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Juan (Pancho) Valquez

Business as usual. The shrills for the embargo are bunch of hypocritical slimebags. Thompson bashes Moore for traveling to Cuba one day while stashing Cuban cigars and feeding Cuba's thriving luxury goods market the next. Cuba's run and cigar exports are it's only real source of income next to tourists' and remittances (remittances from the very people shrilling for an embargo to economically hurt Cuba in the first place).

Just business as usual in the Capital and in Hollywood. People in the upper social strata continue to believe that they don't have to obey the same laws as the unwashed masses. And judging from OFAC's lack of action against Fred Thompson, or the fact that the $1,200 fine Moore MAY recieve will be a drop in the bucket for him, they are right.

No more caca from bush

Republicans are for the rich.Democrats are for the working class,the union member.I am sick and tired of this slick republicans enganando my people for the past 48 years that the are going to liberate cuba.The democrats say it like it is.We have never used that as a ploy.

Juan [Panco] Valquez

"Republicans are for the rich.Democrats are for the working class,the union member."

No they're fucking not. Democrats want to institute policies that may help the working class in the short run but fuck them over in the long run. I don't have the time or inclination to spell out how things such as: Capping the price of goods, raising the minimum wage, or going after oil companies thus reducing investment in oil when MORE investment is needed not LESS hurts the economy as a whole or the working class in particular. I suggest that you pick up a few basic economics books.

Also I have to ask you why you support unions which are worker's cartels' who's sole purpose is to allow workers to collude and the fix prices of labor. But do not support business cartels which collude to fix the prices of goods and services?

Juan [Panco] Valquez

Also the Democrats know all of this by the way. Many do have economists on their staff. It's just that they won't hesitate to screw over one group of people if it gets them more votes. They're no different then the Republicans both parties are equally worthless.


Fred is real scary.. Wow, I thought nobody could be worse than Bush! I stand corrected that simpleton F. Thompson could be worse. Luckily, he'll have no chance of winning general elections. Americans are sick and tired of the failed hard line conservatives like bush, Bolton, and Thompson. We win, they lose. sorry to the facist wing of the conservative party - you had your chance and you lost! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! God bless democracy!


Moore is a Great American for his Educational Movies. The Democrats have done a lot for the Cubans-They enjoy Social Security and Medicare because of the Democrats also Permenent US residency in one year because of the Bill Domocratic President Lyndon Johnson Passed, the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1967. These Cubans don't even know what Party helped them! Sure wasn't Bush's Republican Party! Show me ONE Law the Republicans Passed that have helped a Cuban,,,, LOL

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