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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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I like my okra pickled... hic...

*smooches Mad*

Wish the hubby a Happy Holidays from me!

I like most veggies, including okra. While I'm not quite with sly on the dreaded sprouts, they're not a favorite either. Ditto lima beans.

This veggie discussion sprouts up every few months.

I'd like to squash this veggie discussion...

A lovely healthy potato gratin recipe in the paper yesterday...1 pound white potatoes...1 and a half pounds sweet potatoes.

8 cups of heavy cream.

May be a low stress holiday meal...not low stress on your body though...

Higgy; anything you'd like to share with the class????

Where is the cheese at Susan? You have to have cheese in those taters. I'm a tater racist I believe in segregation. Separate, but equal enjoyment of sweet and white potatoes.

Tony I will wish weasel happy holidays from you and kiss him under the mistle toe for you. Want to loan me your facial hair so it seems more realistic?

Here's one vote against sweet potatoes.

Too mushy.

why is it always vegetables? we never get into fruit or dairy. pork is usually well represented, though.

Baked sweet potatoes (just a plain, baked sweet potato) with a little butter and brown sugar, yum.

Mad, I looked at the potato recipe again...one cup of grated Parmesan cheese.


*looks for cheese*

I may use some dairy tonight...I may make bread pudding tonight. Maybe. Possibly.

Lettuce be thankful for veggies.

I like apples. Yes I do.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we've discussed cherries in length.

*has a Kourou flashback*

Orange you glad?

Speaking of fruit, do you ever watch Life?

If you do you'll get the reference.

I do like fruit and we eat a lot of it - bananas (me only), cherries, berries (straw, blue), apples, oranges, canteloupe and honeydew (Jackie only), etc. But we can't have grapefruit because it is contra-idicated with certain medications.

/end fruit update
except of course for Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit.

*nudge nudge wink wink*


*googles fruit-related puns in lame attempt to keep the pun ball bouncing*

I think olive the google.

i love grapefruit. i used to couldn't have it due to said contraindications, but my meds were changed and i can have it again.

You cantelope without a girl.

Bananas are appeeling.

Help me stop peas.

It actually takes a pear to elope.
'Jes sayin'.

Nothing to mention, Sly....

Except that I became a citizen yesterday. Sworn in and everything.

Carry on with the veggie and fruit mentions before I have to bean someone. It might get ugli...

And maybe a couple of dates.

I think I'm done raisin cane.

i'm grapeful this pun nonsense seems to have come to an end

Yaaa! Higgy became a citizen. It mustard been very exciting.

I really need to start studying my MicroSoft tests again so I can ketchup with current technology.

ok, maybe one more pun

I've got no fruit jokes. I've got no veggie jokes. I've got nothing to produce.

But wow, HIGGY! That is so cool; congratulations on the new citizenship!

*lends Mad his goatee*

I'm sure Mike will be very surprised!

*notices the blog has a lot of produce scattered about*

*throws in some tomatoes for color*

Speaking of fruit, I'm thinking about making a figgy pudding for the holidays. I just love flammable desserts!

Oh, and welcome to our new citizen. Congrats, Higgy! You can now be despised in many different countries!

Susan - sounds like a good start for a gratin... Paula Deen would add some butter, though... and maybe a pound or two of brown sugar.

Higgy, as part of the swearing in and all that, did you give up your right to say "Gobsmacked?"

And congrats!

Congratulations Higgy

Will there by hard sauce with the figgy pudding? that was always my favorite part. our pudding was called plum rather that figgy. i wonder if there's much difference? plums rather than figs i suspect.

the weather outside is officially frightful. i started into work, drove about an eighth of a mile, decided bugger this, i'm calling snow day.

have yous guys seen the infomercial for snuggie (the blanket with sleeves!) i'm wondering whether thats a pullover robe or if it's open in the back, hospital gown style.

Higgy, that's excellent! As sly indicated, we're gobsmacked...but in a good way.


Oh, and tony: I'll pass on the figgy pudding, thanks.


Wise move, Trillian. It's headed East as we speak.


Congratulations Higgy!!!

Keep hunkering Trillian! I see on the news that you're right in the bullseye for the storm.

Oh man, JU's mom made a killer figgy pudding a few years ago... with the sauce... OMG. Just gimmie a straw for the sauce. *hic*

still snowing
i've heard we'll end up with 6-10"

But can you still say "I'll be buggered!", Higgy?


They claim we're in line for 3-5 inches of snow but they also say it could reach 38 degrees, so you do the math.

Anyway, the next storm is expected Sunday and 41 degrees is forecast, so as long as that one is on target I'm OK with it.

/end weather

We had icing last night , but now it's like a very windy spring day. With wind.

Did I mention the wind?

Meghan and Ben arrived last night. Meghan just heard that buffalo is getting 2-3" of snow. An hour.

We're having a 60th anni party for my parents tomorrow.

Trillian, when they show the woman pulling the sleeves on, while she's on a sofa, it looks like it's open in the back.

Last night my mother was wearing her robe backwards, so it looked like a snugglie..and when she walked around she was reaching behind herself to hold it closed, like you would with a hospital gown. Never mind that she had a normal, proper nightgown on under the robe...

*looks in the fridge* Hmmm...dried figs. I guess they wouldn't work for figgy pudding...

Weather? High today...76. Of course by Sunday we've got a low of 28...and highs in the 40's. Silly weather.

And Higgy! Congratulations!

I've seen commercials for the "Slanket", same as the Snugglie. "Slanket" sounds like a comfy coverup for a skank. The Slanket/Snugglie was the topic of conversation the other day on the morning radio show I listen to. In the background, they were playing Gregorian chants. Gotta say, they do kind of look like monks' robes.

Back to the weather....(because it's either produce or weather these days), at some point last night, thunderstorms rolled in. Well, blew in, I should say. (Have I mentioned the wind?) Honestly, it was like a spring thunderstorm. I wouldn't have been surprised if we had gotten hail the size of contraindicating grapefruit.

"Contraindicating Grapefruit"

Opening for Strawberry Alarmclock?

On the snugglie ads...the group wearing them outside at a ball game of some sort. Somehow, however warm they are, I can't really see people doing that.

Thanks for the welcome, all. It was me and 862 other folks, from 81 different countries, all getting sworn in on Wednesday. Was kind of cool hearing how many folks were coming in - our top 3 were Mexico (shocker), Vietnam and the Philippines. I was sat next to the ONE guy from Uganda!

They had us there at 8:30am - but the ceremony didn't start until 10am! They neglected to tell us that - and Lisa tried to surprised me by having Grandma bring both the kids there. Would have been fine if the ceremony went off at 9, but overall it meant Lily missed out on her morning nap and was a crank for the rest of the day. C'est la vie.

I'll be buggered if I give up the right to say "buggered". I think I gave up my right to BE buggered long long ago.

Snappy comeback of the week: I was sat there, waiting patiently in a huge auditorium, along with all of the other citizen candidates for the ceremony to start - when the guy next to me asks "Do you know how long this is supposed to take?" My response : "Sorry, no. This is my first time!"

He thought for about 20 seconds, then he got it...

we've got 7" of snow and counting.

they were talking about infomercials on the radio the other day, the Esteban guitar in particular. apparently it's absolute crap.

Since that was before the swearing in, I suppose we can't say it was good ol' American humor, can we? But it was good.

Sly, did you see the Brussels Sprouts/gorilla f@rt thread on the MB?

congrats to citizen higgy!

"Slanket" sounds like a comfy coverup for a skank

I'm glad you said it first, sly, because I sure thought it too.

We actually went out because we needed to go to the bank and run a few errands. When we left it had just started dropping a few snowflakes. By the time we got back it was bad driving. Of course my main worry was not the weather as much as people who shouldn't even be driving in good conditions, but we made it back OK.

And Happy 60th to sly's parents! My parents are less than two years ahead of them.

the cable's out! ack!

also, there is no food or cat food in the house. when/if the plow makes another pass, i'll have to go out. there is a T@rget within walking distance if the plow doesn't come

*wakes up under a pile of snow, berries, gorilla farts, slankies and new citizens*

Wow what a nightmare that was!!!

Congrats Higgy! Refrains from making an I like Higgy pudding comment

Tony I promise to return the goatee soon

OMG you guys!! I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I'm at the library using their internet right now and I only have 30 minutes to do what I have to do so I'm not in any way, shape or form caught up at all.

For the easterners: sorry for your weather. But I'll bet I can top you. We have not had a whole lot of snow but the temps have been around -45F. And I've been outside all day every day (and I mean 7 days a week)...picketing. That's right, I'm on strike again and have been for weeks and weeks now. That's why I don't have internet at home: it was deemed non-essential a long time ago. As was the cable TV and the car and I think food and rent will be next. Christmas was the worst casualty on the 'non-essential' chopping block. J may never forgive me. Our union is on the verge of being broken because there's so many scabs now that the picket lines are looking pretty thin. There's no money left so strike pay has been cut to the bone. I'm financially and emotionally bankrupt now and I'm afraid that pretty soon I'm going to be morally bankrupt as well and become the one thing I never - NEVER - thought I'd be: a scab. I'm not sure how much longer I can do this. I'm waitressing again but there's just not enough shifts to keep me going. Plus, my body is worn out from being on my feet and moving for about 12 hours a day.

But...I'm getting very thin! Maybe I should write an extreme weightloss book!

I don't know if or when I'll be back, so: HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Please take some time to appreciate all that you have. I know that what I've got has never meant as much to me as it does right now.

Love you =)!


I can't believe it. You're picketing 12 hours a day in -45F?


Anyway, so sorry to hear you're (not your) going through this.

Fingers are crossed for better times, and news.

***sending bad thoughts to the unionbusters***

Hang in there, Peri! You didn't get this far by not sticking to your guns, and I'm sure you're going to land on your feet no matter what!!

*white light and positive vibes are transmitting to the Great White North*

*would throw pants in support of Peri but it's too darned cold*

Seriously, I can't even imagine being outside in that kind of cold, let alone picketing. You're a stronger person than most of us, Peri.

Crappy weather (including more snow tomorrow) is predicted, so we're probably going to go out today and stock up so we can stay in Sunday and Monday.

We have to go downtown Tuesday (to the doctor) and to the city on Wednesday (a matinee).

/end social notes

I liked one of Leno's jokes last week.
"You know the national jewelry chain that has the commercial: 'Every Kiss begins with K'? Look, if a guy is buying diamond jewelry, he is not thinking about a word that begins in K, he is thinking about a word that ends in K."

Rain, rain, rain. It has rained for the last 6 days (I really need to get the leaves outta here). We will finally get a reprieve, starting tomorrow, but it will be cold and windy, can't win. I guess I really shouldn't complain, at least it isn't 10" of snow or -45F (uber brrrrr).

,,,, Adding a couple more ,,,, just in case there weren't enough.

We are planning on going to see LittleD after the new year (we really don't want to fight the interstate holiday traffic, you know the idiots that can't drive, but are doing it at 70mph). Cannot wait to see her! Plus, we can unload some of the crap in the basement as she and her BF moved into their first apartment last month.

It's pretty cold out and I was thinking, damn, this is balmy compared to -45. I can't even imagine what it's like at that temperature. If Peri was in New York she'd probably be walking around in shorts and flip flops (not that she wears those)!

The coldest I ever remember it here was -6 and the all-time lowest temperature in New York was -13.

"he is not thinking about a word that begins in K, he is thinking about a word that ends in K."


*is making a figgy pudding*

*is making a figgy pudding*

*is making a figgy pudding*

*and drinking a beer*

I love traditions!


If I could send some of the current warm weather here to you, I would. (At least 74 today...then into the 20's Sunday night, but highs in the 60's Christmas day. Too warm.)

I have never had figgy pudding. Ever.

Susan - to be honest, neither have I. I just looked up some recipes on the net and made the one that called for the most booze looked really good. The one I went with called for dried figs, dried cranberries, and dried cherries... all plumped up in rum. Hic...


That would make an awesome breakfast snack!

*sigh* The things you all say tend to work their way into my subconscious. I woke up this morning singing:

We all want some Higgy pudding,
We all want some Higgy pudding,
We all want some Higgy pudding,
All plumped up in rum.



Luckily the dire forecast was wrong and we got rain rather than snow and sleet. Unfortunately, it's going to go down to 18 tonight and whatever is there (like the morons across the street who never shovel) will freeze solid.

*throws her some pants*
For God's sake, woman, put those on too!

It was -3 (-6 on the bank's sign) today! Wind Chill advisory was like -25. *sobs*
Pepper wanted to walk through the neighborhood to see the snow. I acquiesced, and then laughed when he realized it had been a horrible idea. He started complaining that his toes hurt.

and then the yeti ate pepper's toes...

Heinzed - summary:
Peri's got pants that doesn't help with minus anything weather, picketing, missing Christmas and taking a second job - internet be d@mn!

Snow storm ripped through the mid west and Target's only a walk away. Dogs and cats are not edible - NO MATTER WHAT!

- favorite line in Addams Family -
Setting - at the motel -
Grandma, "Dinner's going to be a littl late!" *turns* "Here kitty, kitty..."

Higgy's gotten citizen-i(s)zed (YAY HIGGY!) and is still allowed to speak English.

Okra's out, those "little cabages from h3ll" are out, most fruits are in - goes to prove it's better to be a little nutty (also a fruit) than to veg.

Susan's sending spare heat around - she has plenty and she's just that type of person ... oh, and her Mom's trying out to be the speaks-person for Snuggie's

neo's all rum'd up *smiles*

crash is experiencing her FIRST! Chi-winter. Someone send her an anchor?

kibby's waiting for his delivery of Monkey's in a Barrel - WAIT! That wasn't up there!

F2 did wonderful in her Christmas concert!

Great summary, Kibby.

Late update: the Giants kicked butt in OT. That swirling wind in the Meadowlands really helped them out.

It feels like -4 out there today.

I just cannot even imagine -45.

We had a slew of people in town over the weekend for Mom and Dad's 60th Anniversary Party. Most of them are heading back home before Christmas.

Meghan and Ben tried to get back to Buffalo yesterday. We all knew that wasn't going to work, but the airlines were still hopeful.

Short story, they spent the night in Cincinnati. The next available flight to Buffalo is Wednesday. Christmas Eve. So they are flying to Cleveland this morning, then renting a car and driving to Buffalo.

The cousins who are heading to Houston today will probably have a better chance of arriving at their destination on the same day they start.

The 60th party was good. I don't think I've said much about this on here, but Dad has been diagnosed with cancer in his liver. It's a return of his colon cancer. He's been going through chemo since May and the docs have finally declared that the tumors have shrunk enough that they can operate and remove the remaining tumors. That surgery is scheduled for January 2.

Some of the family who haven't seen him for awhile were somewhat shocked that he's bald. He ended up shaving his head when he got tired of his hair falling out from the chemo. Annarae kept rubbing his head and asking, "where's you hair go?" He now looks a lot like Mr. Six from the Six Flags commercials.

Except that he doesn't dance quite like that.

All of 27 outside this morning.

I just looked at the forcast for the week. A high of 71 Christmas Day.

That is wrong.

Kibby , great summary.

I survived narrating the Christmas Cantata at church yesterday. (A little advance notice would have been nice, I found out Wednesday. Only two words gave me any problem...two I don't normally use. Homage, and humble. 'omage? 'umble? Homage? Humble?)

sly, sorry to hear your dad is sick but good news about the impending operation. Fingers are crossed for a full recovery.

Do his ears really stick out like that? ;)

I was wondering if they'd make it back to Buffalo.

My brother has been updating us on my nephew's trip to Santa Fe. Originally he and his friends were going to hop a freight train! Then he decided to take a bus but there were so many problems with weather that his girlfriend convinced him to fly instead. He's going to work in a bike shop for a month.

Needless to say my parents are real thrilled about him:

not finishing college
not getting a "real job"
there is no #3

He's a good kid and I'm sure he'll be fine in the end.

/end update

I do not recommend hopping a freight train.
It's no longer friendly old man hobos.

They murder people. A lot.

My good friend finished college and works in a bike shop. Happiest he seems to have ever been. Jes' sayin'.

I was mentioning last night how 'humbled' I feel after a weekend with F2. My visits are quite a humpling affair. Seeing my little 6 year old going through her daily routine really puts things into the proper perspective.

One I hope never to lose. She is my treasure.

Savor every moment, Kibby. Take LOTS of pictures. My "little treasure" is now 20 and living 6 hours away. It only seems like yesterday when I fed her when she was 3 hours old. The "Daddy's Home" squeals of delight when I walked in the door after work. All in the past, thank God for photos and memories.

neo I like your version of the carol better.

Sly-sorry about your dad I hope he recovers fully

Crash- get pepper some of those battery powered socks that warm your toes!

I was out last night with weasel in a craft store that bares his name and saw the best gift for the moat. It is a Monkey nut cracker dressed as a pirate!!!! Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of it online. But I might just have to snap one up after Christmas when they go on sale and get a picture for all of you to enjoy the pure majesty of a Christmas Pirate Monkey Nutcracker (WBAGNFARB) and belongs in the gift guide.

Mad, I found it.

Crash, we've been trying to get that message out through my brother that hopping freights is dangerous. I think after he and his friends got caught and arrested last year the message got through but who knows?

When you're young (and he's near your age) you think you can do anything and live forever.

I could definitely used some battery-powered socks, and gloves for that matter.

You keep reading how desperate places are to do business but until you see it yourself you don't get the full extent of it. Everyone has sales but the stores seem empty. They showed a deli owner on the news yesterday who usually does dozens of platters for corporate events at Christmas but has only done 2 or 3 this year.

I think I mentioned that we're going to New Orleans next month (before the trip to Florida) to meet my sister for a couple of days. The original price for a studio suite at the M@rriott we stay at (with breakfast daily plus evening snack/dinner - ranges from nachos to a barbecue) was $116 a night, but that dropped last week to $98 and today to $89.

I'm sure Jackie will keep checking to see if it keeps dropping.

yep Jeff that is the one. Only $9.99 at the moment but I'm hoping I can get one around $5 after Christmas. They had plenty I really don't see this item selling out.

Sly, I hope your dad's surgery goes well. From all your stories about your folks, it feels like we know them. I'll be thinking about you all.

I guess I can't tell that there is any slowdown in shopping here. I went to the store yesterday and there was no powdered sugar and almost no flour. All the staples were like that. I don't know if it's Christmas baking or the ice storm/cold snap, but shelves are almost bare. But it wasn't much better in the toy section; the clerk told me that they simply cannot keep certain toys in stock.

Crash, you really do get used to the cold. Well, sort of. I admit this latest cold spell has been kind of hard to adapt to. Several people at work lost power on Thursday and just got it back today. With temps in the negatives and windchills -25 and below, it isn't a good time to be without heat.

Peri, I don't know how you manage it. When I say you get used the cold, I don't mean -45. I'd never, ever adapt to that. *loves Peri an extra scarf, hat, and warm socks*

Thanks, all, for the good wishes for my dad.

The cousins who are heading to Houston today will probably have a better chance of arriving at their destination on the same day they start.

I spoke too soon. But then I didn't know the dumba$$ route the airlines had given them to get home. Normally, they connect through Memphis, which kind of makes sense for a flight from Houston to St. Louis.

Not today. Their route today took them to St. Paul. The one in Minnesota. And their delays were long enough that they are now waiting for a new crew. Meghan and Ben finally got home and they think they've identified the snow drifts covering/burying their vehicles.

from 2 weeks ago, the school's xmas party... a few pictures of kylie (and her dad).

*sending big white light thoughts to sly's dad*

I think bald guys are hot. Though, I don't think you need to share that with your dad...

*sends warm thoughts toward the entire country that exists anywhere north of Florida*

WTFBBQ? Snow in the desert? Dogs and cats living together? I'm watching the weather reports waiting for news that there will be a freak tropical storm headed our way from the heart of Kansas... Stay warm my MOATies!

*pours another snort of rum on the figgy pudding*

*prepares fire extinguisher for Christmas Eve dinner*

St. Louis to Houston via St. Paul?


If my sister wanted to go to New Orleans from Phoenix on JetB1ue she could...via New York.

The worst connection we ever had was West Palm Beach to JFK via Tampa ... and Detroit!


Thanks for the Kylie pictures. She's getting to be a big girl but still cute.


Thanks to djtonyb.

A friend of mine went from Norfolk to Ft. Lauderdale via Newark. I went from Atlanta to La Guardia via O'Hare. Don't let co-workers book your flights!

Insom, she is growing like a weed, and I love the curls.

Best wishes to your dad, Sly. And prayers to your whole family through this ordeal and the days ahead.

When I had my chemo I shaved my head, about 90% of my hair fell out, I looked like one of those deformed freaks in a horror movie. Thank goodness I was blessed with a symmetrical skull.

It was windy yesterday and I sat and watched my leaves blow across the street :).

Symmetrial Skull WBAGNFARB, BigD.

Just sayin'.

I'm with tony (if not necessarily for the same reason): bald is good.


Merry Christmas from Europe!


Page not found, Kibby.


i just had to robot. or robutt as some say.

*czech's butt*

Hey! Why didn't anyone tell me it's that big!?

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