

We did get one report of the shortages down south, but so far we're OK on supply and the price has dropped again after a brief Hugo-related anticipatory rise.

Susan, one time I "clicked, clicked" on a road trip, my car smelled like gas for a couple of hours, so I never have again.

The lines here are not too bad, but since I only go to town 2 or 3 times a week, I only need to fill up every week or two.

Our prices shot up during Ike -- and then I found out that my sister in Houston had no problem whatsoever getting gas. At $3.59.


Gas prices soared here before Ike...the night before (Hmmm...exactly two weeks ago today) the lines were insane. At that point I had to get gas, since I was nearly out. The price was good though, about $3.42.

The next morning it was around $3.80 and rising everywhere.

Now the price has come down, but there are rumors of no gas.

gas is $3.97 here, but no shortages i know of...

I meant Ike, of course, not Hugo.

We saw another story about long lines and gas shortages in the Southeast on the news tonight.

She probably had to buy gas a few times, Susan.
A great many places have limits on what you can get at once. My parents have an RV... and a boat, and always have to swipe the card twice for a fill-up of either.

Same with the moving truck Pepper and I rented.
$4.03 here, but I had to look it up.

Holy Crap I just saw the biggest caterpillar here yet! Ack! Well, he appears to be on a mission, I'll leave him be.

Think gas is still around 31.5 krouna/liter *does math 31.5/16.55 (current exchange rate) times 3.78 (liters/US gallon) = $7.19/gal* and has been holding. Like BigD I only fill up once a month. Metro to/from work and getting around town. Car for getting out to the boat and grocery shopping.

I still think I'll be looking forward to the US gas price when I come over - IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! YAY!

Lots of rain over night and this morning, first time in nearly two weeks so weather gurus are happy.

But why do we need 2-5 INCHES at once? Can't we get it spread out over a couple of weeks?

I really feel sorry for the people in Puerto Rico who got THIRTY INCHES from the last storm, now heading for New England.

/end weather update, throw pants

It's Friday!

Kibby! Gonna come see the new studio?

*throws pants*

I have to get dressed up later on. Oh what fun. Full makeup and all too...

Of course my jewelry isn't done yet either...but it will be done. Hopefully.

*throws someone elses pants - cause he's not wearing any already*

You bet Susan. I'm planning on Monday, Oct 13th. Good for you?

Ugh. I have had the worst cold?/allergies?... some sort of congestion, the last few days. But the runny nose subsided and just left a snot-in-my-trachea cough. Now it's been joined by a weird rash on my earlobes.
I have decided my body hates me. I haven't even bothered to put pants on.

I moved to a big city and take the Bus and Trains everywhere! Gas prices are only indirectly relevant to me! Yay?

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