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January 31, 2003


If you're planning to buy a Romanian car, you might want to check it for, umm, fluids.
(Thanks to Jeanne Bocanegra.)


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*pops Cherry*


Sets up slip-n-slide, Jello tub and moatarita mixer.

Hangs festive thongs about the place.

Ahh now it feels like home

Ok Moaties I have an idea I have been wanting to try for awhile. Bare Naked Ladies has a song about post cards with chimps on them. I want to collect monkey/chimp cards from all over the world and make a slideshow to that song. So please mail me the zaniest monkey/chimp card that you can find! I will post the finished product for all to view and love!

So Mad, now you'll get the joy of watching "Manny be Manny" live and in person.

Good luck.

And thanks for the move, Mad.

Sloppy fifths?

slutty sixths?

Seventh son?

i forget what 8 was for

there is no 9?

*enters wearing white*


Am I too late?

Hmmph, well I'll be damned! There's still a post that we haven't taken over yet?

*cues up "Like a Virgin" for sly's extravagant dance number*

*sits back to enjoy Manny Does L.A.*

*sits in cockpit with glass of wine*

Interesting to see Manny doing the "LA" to the swing of Like a Virgin.

*tosses virgin pants*

There! Got that over and done with!

oh, forgot to toss a little green jello onto the Slip(e) & Slide™.

The slip and slide is scaring me on this thread.
But this thread only. I think it was her virgin status.

I mean, she just JUMPED RIGHT IN THERE didn't she?

Good point Crash. No hesitation what-so-ever. Kinda, slipperly sleeeeeazy, if ya know what I mean.

... I kinda like that!

Now I have Slippery when wet in my head.

Glad to know all of you deranged folks will follow me anywhere

Jeff- I just pray that Torre will take Jones out of the line up now that he has Manny. We won't get to see him play in person until Aug 11.

Tosses pant(ies) on Lab's lawn

Thanks for the notice, Jeff!

I have nothing appropriate to add to the conversation. My mind is totally gone. As always. I just got home from a three-week vacation, and I'm totally fried.

Trillian gave me an earworm. ;)

You can all just kiss off into the air
Behind my back I can see them stare
They'll hurt me bad but I won't mind
They'll hurt me bad they do it all the time
Yeah yeah, they do it all the time
Yeah yeah!

thanks Leetie that is a better earwig than the one I have in my head.

Good to see you Rita!


YAY! Rita's here! How was Orlando?

Philadelphia? Have a cheesesteak, sly?

.....and now I'm in Harrisburg in the 1950's. (I'm saying that because we flew on a prop plane)

Can you say "hearing loss?" WOW! Those things are loud! And vibratey.

*peeks in & waves*

Nice new pad.

*leaves lavender scented candles*

Happy (belated) birthday to Di!

Wow, that was scary. I was looking up an address on G0ogle m@ps because I had to send a book to our old neighborhood and was curious to see how far it was from where we used to live and discovered you can click on "street view" and see the actual street.

So naturally I checked where we live now. I don't know when the pictures were taken but I can see my car parked behind the building!

WTFBBQ? This is pretty cool (even if the car is parked across the street today).

*returns to geek search*

Resume your current blogging. And have a good one.

Update from my friend Maggie in San Diego:

the La Jolla playhouse is going to put on a production of Peter and the Starcatchers. Dates are Feb 13 - March 8th Hope Dave and Ridley will be out here to see it.

/end update


Anyone home?

Bueller? Kibby?

kibby here! A bit of RL werk <> getting in the way of his MOATing.

Saw that GB taking BF back for a shot at QB.

*zips in*

I think it's a disgrace that he has to 'try out' for starting QB, a freakin' disgrace. I am appalled.

Hello from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, motto, "HA! You THOUGHT Your Plane Would Be On Time!"

Sly, I thought the motto was, "HA! You THOUGHT You Had a FLight?"

... emphasis on the capital "L"...

Funny you should mention that, Kibby. When I tried to check in via computer the night before, I received a message that I would have to check in at the airport.

When I was at the airport and keyed in my confirmation number, the system couldn't find my reservation and suggested I pick up the phone on the kiosk to ask for help. that puts you into the sane queue as everyone calling from home; so I was on hold for 10 minutes as people wanting to check in were glaring at me. (I had my back to them, but I could feel the stares).

The issue was that I had booked the original flights to and from Pennsylvania on US Airways, but had to make changes (long story why), and ended up flying from Chicago to St. Louis instead of Harrisburg PA to St. Louis; and that change put me on United which allegedly is US Airways' partner....but notsomuch when it comes to reticketing. They finally found everything needed and I was on my merry little way to sit on the plane forever due to weather.



Long, boring story about the PA to Chicago thing.....let's just say that the theme for this summer was "Three Wedding Receptions and a Funeral. Meghan and Ben's third satellite wedding reception (for out-of-town relatives who couldn't make the wedding) and my former father-in-law's funeral were this weekend; the reception in PA and funeral in Chicago.

And then there was a speeding ticket in Ohio, thankyouverymuch NOT!!!

US Airways will now charge you $2 for a bottle of water.

And I read JetBlue will be charging $7 for a pillow!

i got a speeding ticket in ohio once. on the toll road. there was a german shepherd, backup was called in, and my car got searched. spring break '97, baby! whoo hoo!

Trillian, this was the toll road, too. No germans , shepherd or otherwise.
My US Airways flight was on the first day of the new charges for drinks. And it was our flight attendant's first time making that announcement and she was sure to tell us she did not like the new policy; $1.00 for coffee and tea; $2.00 for soda and water; $7.00 for beer wine and cocktails.

i flew usair down to s.fla today...i guess the flight attendant had been off this weekend because i was her first sale of a $2 coke...

Airlingus charges for food and drinks on "Domestic" European flights (pre-booking seat assignments too). I don't mind bringing my own now. And if we're looking at a "discount" airline I'd kinda expect it, but I don't think USAir, Delta, nor United fit into THAT category... unless that's where they're wanting to go.

We had to pay an extra $20 for the "extra legroom" seats on JetBlue to go to Vegas in October.

Some of the "normal" airlines are charging extra for aisle and window seats. When I was checking in during one recent flight, I was asked if I wanted to pay extra for more leg room. That puzzled me since I knew I already had an aisle seat, so I said "no". The flight was half full. I guess the extra leg room was for the bulkhead and the emergency row seats, but leg room was not an issue on that flight.

I was dismayed to read that the airlines that require payment for checked luggage do not give a refund when they lose the luggage. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up charging extra for searching.

Of course, you don't need the extra legroom we need, sly! There are a few benefits of being short.

...but when one is claustrophobic, that extra room helps combat the heebie jeebies.

Even short people have rights. :)

... they have lefts too? Or does 3 rights = 1 left?

Just wondering....

Wow, a MOAT move. It's been a while...

The airlines new plan to nickel and dime their way out of bankruptcy will not work. I hope the government does not bail them out and that we can get some real competition in the market place.

OK, riddle me this, Batman.........

On the surface, some of the rules seem odd, but when you think about it, there's a reason.

Rule: Seats and tray tables in upright and locked position for landings and takeoffs.

Reason: OK, so that's in the event Something Happens, those things are not going to hinder your trying to get out. If you have a chance to get out.

Rule: Turn off all electronic devices when below 10,000 feet.

Reason: Again, in case Something Happens, you can hear instructions and not turn a deaf ear to the plane crashing.

Rule: Turn off all cellphones.

Reason: To keep me from strangling the woman sitting behind me yesterday because HONEST TO GOD she talked on hers the entire time she arrived in the waiting area, while boarding and trying to put her bag in the overhead compartment and while we sat on the ground FOREVER waiting for storms to pass. As soon as we landed, she was back on. All business calls trying to figure out how to fire someone without getting sued. If she had been able to talk during the entire flight, she would have. Until one of her fellow passengers shoved the phone down her throat.

Rule: All window shades must be open for take offs and landings.

Reason: Huh? I mean, it's not like the pilot is going to look over his shoulder and out of the windows to check for oncoming traffic or anything. That's the one I don't get.

hadn't heard of that last one, sly., in fact the second flight i was on yesterday took off with the shades down on the sun side.

people who could possibly talk to me should be allowed to use cellphones, no one else. although i do give off a vibe, many years ago when i was a mere apprentice sociopath, the lady in front regaled the gentleman next to me with how an angel had saved her from an attack dog, and asked him if he had accepted jesus as his own personal savior, to me she asked 'what are you reading?'. after learning it was a biography of charles xii of sweden, all communication ceased.

*wonders what Charles the XII of Sweden did to shut the woman up*

*wonders if that would be a good tactic for future use*

I haven't heard the window shades one either, sly. Usually when we've been asked to close them it's so:

1. people can see the movie - when the movie was on the screen in the cabin rather than the individual ones they have at your seat now
2. so people could sleep on overnight flights

Good one, insom. New York magazine used to have weekly competitions and one of the favorite repeat ones was "conversation stoppers."

A couple I remember:

"It really bugs me when people knock Edward II."

"Did you know Lana Turner's eyebrows never grew back?" (This one is true.)

*risks a poofaa to restart the conversation*

Well, been through 3 meetings today and I'm DONE! DONE I TELL YA! DONE! Only the FIRST! was of any interest.

A naturalized American spoke of how he defected Hungry in the '50s and what RFE meant to him back then. We gave him hope and inspiration to question the regimes views and explore beyond his boarders.
Tibor Machan

... it's good to know you've done good.

*sheepish look*

I should have kept reading the posts on the last thread, might have stopped me from posting there...

But! I'mma blonde now, so thats my story and I'm stickin to it!


Hi guys! And thanks so much for the burfday wishes! Twas a fantastic day and birthday weekend. Heck, the festivities are ongoing... Dinner tonight with a friend, then again on Friday with a couple of other friends. This getting old thing isn't so bad.

Though I did mourn the loss of my 20's for about a nanosecond. Then I decided I'd own my 30's! WAHOO!

*going back to heinz now too*

Oh, when asked "Where would you be if you hadn't left Hungry?"

His answer, "Probably dead."

What a loss this would have been. What has been lost?

... sobering ...

Thanks for sharing that, Kibby.

sly, Jackie said she thinks she remembers the "window shade up" thing too.

Jeff, we weren't asked to close them; but asked to open them when taking off and landing. I flew a lot last year and that happened on nearly every flight.

This past Friday, the shades were closed when we boarded in an effort to keep the sunlight out and help keep the cabin cool. Before taking off, the flight attendant made sure all of them were open and said they could be lowered after we were in the air. Before we took off Sunday, that flight attendant made the same request.

Most of my flights last year were on Southwest; this weekend, I flew USAir and United, so it seemed to be some sort standard airline regulation.

Kibby, I got goose bumps reading that.

I keep going through the discussion in my head and keep wondering "How do we NOT need to spread that word?" And I could almost feel his mother's fear for his future - she let him make the decission to leave when he was 14. He was given 1 day.

I've been reading William Shirer's Berlin Diary from 1934-40 and when you read how many times the French & British could have stopped Hitler if they just lived up their obligations instead of appeasing him it makes you sick.

Shirer and his cohorts (including Ed Murrow) were not allowed to broadcast anything the German censors didn't approve. Even when they did get the word out (as on trips to the US) almost no one wanted to know. They preferred to hid their heads and hope each new demand of Hitler's would really be the last and bring "peace" as promised.

So yes, Kibby, spreading the word is necessary.

sly, I'm guessing the JetBlue crews make sure the shades are up before we board because I don't remember any general announcements, though they may come through the rows asking people to put them up if they're down.

I'll have to remember to pay attention next flight.

tosses 'e' up to 'hid'.

I have been asked to raise the window shade for landing before. I agree with sly this makes no sense. I don't need to see the mountain of ocean I am about to crash into...

OK, this makes sense. I G00gled the window shade thing and found this on aviation.net

If there is an accident during the take-off or landing, the shades need to be up so the F/A's can see if there is any fire and, if there is, which exits to use or not use to avoid putting passengers into more jeopardy.
Years ago a DC-10 aborted a take-off at LAX and a gear fire resulted. The fire spread under one exit and at least 4 passengers lost their lives during the evacuation.

*makes note to order "Joo-Janta Peril Sensitive Sunglasses" before next air travel adventure*

Ed Murrow's boss at CBS News was Sig Mickelson, RFE/RL's FIRST! Pres.

... and as portrayed in the movies.

sly, that makes total sense, which is amazing for the airlines.


Man, Pudge took a major hit last night from a 6'4" 205 lb. guy crashing into him, but he held the ball and got the out.

Who'd be a catcher?

I'd do a catcher... especially Russel Martin... Oh wait you said be a catcher... nevermind.

P.S. don't tell Weasel I said that.


Who forgot to send out the message about Monday being National Underwear Day? I didn't know about it.

Dang. And my undies weren't ironed...

Thanks for reminding me Susan...

*tosses pants*

It's Friday!

Now it's Saturday.

Happy birthday to my mother and to the stealth bloggerette today.

Judi is much the younger of the two.


We sw a matinee of Boeing Boeing on Broadway this afternoon. It starred Bradley Whitford (Josh on West Wing), Christine Baranski, Mark Rylance (who won a Tony in the role), Mary McCormack and Gina Gershon. It's silly but very funny.

/end review of sorts


On my first date ever, we went to see Boeing Boeing the movie. I wasn't allowed to date yet and told my parents I was at Patty's house, but went to meet Frankie at the movies. We lived in a small town in Southern Illinois where everyone knew everyone else. And ended up sitting in front of my neighbors.

I won't be able to get to NYC until sometime after January and want to see Boeing Boeing with its current cast; but doubt they will all still be in it by then. I especially want to see tall elegant Christine Baranski in the role originally created by short and plain Thelma Ritter.

Great story, sly. I think you'll find the show very different from the Tony Curtis/Jerry Lewis movie version, but I don't remember it well enough to say so for sure.

I always loved Thelma Ritter in anything.

I just met an older woman from the building that Jackie calls "The PX Lady" (for where she does her shopping). She told me when she was in grammar school she once went to the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympics... in Lake Placid...in 1932.

That was pretty cool (also literally).

Kibby sees his "Super Powers" Cloak of "Can't Touch This!" comes a step closer for the common folk....

*what? who said that?*

Tosses her olympic pants...

What everything is delayed here on the West coast....

Actual conversation with my dad last night:
Dad: did you watch the swimming?
Me:The broadcast is just starting here they won't show that for a few more hours
Dad: Ok I won't tell you what happens then
(5 minutes later in the conversation)
Dad: Man you should see how they just shattered the world record and showed those French
Me: What are you talking about?
Me:you said you weren't going to talk about it
Dad: but I had too it is really exciting..

Sigh... stupid NBC


They used to warn you on local newscasts to look away when they were showing the results in case you wanted to be surprised by the taped broadcast, but now they just shout it at the top of the hour.

I guess the only way is to skip the news and don't listen to any radio station where they're likly to mention it, i.e. all of them.

actually Jeff I had done a great job at avoiding the results since we don't have internet at home. I had already spoke with others on the East coast, but my dad just couldn't contain himself or he forgot. Either way it was worth watching in person.

Nope, Jeff, I haven't mentioned results. Not that they haven't been talked about here...I just haven't. I leave that to others.

Oddly enough, swimming is the only thing I've seen any of...I was flipping through channels Sunday and watched a few minutes.

And I missed the opening ceremonies too. That I had wanted to watch...

the mrs. emailed that she and kylie watched the opening ceremonies, and that kylie picked up some new dance moves.

*wonders if she'll run sideways on the walls of the house*

*worries if 'sideways running' becomes a hit - normal sign of demon prossession*

*wonders if the Chineese thought this one through*

Please drop the "r" in the above post - don't know how it got there.

Kibby, the Chinese pronounce it WITH the "r".

Susan, how is your daughter doing?

Insom, sideways running is ok....as long as it's not done with a torch. If there IS a torch, I hope your drapes are flame retardant.

kibby's b(r)i-lingual!


Another night of beach volleyball. I'm so sick of it. I'm finding it funny when they show a little banner at the bottom of the screen: Michael Phelps in 45 minutes!!! Everybody get ready for your PHELPSGASM! GAAAAH!

NBC is the champion of bait & switch tactics. They try to get you to watch with promises of gymnastics (in the summer) or ice skating (in the winter) and then make you sit through hours of stuff you don't care about (not that you shouldn't, but ...) to get to what you want to see.

Thank you, Mr. DVR inventor.

It wasn't ALL perfect.

Another night of not watching the Olympics for me...

I did spend a lovely 6 hours in the emergency room yesterday...fun fun fun.


I won't go into the whole thing, but my mother has apparently had some teeeny teeeeny mini strokes. It may have started 6 or 7 years ago, when, for about 6 months, she was getting really really bad dizzy spells. But. She seems to be doing fine, and has started some medicine for that, and will get checked by her regular doctor. The delay was...apparently there was a traffic accident with a fatality while we were waiting.

At any rate.

Sly, my daughter seems to be doing fine. We didn't talk Sunday...I'm hoping the reason for no call was the extra calls she made last Tuesday, one home to me and one (for half an hour) to her best friend. Her best friends mother had been very very very sick, and passed away last Sunday night...so Amy got permission to call her friend. At any rate...she seems to be fine. She still doesn't think it's a good school...but she's tested and enrolled in the Workforce In Action program, which will pay her if she passes her GED...other incentive money...pay for her cap and gown, pictures and yearbook...provide mentoring, tutoring, job experience...and she's enrolled through the tec school there to take College 103, which will give her 3 units of college credit. No real complaints from her...other than that the GED is for stupid people.

Side note...we did not get Station of the Year this year...but were runner up.

/end long update

*flings pants just cause it's such a nice day* (practice for Friday?)

Hope your mom feels better, Susan.

Susan, tell her that one of the attorneys I work with got his GED three years after he dropped out of high school; and then went on to graduate from Washington University (not a shabby school) summa cum laude, and was THE top student in his graduating class at law school, also at Wash U.

Not what you'd call "stupid".

My niece got her GED and is currently on the Dean's list at University of Southern Indiana.

Some people just take alternate routes.

And good wishes to your mom.

I think her GED complaints are about the classes she has to take. Being 16 she has to complete the program and classes to take the GED...but she knows everything she needs to for this. She tested, apparently, 12th grade, 9th month...so yes, it's a little boring.

But, as I pointed out in a letter to her, not as boring as one meeting I went to last week. 10 minutes late starting, then a 25 minute discussion.

On the agenda. Not even discussing the items on it, just deciding where everything should be.


Alas, it is true. Life can be more boring as an adult than as a teenager .... but don't tell them!

Susan, both my parents went through the mini-stroke thing a few years ago and they're both still fine. As long as the doctor knows about it and is treating her she should be OK (fingers crossed).

Hope she's feeling better.

Bad news - got a jury duty questionnaire today from Federal Court so the summons is sure to follow. If it's downtown Brooklyn (where Federal District Court is located, after all), no problem, but last time they made me drive all the way out to Long Island.

Not again.

oh, jeff...

last year, my brother got picked (chosen?) for jury duty in NOLA's federal court

(which is less than an hour away, but still)

he was stuck there for over a year!

i hope that doesn't happen with you

Gee, s'girl, thanks for that.

Now I'm really depressed.


*checks his company travel policy with regards to jury duty*

Going off tonight to see F2 so I'm throwing my pants now!

Have a great weekend, Kibby.

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