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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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We were lucky during the day yesterday as the promised rain stayed away, but last night...BAM! We got hit big time.

Tonight: George Thorogood & the Destroyers and Buddy Guy.

*tosses pants*

Cold and rainy in Ireland. Seems this has been the norm for this (and last) summer. We're to paint F2's bedroom, pink. Go figure ...

Has anyone heard of this happening?

We went to the concert last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom on 34th St. It was raining. At the door they were telling everyone "no umbrellas allowed inside the theater."


No umbrella stand, no "check your umbrella" but just...no umbrellas. So everyone had to just throw their umbrellas on the ground!

It was the craziest thing I ever saw. Luckily it had stopped raining when we came out 4 1/2 hours later.

Very good show, by the way.

No umbrellas? You should have all, enmasse, whomped them with your umbrellas and then smartly marched to your seats.

I, personally, would love to have seen such whompage. You just don't see enough umbrella whompage these days, in my opinion.

I'm picturing Ruth Buzzi doing the whomping. Laugh-in style.

I feel like whomping Pepper.
He has decided to read out loud (to me) his entire collection of Dave Barry books.
I mean, the day started off ok, Dave is funny, but since 3 pm I've so desperately wanted to throttle Pepper.

*surreptitiously passes large gold umbrella to Crash*

Some day I really have to proofread.

That was supposed to be a golf umbrella.

I was wondering where you got the gold umbrella.

Jeff got the gold umbrella at the gold umbrella store, naturally. And you use it when there is a "Rain of Gold."
And for the record, the internet is a place chock full of new information. I made the mistake of wording my search wrong, and so I ended up learning about g0lden sh0wers instead of rain of gold. Oy. *shudders*

After reading your first sentence, neo, I was gonna ask if Rain of Gold was anything like.. yea, you know, that other thing you said. ;)

the only way n.b.c's continuing coverage of olympic swimming would be interesting would be if chris farley were around to oonduct the interviews...

Farley: Remember when you won all those gold medals?

Phelps: Yeah

Farley: That was awesome!

He's still doing it.

Pepper doesn't think Phelps in anyway beat out Spitz:
"Spitz got his with a MOUSTACHE. I wanna see Phelps get eight gold medals with drag city on HIS FACE."

Now that I often venture into the big city, I'm terrified of Gold Rain.

Although, given the choice... it's better than Chocolate Rain.

I'm just wondering how NBC is going to keep Phelps in China and on the air for another week. I know they're having an interview tonight and I suppose they can rerun his races and interviews, talk to his mom a few hundred more times, but then what?

Any ideas? Cancel his flight home? Doctor his food?

No Chocolate Rain, Crash. How about a little Vanilla Snow?

*prays, for once*

"Dear Lord,
Destroy this planet. I have no more use for it after viewing this video.
My faith in humanity has been lost. Again.

*sees the MOAT has produced a "The Golden Umbrella" award*

4 days in Ireland and on 3 of them its rained. Woke up to the common "pitter/patter" of it this morning.

New from F2, "Daddy, Cinderella's (the movie) too much of a girlie-movie for you." ... now there's a first. We are trying to get through the Happy Feet DVD though .... Daddy finds it quite his style.

Back to painting pink bedrooms.

Kibby's FL backyard and GS1's (Grand Son) new play area. GD1 visits. Here!

GD1 starts 1st grade (so does F2) and she has all her supplies already. The differences that F2 and GD1 will experience is striking. For 1), F2 wears a school uniform, B) We don't have to supply her, the school does that. (There is no 3.) Both of these target the concept of "Have's and HaveNot's". I'll have to talk to her Mum about the issue of "uniformity" -vs- "individuality".

*peeps in*

*kisses Moaties and tucks them in all snug*

I'll try and get back here more often. I really do mean to, and I just get sidetracked.

Love you guys!!


Where have you been, young lady? Every time I see a New Zealand (especially Christchurch) story I think of you. How's things? Your family? Work?

And Kibby, thanks for the pictures. The kids are gorgeous and that little one is the cutest thing ever. He's going to break a lot of hearts.

That's quite a smile he has!

Kibby, maybe you should invest in a slightly less girlie movie that you can both watch. You know, like The Fox and the Hound, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers, 101 Dalmations, Heavy Metal...

*waves and disappears into the basement*

Have you ever had to leave a movie (and get a refund) because of the behavior of other patrons?

It happened to us this afternoon.

We went to see The Dark Knight at a smallish, funky theater in our old neighborhood that generally shows more "arty" films. There were only 4 people in the theater.

About 15 minutes into the movie a woman wanders in with her son, who immediately begins talking at the top of his voice - "Is that Batman?" etc.

Mom says nothing.

Normally I'm the one to get upset but each time he spoke and the mother ignored him Jackie got more and more agitated.

Finally I said "Shhhhhhhhh!"

The mother immediately mouths off, "Don't you tell my son to be quiet! He's 4 years old."

WTFBBQ?! By this point The Joker had already (WARNING) killed several of his own men and Batman had been injured and sewed his own arm up (END WARNING)

What kind of idiot brings a 4 year old to see this?

After suggesting I change my seat - believe me, it was a small screening room and there was no place the kid wasn't audible - she insisted she could take her kid wherever she wanted. She didn't make the slightest attempt to tell him it was a movie theater where people paid to see a movie in peace and not his living room, she didn't shush him when he was too loud, and she didn't explain taking a 4 year old to an incredibly nasty and violent movie.

Finally we left and got a refund. The clerk claimed she had told her to see WALL-E instead but the woman didn't care.

Sorry for venting so long but are we crazy or is she?

We just finished Eddie Murphey's Dr. Dolittle which kept her attention. We also watched The Incredibles the other night.I've just never been acussed of watching movies being "too girlie", though I have watched Cinderella with her before. .... guess she's growing up. D@MN!

Did she have a can of boiled peanuts with her?

Good question, Leetie. I didn't get close enough to see.

Or to frisk her for other weapons, for that matter.

Jeff I bet if you check the credit receipt she paid for the tickets with it is signed expletive you.

jeff, you always seem to find yourself in the strangest situations

NTTAWWT, i suppose ;)

oh, and kibby...those were really cute pics!

Jeff - luckily, the local funky cinema down here is usually attended by a well behaved crowd. There's also a great place up in Boca Raton that has an upper level for ADULTS ONLY! You pay double the regular price, but the valet your car and give you free popcorn, you must be 21 or over, there's a decent restaurant up there, and you can order a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses to take to your cushy seats and enjoy the movie with no kids in sight. Heaven.

*borrows gold umbrella to protect himself from Fay's drizzle*

*waves at everybody*

*perks up at the mention of free popcorn*

*pounces on tony*

yeah, i know, i'm not here that often, but maybe if you showed up more often, i would, too ;)

*wondered what 'boiled peanuts' and 'F2' had in common*

MeThinks (to use an Edan phrase) the gold would have rubbed off the umbrella LONG ago in Ireland.

Where have I been? Hmmm... here, there and everywhere. I'm gonna try and keep up with the Moat again, though!

What have I been doing? Chasing toddlers. Then going home to collapse.

Jeff... taking a kid to see The Dark Knight? That's insane. I don't even want to see that! She deserves every night of broken sleep she's going to get dealing with that kid's nightmares.

Tony! Good to see you round these parts! Stay safe!!

Golden umbrellas make me think dirty thoughts. G'night.

Where have I been? Hmmm... here, there and everywhere. I'm gonna try and keep up with the Moat again, though!

What have I been doing? Chasing toddlers. Then going home to collapse.

Jeff... taking a kid to see The Dark Knight? That's insane. I don't even want to see that! She deserves every night of broken sleep she's going to get dealing with that kid's nightmares.

Tony! Good to see you round these parts! Stay safe!!

Golden umbrellas make me think dirty thoughts. G'night.

Dangit. I knew that was going to happen.

Ah well. Twice as many dirty thoughts for me. I think I got the better end of that deal.

Good to see that Fay never did become a hurricane and the Keys came through it in good shape. Let's hope the rest of Florida fares as well.

Kibby, if you're still wondering, see yesterday's "Boiled Peanuts" item on the main blog. If not, nevermind! ;)

I left a movie and got a refund just once.
It was NC-17 or R (can't remember) and the theater was PACKED full of yelling 12 year olds. I swear. The guy wasn't going to give me my money back at first, so I said I'd call the cops over the age of their patrons. I got cash back.

I have no idea if there's even any real action that the cops could have taken.

*tosses pants cause I'll be too busy Friday (FOOTBALL!!!)*

*tosses pants 'cause I'll be on a ROAD TRIP Friday (BEACH!!!)*

It's supposed to be chilly at Cape May -- only hitting 80 during the day and down into the 50s and 60s at night!!! Is this August?

Last year at this time it was only 59 for a high so 80 sounds a lot better, especially for the beach! Have fun.

On another subject, seems like John Mayer handled breaking up with Jennifer Anniston with all the class you'd expect from someone who dated Jessica Simpson.

59 for a high in August? I might believe 69. Then again, I'm not one for Almanacs.

They were making a big deal that it tied the record last year. It's a lot nicer now.

i still think homer simpson's:"Welcome to Dumpsville, Population:You" is the best way, even as a text.

*tries Insom's advice*


*keeps it in his "Quick Notes" on his phone ... just in case there's another chance to use it*

Is that my phone ringing?

olympic namedropping dept.: men's beach volleyball gold medaalist todd rogers is the 1st cousin of a friend of a friend of insomniac, jr.'s

uhh.... I need a flow chart for that.

So...did anyone get his or her text message from Obama yet? Jackie has been waiting anxiously all day.

*goes back to waiting*

i told him i didn't want the job!

Obama's giving out jobs? I want Mistress Secretary of Foreign Affairs!

*looks nervous*

*does a tiny but cheerful wave*

Uh. Hi. Hope you're all doing OK. Lots to tell, many things have changed.

*doesn't know what else to say*

*presses post*

MiB! Wow - that's a blast from the past (as radio stations used to say in the Dark Ages when I was young).

How are you doing?

OK, though stressed out. Moving to Paris in September, for university and work. Finally left Giant Frog. So, yeah, lots of things have changed.

How are you?

Good. Glad to hear the move and GF news.

Paris is a great place.

And if you stick around you'll see a few of us are still here while others have drifted away.

*cues up Drift Away*

Oh wait, I'm not on the air now. Hee hee.

Hi MiB! Glad you found us!

Just talked to my daughter, who I'll see next Friday. Wooo hoooo!!!!

I want to get all the final details, but, according to her, she will be queen at the JROTC military ball next month.

WHAT????? At least 5 girls have asked to do her hair for it too.

I just get to find a fancy dress for her. Male cadets are lucky, they just wear their dress uniforms. Girl cadets get dressy. (Not quite prom dress fancy, but fancy...)

*waves at Susan*

I requested a song today! I hope I'll be able to hear it. I haven't tried to tune in yet, but even if I can't I like the idea of "my" song somewhere out there, on the radio.

The past couple of months have been completely insane. Today has also been a busy day full of e-mails and chatting. But I'm happy to be kept busy. It's certainly better than stagnating in Kourou.

Just read this MOAT... I saw The Dark Knight, too, with my sister and father (they came to Barcelona to visit). I agree it's not a film you'd take a four-year-old to watch. It was very disturbing. Heath Ledger's performance was good, though I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal very much as well.

bon jour, marie!

Marie - so glad to hear from you! Good for you, leaving GF. Takes a lot of courage to make that jump - took me forever to leave TEO (The Evil One) back in 2001. Be sure to hook up with Marie in Paris - she's a barrel of laughs, and I'm sure can hook you up with some info!

Great to see you back! Fill us in on all that's gone on!

You'll have to excuse half of the MOATies today. We had our Fantasy Football draft, and I'm sure several of them are sleeping it off now...

Quite the excitement...

Insom! Higgy! *hug*

I did meet Marie in Paris once, it was fun. I'll see if I can contact her to meet up again sometime.

I guess I'll have to change my name on the blog, because if I make it Marie in Paris everyone will get confused as to which Marie it is. Maybe I'll shorten it to MiB.

Giant Frog was in no way an Evil One. He was just not The One. I'm glad it's over, though.

Marie! yay!
missed you, glad you're back

Hello again (to all my friends).

Oh. My. God.

I accidentally quoted Barney.
*goes to jump off a bridge*

Oh wow. I just realized 16 years ago today I was homeless.

Well, damn... I can't leave on a down note like that.
So, uh *hastily* HERE!

Another weekend sailing. It felt like Indian Summer coming to port last night. MeThinks our "normal summer" is over. It got into the 50s over night.

Needless to say, there was no skinney dipping....

*goes off to check his FF Draft*

Hey! Nice head! Full bodied.

Marie's back! And here I was scrolling through cell phone numbers and almost sent her an sms.

*smacks self*

Now there's 2 reasons for kibby to travel to Paris!

Trillian! Crash! Kibby! Wow, it's still a bit strange to be on the MOAT again. Every turn reveals another old friend.

Kibby, looking forward to meeting you sometime. ^^ Still in Prague? How's the little one?

Morning all.

We've been having gorgeous weather here lately. THey say some needed rain is coming this afternoon, then back to the gorgeous weather.

/end update

Marie, how's your little sister?

Cloris Leachman is going to be on the new series of Dancing With the Stars.

She's 82.

You go, girl!

Still here Marie. F2's doing GREAT! Just spent 5 days with her last week. She's 6 and still comes out with attempted "shockers".

Her latest was, "Want to see where I go pee?"

Daddy, "No, I've changed your diaper enough times to see that."

All done in an attempt to generate shock ... NOT going to happen!

In another week she starts school. She'll be in the Senior Infants class, one step before 1st Class. (1st Grade for us US'ers)

Once approved for consumption - new photo on Y!

ok, FF question, "What's the new heading '% Owned' mean?"

I want to get all the final details, but, according to her, she will be queen at the JROTC military ball next month. That would be, MAY BE...I had called the school last Thursday, before I had heard this, and the woman just returned my call today. Apparently the king and queen are announced AT the ball...so she has been nominated. Even so, that is pretty cool. I can sign her out between 8 and 10 that morning, and have her back by 5:30. Supposedly it's to get her hair done, and makeup and so on. Oh sure. And it's too far to drive home and drive back...so it's a day in Columbia. Oh what fun.

Kibby, in the Charlotte Observer yesterday, there was a picture of a sign in Prague. Let me see if I can find it...

Hmmm. Can't find it...but I still have the paper.

I can't remember how to put the little thingies over the letters, but this is what it says:

Stara dobra klasika, aneb co se vanlo v Praze pred 100 lety

(Translated as Oldies but goodies - meals they made in Prague 100 years ago)

Trust me, they're still making them....

"Old good classics, or else what with .... in Prague for 100 years"

"vanlo" is hard to translate.

MIB so good to see you again. I have thought of you often and wondered if you had enough sun screen. Please know you are most welcomed here. Don't let it feel strange!

Kibby-I think percent owned means the percent of fantasy teams that have that player on them?

Mad's correct - means the percentage of FF teams that have drafted or signed that particular player. In other words, if 100% have - that means that player is a Tom Brady, or an L.T. If 15% have, that means that player is a bit of a reach - like James Hardy (the new WR in Buffalo) - only 15% of all of the Y! FF teams have him on their roster!

Yes, Higgy's Huns are that forward-thinking :-)

Back off man.
She's a Scientist.

25 years ago more or less i started professor-ing.

Crash, that's one of the best lines ever! I love that scene. (To those of you who don't recognize it, it's from the first Ghostbusters film.)

Jeff, sister is doing fine. She's now 17, though a very quiet and confident 17.

Hi Mad! I guess I won't be needing any more sunscreen. I'm glad. Kourou had some nice things going for it, but it's not the place for me.

Are congratulations or condolences in order, Insom?

*offers Insom support*

*doesn't offer him his penguin thong, nor Rita's knitted one*


"...fins to the left, fins to the right..."

Just getting ready for tonight's concert.

Sounds like you're (not your) gearing up for rain?


No rain, Kibby - land sharks.

Candy Gram!

Oh, Trillian I always wind up spending way too much time at that website.

HIGGY! *snork*

Jeff! Especially here.

Welcome back MiB!

*hopes bot allows all these linkz*

Aaaaahhhhh! The past couple of days have been insane, there's so much paperwork to do. To top it all off, I can't find a favorite book of mine that I want to reread. It must still be in Kourou, which would make sense as I took most of my favorites along with me there when I moved.

Thanks for the welcome, Leetie! The photo cheered me up.

Thanks, Leetie. I think Dark Knight should have a R rating.

But anyway...

Very good Buffett concert last night. We could have had seats in the rear part of Stadium 1 but opted for row A in Stadium 2 - about 5 feet further back and at least $30 cheaper per ticket.

Next up, Vegas in October.

DD Master, how appro!

What do you mean, FORMER Dungeon Master?!?!?!

Some of us are STILL currently DMs for our group of buddies....


Speaking of produce, I harvested a bumper crop of tomatoes and basil from mine this morning. Now I'm in ISO anyone with fresh mozzarella cheese and EVOO.


*looks for MOAT Golden Umbrella*

*wonders if Kibby needs protection from golden... uh, never mind*

The start of football season is soooo much fun.


I won't even be at work tomorrow morning, so I have to rush now, and/or tomorrow afternoon.

On the plus side, the reason I'll be out tomorrow morning is because I get to see my daughter!!! Woo hoo!

*back to the madness that is football prep*

*flings pants*

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