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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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OK, I just had my weirdest dream ever. I was Wii bowling.

With Abe Vigoda....

blows Merry Christmas Kisses at Jamester and Family!!! Jamie I have a Dodgers/Think Cure CD I want to send you. I keep forgetting to get it to you. We have a bunch of them and really only need 1. Look for it in the mail sometime this decade.

*blows kisses right back*
Only a few short months until you can come out and watch Ryan play baseball.
Merry Christmas, Weasels!

Status check!

I hadn't checked that site for a few weeks. Whew!

*czech's kibby's butt*

Nope, not too big.

Sly, thoughts and prayers and good wishes for your dad, and your whole family.

Kylie is adorable!

Leets - and he bowled a strike in the 3rd frame!

Now what would the father of psychoanalysis makethink of that??? ;)

makethink. yes that's the ticket.

Abe Vigoda bowled a strike?

But did he leave the gun and take the cannoli?

Jamester-Don't tease me about baseball. These are the longest coldest months. I have to find a college team to go watch they start in Feb. I think. I heart any level of baseball.

Is it bad that I have no idea who Abe Vigoda is?

Sometimes, a bowling ball is just a bowling ball.

You may quote me.

Your Fantasy Football update for the semi-finals:

Wow - what a crazy week! In our top bracket, we had El's Champs facing off against the Godless Communists. It didn't look good for El when she was 2 points down going into MNF and TCK still had 2 players to go! She goes down - and not in a good way - 59-72. Your faithful Commish must have pulled a leprechaun out of a field of four-leaf clovers - because EVERY touchdown in Sunday Night Football's bloodbath between Carolina and the Giants was to one of his players. That's 8 - count them - 8 TDs in one game alone! The third-highest score for the LEAGUE takes out the Weasels 106-43. Higgy and TCK are in the finals next week, with El and Mad/Mike fighting it out for the 3rd place spot.

In the consolation bracket, Sly pulls out a nice win over Theodore 58-40 and Kibby comes roaring back with a bouncy win over Trillian 74-50. 5th and 6th place will be decided between Sly and Kibby, while Bismuth and Trillian (who are the 7th and 8th seeds anyway) duke it out for 7th and 8th place!

Next week will be our final FF update - thanks all for a great season!

Higgy, Leprechans and four-leaf clovers had nothing to do with it. All it took was to become a citizen.


saw my first snugglie ad... i was surprised it didn't include the line..."Look like a Jedi master in your own living room!"

I'm particularly fond of the happy family toasting marshmallows around the fire pit...all wrapped up in their matching snugglies.

Anyone here see a charming little Canadian movie called Last Night?

Please don't.

You see, the end of the world is coming to Toronto tonight at midnight exactly.

*marks Toronto on places to never visit*

Not only is it a lousy cast, the plot sucks. Why in the world would the world end in Toronto? Vegas or Los Angeles would be much more picturesque...

*continues plans to take over the world before it succumbs to a B-movie ending*

Insom-- I always think of a wizard, but Jedi works too. Especially when they show that older dude.

Around here, the commercials are for "Slankets". During a discussion on the radio, they had Gregorian chants in the background since they thought the slankets looked like monks' robes.
*realizes she may have mentioned this before, but is going to post it anyway.*

Sly, the first I saw the commercial and saw the old dude in the red one, the image of Monty Python's Gregorian Monks chanting and hitting themselves in the head came to mind.

i'd like to have a big fleece pull-over monk/jedi/wizard robe. maybe with a drawstring at the bottom to seal in the warmth. and a hood. but if these contraptions are hospital gown style with your tuchas left bare to the elements, i'm not interested.

Trillian, they idea is that they are blankets with sleeves. You can lounge on the couch covered up with a blankie, but you can put your arms through the sleeves so you can access popcorn or the remote, etc. and still be comfy. I want to know, just who lives in a place so cold that lowering the blanket to use the remote or getting a bowl of popcorn can make you cold?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas MOATies!

Off to dinner, after which we shall set the figgy pudding alight with cognac.

*packs fire extinguisher*

I haven't seen that commercial at all, so don't know if I've just missed it or they're (not there) ignoring the NY market, which is a mistake.

Programming note for Susan: The Christmas Shoes is on tonight. (possibly on Lifetime, Jackie thinks)

They were way off on today's forecast. The morning "showers" were a steady downpour and it wasn't until after we got back from the city that they clarified that the predicted high of 50 was due to occur at midnight.

I just hope it's not midnight in Toronto and the end of the world. (see last night's comment)

Anyway, we went to see a revival of Horton Foote's wonderfully entertaining Dividing the Estate, starring Elizabeth Ashley, Penny Fuller, Gerald McRaney and Foote's daughter Hallie, who was a hoot as the greedy/needy daughter in this southern family that was a lot like families we know (nudge nudge wink wink).

Have a great holiday, all. We'll be here.

Felicia Rashad!!!!

Hurry Susan, it comes on at 9:00PM on the Chic-Channel.

happy Chrismahanukwanzakah

alec baldwin said it best...

Alec Baldwin: During the Christmas season, I received many Christmas cards. Unfortunately, because I was so busy, I didn't have time to send out any myself. So, if I could, I'd like to use this as my Christmas card to everyone who was kind enough to send one to me.

[ puts Santa hat on his head and begins ]

"Dear Friend, or Relative, or Business Associate. Merry Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Solstice, or Voodoo Day.

Boy, what a year it's been - me, with my acting, and, you doing whatever it is that you do. Thanks for the Christmas card, it was very beautiful, or humorous. I enjoyed the photo of your kid, or kids. Boy, he, or she, or they are really getting big. Have you seen our mutual friend, if we have one? Can you believe what he or she is up to? Boy, some people! Has your son, or daughter, or sister, or brother, or husband, or wife still have that drug problem? All you can do is trust in God, or, if you prefer, voodoo.

How is Granny, or Nana, or Mimi, or Yaya? So so? Hey, how about the professional sports team that we both root for? They should fire, or rehire that manager of theirs. He's a character!

Well, gotta go. By the way, sorry about throwing up on your carpet that time, or times. I hope you receive many presents from Santa, or Hanukkah Guy, or the Voodoo Man.. and that the coming year is as good as, or better than, or nothing like the last year.

Love, Alec.

*sending warm thoughts out for the offical ChristmaChannuKwanzaakah holiday*

The pudding was a hit... and did not even explode on ignition.

Our gracious host made Chestnut Soup, Asparagus with Hollandaise, a huge Rib Roast of Beef with Horseradish Crust and potatoes roasted in the drippings... There was also an additional side of Brussels Sprouts (sorry, Sly) braised with bacon, coffee, after dinner drinks, and the aforementioned flaming pudding.

*toddles off to drink slice off another tiny bit of pudding*




Ok, Sly, you got me back...

*goes to bed singing*

♪ Felicia Rashad, Felicia Rashad ♫

♫ Felicia Rashad, Sabrina LeBouef y Raven Symone ♪

pass the Brainbleach™, please.

All you can do is trust in God, or, if you prefer, voodoo.

Hey, you can't say fairer than that.

Yum for rib roast.

And Merry Xmas to all.

Programming note for Time W@rner cable subscribers: they are having a FREE PREVIEW of all the pay cable channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc.) for the next 4 days (12/25-12/28).

Or is that just in New York?

Anyway, doesn't hurt to check.

/end note

Jeff, we had The Christmas Story on last night. And this morning. No shoes for me.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday wishes to all!

Things are quiet here...supper last night was New England clam chowder. A bit too salty...but not bad, although no one else was thrilled by it.

Dinner today...out somewhere. We'll go see a movie and then eat. I do NOT want to face cooking and cleaning for a big meal.

It's also warm and rainy. Not Christmassy.

And it's also nap time.

Merry Xmas all! A mad 3 hours of presents, breakfast and candy - not in that order - and then Owen remembered that Santa brought him a 8' by 8' bounce house in the garage! Madness has ensued, and I'm sure it'll be followed up with an early naptime!

Happy Holidays all!

sly, Jackie says she has the the 'blankets with sleeves' ads, so they are running here.

We're back from the traditional Christmas Day Chinese meal. We didn't have duck, however, nor could I get the people in the restaurant to sing "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Hor-ry."


has seen, that should have read

not a tradition (yet) but the mrs. and i had indian food for lunch... not having kylie (yet) made this easier. when we heard that the restaurant was open today, we said 'we must go there'. and probably have leftover turkey tonight. kylie will have had 2 or 3 xmases by then , and so will be little more than a candy-fueled blur ...

I had to disconnect the DVD and reconnect the VCR for our Xmas evening viewing - mostly favorite Xmas episodes of British TV shows. One was The darling Buds of May featuring the 22 year old Catherine Zeta Jones.

As soon as Jackie gets finished watching a sappy Xmas ice skating special it'll be time to watch Love Actually.

Yum for Indian food, which is on the schedule for New Year's Eve, in all likelihood.

I like the idea of Kylie as a candy-fueled blur.

A candy-fueled blur can be seen over at my blog too...

Favorite line: "Let's go get the sh!t kicked out of us by love."

Sam is one of my two favorite characters in Love Actually, the other being Billy Mack.

I may watch Love Actually tonight...or just go to bed very early, since my sister has a very early flight out tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was dinner at a Japanese restaurant, the one we went to last year...yummy. Then Bedtime Stories...not likely to be one of my all time favorite movies, but not one of the worst either.

And at the moment it looks like I'll be heading north to my sister's for New Years! Wooo!

Good morning and Happy Kwanza!
Just 2 things to report:
I am exhausted.
Eyeclops is one of the best toys ever.
*passes out*

I've always wanted night vision infrared stealth goggles, Leetie. And if they helped you look through clothes that would be cool, too.


This isn't the night vision googles. It's a hand-held "bionic eye" (microscope) that you hook up to your TV. And it's awesome.

Leetie - my sister sent one of those to Owen for his birthday. He took 20 seconds with it, then dumped it and picked up a book. I was so proud.

Didn't help that the age of it was 6+ (at least, ours was.)

I'm actually watching Love Actually right now and loving it.


I admit to fast forwarding a couple of scenes, but otherwise we really enjoyed it too.

Do you (the generic 'you' rather than sly alone) rank the various stories as to which you like the best down to the least? We do.

I'm back!
My dad hooked all my stuff back up for me and the strike is over so I can pay the bills again.

(We lost, btw, so no one must ever speak of this again.)

Rock the holidays my darlings! I plan to keep drinking until Sunday morning. Please disregard anything I may say between now and then.

I can just think of the many many awful things I'd inspect with an eyeclops.

Great for parties!


I started to ask you something about this downer Canadian movie I mentioned the other day, but the point was obscure and I decided to drop it.

My father must be going nuts. The other day he was complaining how "freezing" it was in Phoenix when it was 65 degrees.

This morning it is 35.

WTFBBQ?! There was snow in the desert north of Tucson - not on the mountain where you expect it.

What next, dogs and cats living together?

Here, however, it's going to 53 today and 63 (at least) tomorrow, before dropping to the 30s by the New Year.

Anyone (other than Susan heading for Philly) have big plans for New Year's Eve?

When we were first dating we did go out, once even stayed in Times Square after seeing a show. After we got married we threw the parties for a few years.

In later years we'd go to a show or movie early, have dinner out, then come home and watch the festivities on TV.

Now that we're geezers we sometimes don't even do that, though we do watch When Harry Met Sally... annually.

/end update

What about moving to a new MOAT for the New Year?

We've been here since July 31.

Anyone? Bueller?

{{{Peri}}} yay for restored internet though.

i might go see a movie. boss gave us all gift cards for the theater and a restaurant. i haven't been to the movies in years. is there anything good showing?

i wouldn't mind a moat move.

weather here is mild and very foggy.

We haven't been to the movies in months, Trillian, but we'll probably go and see

Great - cut off the rest of my post and I didn't even know it.

I was going to say that we'd see Slumdog Millionaire but plans have changed.

We got tickets for the off-Broadway show (hasn't officially opened yet), Becky Shaw, for the New Year's Eve matinee.

Meanwhile, today's forecast was way off as usual. We were expecting 53 but it was only 45 and drizzly (still, not too terrible). But now it's really really foggy out so I feel sorry for people trying to travel out of town.

On tonight's schedule: Slither on Cinemax at 7:20.

found another thread that can hold a few comments -

I call it the "judi? Who's judi?" post...

Shall we move over here?

If not, somebody e-mail me the new MOAT, as I have debilitating CRS, not to mention 3 computers with different sets of "favorites" saved.

*awaits feedback*

works for me *follows Tony*

Hello! I'm from the future! Avoid the year 2020. Just trust me on that one.

Hi! I'm here from the future, 2020. I time traveled here to tell you a few things:

1. Buy stock in Amazon.
2. You've not heard of them yet, but purchase Bitcoins.
3. Donald Trump is President. Yeah, him.
4. Purchase stock in Lysol.
5. 2020 would be a good year to skip.
6. Firenados. Wait for it.

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