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Assata Shakur was, among many, a frame-up victim. Mumia abu Jamal is another easily-targeted Black person from the NE upon which a fallen officer's death.

Both were visible and known, intelligent and militant, passionate and outspoken ... so both were and still are.

Both are also still not free. Mumia is on death row in Pennslyvania and Assata in seclusion in Cuba. Security around both is very tight and neither has the ability to be able to go where they want nor see whom they want.

In Mumia's case, it is because the Commonwealth is afraid of him. In Assata's, it is because the Republic is afraid for her.

With regards to comparisons between Assata and Posada Carriles, she has never enjoyed the protection of rich elitist wannabe-soldiers like he and Orlando Bosch have and continue to. Moreover, she never bombed a plane out of the sky which Posada Carriles not only did but also has bragged about on many instances.

But let us settle it this way: let us go for the Freedom of Information route and do a public records search on both Assata Shakur and Posada Carriles and see whose paper trail is thicker and bloodier.


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Do any of the ETA terrorists count,Hassan?
They seem to be a few in Cuba but I think Mr. Moratinos never talked about those ones in between mojitos, did he? How about some of the Macheteros from P.R? Or the Chilean terrorists? Or maybe we should not bring up the Montoneros from Argentina. No, not those either. You see those are "our terrorists" or better yet, should I call them "freedom fighters". Or dare I bring up Carlos "el Chacal" also trained in Cuba? Joanne Chessimard is no freedom fighter but a common criminal who shot and killed New Jersey troopers. Plain and simple. She is the farthest thing from a freedom fighter or civil rights activist.


Nice try. The handful of ETA members apparently still in Cuba are there at the request of the (previous) Spanish Government. Spain has not asked for their return. Small details, right...

As for all your 1970s groups, the US State Department does not even try to include any of them in their official "state sponsor of terrorism" report. That is because they do not exist any more. Seems as how the US was grasping for straws for any proof of Cuban sponsoring terrorism, that should tell you enough. The 9,503-word “Western Hemisphere Overview” mentions no Cuban actions anywhere.

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