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Oh course there is a Mafia in Miami! They actually think that they are the ones that will control ("help") Cuba in the transition.

Look at this quote from 26th Parallel's recent blog:

"In closing, when a true transition to democracy takes place in Cuba, it's those that today are the most critical of Fidel Castro and his brutal regime that will take the first steps to ensure that Cuba gets back on its feet. Meanwhile, cynics such as yourself will only be able to watch from the sidelines and become even less relevant to Cuba's future."



The Miami Mafia is just a state of mind for those who dont have a state or a mind..Its a tshirt sale..But like all the other Mafias,slowly they die away...Not soon enough,but slowly....


MOORE did the right thing,health care is free in Cuba while it is very expensive in the U.S.A lifespan in Cuba is as long as in the U.S. dispite the blockade that makes it extremely difficult to buy medicine and medical tools from U.S..Survival birth rate is even higher than in most U.S cities including Washington D.C.,.There is hardly any carjacking, bombs, armed robery, bank holdup, muggins, kidnapping, shootout with police, burglary, drug smuggling, rampant drug use, insurgency, social upheaval, torture and kidnapping for ransom. Most of this crimes are common and frequent in the U.S.A..In Cuba is almost unheard of. Maybe we should leave Castro where he is. Maybe if there was a Democratic government in Cuba we would have all those Goodies that I just mentioned..Maybe what we need here is a little bit of oppression..


Gee, is very funny how Ana Menendez uses the same term that Castro uses to refer to the Cuban exiles? Maybe is just a coincidence. We will never accuse her of spousing and parroting the Cuban Govt. propaganda line, of course.

Jose Medina



Oh yes to all of you,
Don't you wish the Holocaust was still going on and Germany was still Nazi? We could have free trade there just to keep the Nazi's afloat. It would be great to have open trade with the Nazis, and believe every word that came out of Hitler. Why would you care if the Jewish people were being murdered and their human rights violated? You would be getting free trips to see Germany, staying in the best hotels, and getting treated in the best hospitals! Please, Don't be so Ignorant!

When I was 7 years old I was encarcerated in Cuba along with my family, and we were stoned, humiliated and harrassed, had no food or electricity for weeks, as the Cuban government encouraged it, threatening to kill my parents - All because my parents were found out to want to leave the island!!.

My father weighed 104 pounds, because there wasn't enough food we could get with our ration card. And this was in the 1970's and 1980's! In the 1990's my grandmother, who volunteered her services to inject hospital patients, had to use the same needle on multiple patients because they didn't have any supplied! And there was no cotton or aspirin, so she had to find a way to get some. This is in addition to urine infested beds and floors, because there were no clean bedsheets or toilet paper. (At our house we sometimes had to use pieces of newspare to clean our ass, and wait until the end of the day to throw a bucket of water in the toilet to flush everyone's crap, because there was no running water in the bathroom. Cubans have cisterns to store water, if you're lucky). The solution for fixing your teeth in Cuba is extracting your permanent teeth, like they were going to do to four of mine, and the low pregnancy problems are due to the astronomical rates of abortions, when there are complications.

You actually think the embargo is to blame? My GOsh, I'm blinking so hard in utter disbelief! There are hundreds of businesses in Cuba owned by foreign European countries, keeping Fidel afloat, and money (dollars) is the currency the government uses for themselves. But Cubans are paid in "pesos" which is not worth anything anywhere in the world. "American" products are on every shelf in Cuba in the "tourist section", so there is no lack of American products even if there is an "embargo"! And there are also many other European products in "tourists only" grocery stores that ONLY TOURISTS and the Cuban govenrment and his people can use.

Don't be so naive, my American Immigrant Friends! Fidel has MILLIONS of dollars, not one of which he has invested in ANY CUBAN, or to better Cuba. Except for increasing his weapons, military, and drugs, embargo or no embargo, Cubans would not gain anything from that, but Fidel would, to keep his power afloat. Unless you are a Cuban in favor of Communism or Totalitarian ideology, as a Cuban, you cannot own anything, even your children, for when you are born, you sign a letter that states that your child belongs to the Communist system. This is why parents can't say a word when their child is sent off to the fields at 12 years old, to work for free.

Fidel demolished every Cuban and American business when he came into power, took every property for himself, even if you had built something with your hard earned work money, and also took every penny from every person's saving's account when he came into power. This happened to my grandfather, (and most other Cubans in 1960), who was born dirt poor in the country in the 1890's, and worked very hard jobs to live in the city and get educated, and prosper. He worked until he was about 70 years old, after which he had saved $10,000, and built 3 properties for his family and extended family. This is when Fidel came into power, and took all of his properties, all of his money from his PERSONAL bank account, and left him with one house he could live in, but it now belonged to the Communist government, not to him. Six months after this happened, my grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer, and died 3 months later.

This is also what Fidel did with all of the American businesses that were there at the time he came into power, and has never paid back ONE American dollar to any American or American business he stole from. Believe me, if Fidel had any interest in giving back to the Cubans or Cuba, he had plenty of money to do so then, and now!! Instead, everything was destroyed, including Cuban lives, because Fidel, although Cuban, loathes Cubans.

Presently, no Cuban can shop in any "tourist store" or buy anything that is not on the ration card. Everything has been rationed since he came into power. Cubans can't own anything, build their own house, etc, but TOURISTS CAN. The beautiful Cuban beaches like Varadero are "tourist only"...etc, etc... And all of the supplies and medicine Michael Moore supposedly received, is all for the Communist Propaganda, since Fidel knows everything that is happening there like clockwork, and was very aware of Michael Moore's film and intentions.

So go ahead and take a trip to Cuba, you'll be greeted with open arms in all the tourist spots, just like Michael Moore was. Oh, and don't be alarmed when a Cuban in the island isn't complaining or telling you much, just like my family, homes there are raided every day by the government (a government official lives on EVERY block in Cuba, and has a file on every person on that block), and homes and phones are always tapped. Also, If you own anything that speaks of Democracy (a book), you are in arresting grounds to be taken in as a political prisoner.

Watched any holocaust movies lately, how the Jewish felt in their own homes? Yes, that is my memory of growing up there, much the same.

So go ahead and believe everything Fidel says (and Michael Moore says about Cuba). I believe then that all of you (and Michael Moore) also believe what Hitler was saying, and justify all of his actions.

This is in response to the comment up there from "Frank" about Cuba!!
-There is hardly any carjacking-
There are hardly any cars left in Cuba, unless you work for the government!!
-bombs, armed robery, bank holdup, shootout with police-
Cubans can't own any firearms, and there are no "stores" to buy any from, but the Cuban government has firearms everywhere - it is a military force regime.
-muggins, kidnapping, burglary-
There are hundreds of burglary's every single minute of every day there. Our clothesline had to be guarded because people came in an took clothes from our clothesline every day it wasn't.
-drug smuggling-
Are you kidding me?? Are you actually putting this out as a thought or a fact? I'm sorry, but such ignorance deserves no response.
-social upheaval-
What can you do with no guns when the government has a riffle on your face? Go to prison and never come out. (There are many situations to list here, but no time)
Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You have obviously NOT lived in Cuba, and are NOT CUBAN!
-kidnapping for ransom-
what ransom? One hundred pesos? (a doctor's monthly salary, worth 3 dollars)

From a Cuban woman, so tired of all of this BULLSHIT ignorant talk and "news"


I left Cuba in the late 60's.I agree with everything that the Cuban woman named Asturias comments where, my father and my family also where detained by Castro before leaving. The gentleman named Frank must be living in the twighlight zone,or stoned out his mind not to know in this day and time who the real victims are.I am not affiliated with any party,be it goverment or anything else. I am though a strong believer in whats right for all humans,Cubans or any other nationality.VIVA CUBA!!!!!!!!!
p.s. Frank go back to sleep and we will wake you when it's all over.


How would someone join up with a mafia outfit,from anywhere that they wanted to choose to join?

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