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Luis Moro - Filmmaker

Does anyone know if the great and honorable often elected congresswoman from the great state of Florida Ileana Ros Lehtinen who is a true champion of the family unit being united has any close relatives currently living in Cuba? Luis Moro - EveryThingCuba.com

roberto e

I find the community travel restrictions hypocritical ,especially considering that more licenses to do business in Cuba have been given out during Bush's term in office than all the others together in 47 years
It is not a coincidence it is a strategy to keep our community out of Cuba's future.

Only following Ms. Huddleston's advice and agressively so, can we from here hope to help and have an impact OVER THERE.

Ros, Rivera and others just block the way to progress to get the viejo vote to stay in power.

Younger generations do not interest them as we do not vote enough especially not for the likes of hypocrites like David Rivera.

a thought...

It's interesting that she mentions that American oil companies should be the ones leading the way....


interesting thought??
actually fascinating when one sees that we are running out of time
once that is developed the future of 1.5 million exiles will be negligibleand another 10 million continue in servitude

and we can thank ros,rivera and the others
like miliciano at age 37 -55 perez roura
for a lost crucial opportunity to truly help Cuba when it needed it most

Once the oil flows ,its good bye charly they do not need you, me or anyone else from the US.

as Bugs Bunny would say what a bunch of Maroons our politicos are !!
or maybe they doing corp. USA's bidding
by proxy!!

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