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Tony Perez

Joe Garcia per the article: the great white hope of the Cuban left ? Please, Mr. Garcia does not have a reprehensible past as you rightly mention. Nontheless, he has a past and certainly not one that speaks of open-mindedness and a willingness to respect the opinions of others. After all, he was a righthand man of the late Mr. Mas, who was as much a bastion of enlightenment and open exchange of ideas as Castro. What Mr. Garcia is: a political animal "par excellence" he is able to bend like a reed, anticipating the future prevailing winds, just before they arrive, and he can change color in chameleon-like fashion. One good thing: I'm sure Mr. Garcia no longer has to pre-screen everyone he might likely meet on his political errands, for fear they might be tainted persons on an exile blacklist. Other than towing the fascist exile line (the tactic of most exile politicians)Mr. Garcia shows the only other way to rise in South Florida's pestilent politics: be a quick-change artist.

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