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Oscar,when you get latinos in the mix what do you expect. Anyway,by the postings on this subject,I think nobody cares..Next question please...Heres a good one...Why do hardline cuban bloogers fight so much between themselves??? Why do they want to be King Blogger? They have been losing at the anti castro battle for so long that now they are fighting themselves...Incredible!!

Manuel A. Tellechea

The "Cuban" has vanished from Miami's Cuban Connection. This is to be expected since Oscar no longer is assigned articles having to do with Miami's Cuban community since he is now persona non grata there. The best we can expect from him now is the ocassional article on the alleged malfeasance of some Cuban-American official. This piecemeal approach to libelling Cuban-Americans cannot be as rewarding as his former habit of tarring them all with the same brush at once; but Oscar is not one to give up when it comes to fighting Castro's enemies, so he'll give it the good college try: "One anti-Castroite a day, dear Jesus, that's all I'm asking from you..."

keep making me laugh, manuel

If Cuban-Americans didn't do such a good job of soiling themselves...Are you in love with Oscar, Manuel??? Your obssession with him is quite telling and weird.


Oscar, respecto al artículo del Sunpost, te aclaro--nunca se ha pensado que, como dice el título, tú seas un comunista. No, te equivocas. Lo que piensa la gente es que tú eres un hijo de puta. Perdón, no piensan, lo saben. ¡Que ridícula la tacita de café! ¡Qué anticuadas las patillas! ¡Qué falta te hace el Rogaine! (Cuesta $39 el frasco. Dile a Max Lesnick que te suba el sueldo y te lo puedes comprar). Eres tan mentiroso, a juzgar por lo que dices en la entrevista, que das "pena ajena", como dicen los boricuas.

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