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Jose Aguirre

It's about time for our representatives to stand up for Luis Posada Carriles!


This shows that we have at least 3 terrorists in our own U.S Congress. How much longer can our "War on Terror" be credible.


I hope this gets picked up by the National and International news services. This should pretty much drives the nail in the coffin for those who question the United States' stance on "Terrorism". How do you people in Miami vote for legislaturers of this little personal integrity?

vote gringo

In other words, the "Cuban-American Three" have no faith in the FBI's ability to gather and process information objectively.

Committee for Normalization

Shameful and the full expression of hypocrisy.

It appears that these three Representatives had to placate the extreme hardliners in their districts. And it also shows they are not leaders but more like puppets.

This distorted morality on Cuba and Castro only hurts our community. If Mr. Posada is indeed involved with the killing of innocent lives in downing an airliner and the bombing of a hotel in Havana, he needs to be brought to justice.

Eliezer Figueira

Eliezer shepherd Figueira: Identity RG. 3.874.167 - Forwarded for the IFP. Address: Street Licânia nº. 90 New Garden - Royal - Rio De Janeiro /RJ Brazil. - CEP 21760 - 140 - Telephones: (21) 23014210 e (21) 23103027. [email protected] Representative of the Associations of Not Amnestied of Brazil, with more than 10,000 partners all Former military who had suffered to persecution politics, during the period of the Military dictatorship, I come on behalf of all the Classroom of Former military of the Brazilian Air Force, to thank Mr. Santo Deus to open the doors through the International Amnesty in the Européia Union and of the United States of Americas, that if finds available in the page of the Internet, and to denounce this Government the politics insensata and demagógica in relation the Law of the Amnesty Politics, disregarded in the course of its mandate for Aged the Former military of the Air Force Brazilian. The current President of the Republic before its ownership is not possible, arrived to declare today in the press in a general way, that was the Brazilian who more suffered injustices and pursued politically in the Government from the Military Regimen, and as amnestied politician and head of the Nation, commits so great injustices not giving right of amnestied politicians to the aged citizens, who had also suffered to injustice in the cruel period from the Military dictatorship. The former military of the Brazilian Air Force had been punished by force of Portaria Politics, duly warned tortures, beating until the death, arrests, expulsions, with loss of the military career, where the Law of the Military Service and its statute total had been disrespected by the Military Dictators in years 60, 70 and 80, and after the decreement of the worse Institucional Act in 1968, “(the AI-5)” Institucional Act nº. 5”, we had “Watched freedom” where we were kept on constant monitoring, we did not have the right to vote and nor to participate of public offices, much less of elections, we could not marry and nor to have children, we could not make meetings in clubs or associations, and when of vacation we could not be absented much less of the States of the Country, and same against our will we were the disposal of the military Commanders to be set in motion for the new Regimen, and those that were suspected of linkings politics were imprisoned and expulsos sumariamente for Portaria 1.104/Gm3/1964, and who obtained to complete eight years of effective services, was interrupted its military careers e automatically expulsos or excluded and punished for the related one It would carry, as if we fossemos subversive or communist and later played in the Street without right the nothing, where the related one Would only carry definitively was revoked, in 18 of November of 1982. Portaria 1.104/Gm3/1964 was a harmful and dangerous instrument, edited of 12 of October of 1964 for Mr. Ministro of the Aeronautics to make sweepings in the pictures of the Brazilian Air Force, for the military who were involved in “subversive movements of deep Communist”, in the years of 1964 á 1982, and consequently for hatred and revenge to all, finished extending the punishment for whom they had entered on the validity of the Law of the Military Service and its Regulation, from the years of 1965 in ahead, opposing all the device of the cited Law, and the punishment if it extended for all the classroom of military, where it only finished in 18 of November of 1982. The President of the Republic of Brazil when taking knowledge of everything, ignored the Law of Amnesty Politics 10,5509/2002, and for the second time she started to pursue a considerable parcel of aged the former military of the Brazilian Air Force, which amnestied relatives, friends and some former sympathetical military of its “Political party”, and finished harming the remaining rights supported them in the related Law, and with this measure she opposed our Constitution of Brazil who was sworn by it at the beginning of its mandate, we ask for the publication of this substance so that the “Amnesty the International” of the Paises Exteriors, comes to pressure the President of Brazil Luis Inácio Lula, to fulfill the Constitution of 1988 that it was disrespected more than has 4 years of its Government, not to grant amnesties to aged, fragile and sick the former military who had been massacreed by the Military Commanders of the Brazilian Air Force, during the Military dictatorship of the years of 1964 á 1982.

eduardo paz

The comment above, by Mr. Figueira, makes as much sense to me as the comments of the three Florida congressmen. Thank you, Oscar, for bringing it to our attention.

Mambi Watch

New developments in the Luis Posada Carriles case!


There doesn't appear to be much moral clarity among these three, does there? Terrorism is terrorism regardless of who is responsible for it.

Fidel and Posada son la misma cosa: two sides of the same, violent, monstrous coin.

Alex F

My question to the Liberal Castro loving folks here . How does anyone here know for a fact he's a terroist, because the media says so? because Castro and Hugo Chavez says so? Ignorance is bliss my friends. Is it possible in anyones imgination that the airplane that he allegedaly blew up was the works of Castro and turn it on Posada? BTW He's free now because our government lied and manipulated the interview on Posada.

Alex F

My question to the Liberal Castro loving folks here . How does anyone here know for a fact he's a terroist, because the media says so? because Castro and Hugo Chavez says so? Ignorance is bliss my friends. Is it possible in anyones imgination that the airplane that he allegedaly blew up was the works of Castro and turn it on Posada? BTW He's free now because our government lied and manipulated the interview on Posada.

Jose Gonzalez, Sr.

With this "last" move our government has lost whatever little credibility it had left, if any. It is a mockery to promulgate the "war on terrorism" when we allow one of the great ones to go free. We need to "forward" this gentleman to the place where he holds citizenship, normal course of action to take, which is to Venezuela. We have signed treaties you know.

With regard to the Congressional delgation and their position only one item is worth remembering: Was it not Diaz-Balart who said that communism was dead in Cuba at the time that Fidel Castro annnounced the transfer of power? The question should be: Hon. Congressman, Where were you and your family the day that Batista left Cuba with millions of dollars and what position did your father hold in an administration that killed thousands? Amen.


Miami,where the sewers of America empty..The dog is loose,and his 3 trainers jump up for his defense...What do you expect from these idiots who daily grab at anything they can to keep the anti castro ATM machine well oiled...What do you expect from the 3 white guys from Miami..Like the other 3 guys from Miami,these guys can only cook up bulshit.2 clicks to the left.

non us citizen

It´s funny that some of you think it should be publicated internationally. Let´s say we already know this in Europe since it happened. That´s just the way America works, like in the Movie Lord of War. So don´t worry we know enough maybe more political dirt than the americans to. Free press can´t exist in capitalist environment, too much money could be lost if uncommon information ist revealed. Pressure groups would cut the advertising.
It´s good that the americans start to realize the have double standards.

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