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I wonder how the leftist will handle this group of people when they take over in America.



Why don't you enlighten us on how the left will handle the group. Will they censor them? Will they jail them? I thought the left was all about freedom of speech and expression. You are a just a communist.



Lol, well first off these three people arent Americans!! They are Cubans Chicanos posing as Americans. They "only" care about Cuba. They could care less if gas prices go up to $5.00 a gallon. They dont care if Americans soldiers are dying every day needless in Iraq. They called Clinton a communist while he was fighting communism in the Balkans. They are the very same Cuban Chicanos they told their listeners during Elian to burn the american flag to show America how Cubans get when they get angry. What they should have done was seize that opportunity to teach the nation and the world about the horrors of Fidel. Instead they urged their listeners to act out preconceived ugly stereotypes which many Americans developed from the movie Scarface. Now they are pissing off the rest of latin america, who will soon be citizens, who will also hold much more sway over American politics then they do. Of course it is another miscalculation by the Cuban exiles. Which by the way good for the leftist. The more enemies they make the better. As they will have no allies when the american military left goes after them. Earlier one of you Cubans corrected me by stating that the Miami condos that are being built arent necessary for Americans, but rather Latin Americans. Well, i suspect that many of the Latin Americans that are moving to Miami are probably conservatives much like Venezulans; who are for one reason or another escaping the hard left which Latin American is now taking. But if the Cuban is arguing that they should stay where they are, then good that will only piss off even more people. Cuban exiles are very adept at turning people against them, even those who understand the horrors of communism. The Cuban Chicanos are starting to feel squeeze by the rise of the left in this nation, and they are starting to squeal like the stuck pigs that they are. Answering your question as to how the left will handle them!! When "any" party has the mechanism of the federal government there are lots they can do. For example, im sure a leftist run IRS department can find something with this radio station. If not, then they may make something up!! I put nothing past an angry left. If anybody should know that, you Cubans Chicanos should.

www.fighting-dems.com<--------im sure these american soldiers will scrutinize these three anti-american hate filled cuban chicano terrorist. After all Bush has already imprisoned many. The american military left will pick up where Bush left off.

Have a nice day,


Hey John. Are you going to be an idiot all your life? Hopefully you will meet a nice Cuban girl, fall madly in love with her and you will stop being an idiot. It usually happens and then you will have babies smarter than you because of the Cuban/American blood. For your information, Cuban/American people don't burn American flags, your people are very good about that. Americans born to Cuban/American families are fighting in Irak and Afghanistan. They fought in Vietnam. Can I ask you John to write about your experiences fighting for this country? I think you should have a lighting bug enema so maybe they can bring some light to your darken


Like Krystal said Cubans don't burn flags, they fight for our country. The American left is the only group in America that encourages the burning of American Flags and continues to demoralize our society. They don't even support our troops who fight for the freedoms we have today.

John beleives fighting for my country (the U.S.) is posting crap on this blog. The reality is real Americans are the ones fighting to allow John to express his twister thoughts on this blog.

Sacate la cabeza del culo.

Pepe Pi

radio mambi ----should try to get you on there for a comedy segment called "el bruto gringo adonde la ignorancia cuenta!"
hasta luego juanito!


It's a shame that such a public group of Cubans has chosen to side against the immigrants who are protesting. Only because of a special law are Cubans not treated as every other immigrant to this country. The immigrants who come here come for economic reasons (as do many, many of the Cubans, they just cloak their reasons in "politics"). It's not a left-wing thing, its been a grass-roots, little people phenomenon that has occurred. When the US realizes that the best way to control the flow of UNSKILLED labor into the country is by providing them visas (try getting a visa when you are an unskilled worker now) conmesurate with the demand in the US, then the problem will be well on its way to being solved. These illegal immigrants are here to make money and that sounds pretty right leaning to me.


Alibooie wrote: Only because of a special law are Cubans not treated as every other immigrant to this country.

Yes, you are correct, but you forgot one thing in your analysis. The reason why Cuban Chicanos can give their brother chicanos the finger when trying to escape a communist type country, or to provide a living for their babies is because the Cubans are a self-loathing group of people. They strut around Miami like they are special because they can "flee" Cuba to America. Yes, this is why they always try to make themselves out to be unchicano. But, now "real" Americans alertness is heightened, so if you speak Spanish and have Cuban roots, then we know that you are not a "real" American. SO STOP PRETENDING!!!


For you Cubans who have not yet read the mission statement of the future leftist power brokers. I have cut and pasted it. I once read an article with the ex-leader, of canf, he died back in the 1990s. But he said that he always wanted to remain fairly neutral, as he suspected the left may rise in power one day in America. Too bad that the newer generation didnt heed his warning. And too bad that you Cubans dont understand how pissed of Americans really are.

cite: www.fighting-dems.com


by Eric Massa

The Dems have a secret weapon: Iraq war vets, deployed on a new field of battle.

– MSNBC/Newsweek

We are called by various names. Air America and Daily Kos call us the “Fighting Dems”, Mother Jones sees us as “The Capitol Brigade” and Draft Zinni includes us among the “Security Dems” as part of their concept of the Blue Force. I have called this vet force the “Band of Brothers”, but in our meeting in January we avoided these labels to call ourselves the Veterans for a Secure America” (VSA). We are the Democrats’ “secret weapons.” There are five core things we have in common: we are veterans, we are Democrats, we are strong on national security, we believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction — and we are running for Congress to put America back on course.

We are not, however, all Iraq war veterans. Some of us are veterans of other conflicts such as Vietnam or peacekeeping duty in the Balkans, and some supported our troops in other vital ways. But regardless of how we have served our country in uniform, we all have progressive to moderate social views and are running on platforms to support working families, insure fair taxation, protect Social Security, restore American values, fully fund programs to aid education, the poor and disabled, equality of opportunity for all Americans, and sound environmental policies to safeguard our land.

We also believe that a strong America is one that engages its allies rather than antagonizes them, one that goes after terrorism where it exists rather than invading countries that distract from this mission, and, as military men, we believe that using force to accomplish international objectives should be used only as a truly last resort.

And one more thing. Most of the Fighting Dems come from so-called “Red” districts. But America is not Red and Blue; it is Red, White and Blue — a land in which all Americans share common values, aspirations and dreams. And our brigade of fighting Democrats is intent on taking Congress back from those who have hijacked our nation, distorted our values, devastated our economy, damaged our nation’s credibility, derailed the middle class, and distracted us from the War on Terror by sending our fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and brothers and sisters to be maimed and to die fighting a war that did not need to be fought


Well, I think it is fairly well clear by now that John (and I will speak both to you and about you here, daddyo) is a fatuous racist swine overflowing with a fear-mongering sort of anger that would be more enraging if it wasn't so transparently boring.

I suppose I will stoop to the level of addressing some of these "points" directly, for the purpose of making it clear that John (whoever you are) is merely the latest in a long line of sad, angry, intolerant goons.

First of all, this quote: "well first off these three people arent Americans!! They are Cubans Chicanos posing as Americans. They "only" care about Cuba. They could care less if gas prices go up to $5.00 a gallon. They dont care if Americans soldiers are dying every day needless in Iraq."

This, right here, by itself, is provocation enough to have you stuffed you into an old canvas bag and dumped into an open sewage drain. "Only" care about Cuba?! "Only!" I've never met a Cuban that didn't thank God and their lucky stars that they were Here, rather than There, and that didn't love America in the way only an immigrant can. And "not Americans"? Tell that to thousands of Cuban immigrants that fight in the armed forces, that are policemen and firemen and public servants. Tell that to the mother of the Cuban who got blown to pieces to save your sniveling, ungrateful ass. It mystifies me to no end that someone with such a stated love for the sanctity of "American" can be so callous to the people that actually go out there and do the fighting.

And here again, another quote: "because the Cubans are a self-loathing group of people. They strut around Miami like they are special because they can "flee" Cuba to America."

I can only imagine you have never actually spent any real time in the stronly Cuban parts of Miami (like Hialeah), or that if you did, it was as you zoomed through, windows up, clutching the steering wheel, stricken to your core with paranoia everytime you had to stop at a red light, your addled mind flashing the image, over and over, of a fierce Latin grandmother leaping from behind her banana stand with an uzi to spray you down, howling about "stupid American garbachos."

Only this sort of experience could explain the bald ignorance of referring to Cubans as "self-loathing." I mean, c'mon! Cubans, on the whole, are the most prideful (by which I mean "arrogant" and "stubborn") group to be found anywhere. And I don't necessarily mean that as a compliment, I merely state it as an indisputible attribute. If you'd ever actually taken the time to get to know a Cuban (as opposed to merely lusting after one when you were 15 and getting rejected), you'd be fully aware that Cubans, as a people, are prepared to rip out all of their organs and light themselves on fire for the sake of their pride.

And as for the whole "strutting" business, you once again miscalculate. Cubans do not "strut" because they've left Cuba for America. What they feel is, in reality, a very special sense of mourning. For the sake of their children, and for themselves, they've left their homes to find a better opportunity here. It's something only an immigrant can fully understand, and not being one I cannot claim to, but there is, I think, a very special sadness in their hearts about it. They do not "strut," EVER, about feeling that they had to leave, and that they will not die in the country they were born in.

Of course, you have no substanative reason to hate Cubans. You make some slow-witted comments that essentially boil down to "they're hypocrites," and then, in what I can only imagine is your typical fashion, you debase their very existence as Americans in a diatribe that would be goofy if it were not also racist.

Stuff like this, for instance: "But, now "real" Americans alertness is heightened, so if you speak Spanish and have Cuban roots, then we know that you are not a "real" American. SO STOP PRETENDING!!!"

How are we supposed to take you seriously when you go on and on like this? Do you even REALIZE that you're a character in a movie? This sort of crap could have been pulled right out of "Gangs of New York" with "Cuban" changed to "Irish." Don't you REALIZE that the whole idea of this country is it's DIVERSITY? Don't you REALIZE how many English words come from Spanish, and from French, and from Italian, and how ALL of the culture you take for granted is merely a smash-em-up derby of every person who's ever come ashore? I mean, Jesus... I thought we had thise sort of ridiculous crap stamped out YEARS AGO! Get OVER it man! Stop being AFRAID!


Let's get back to the topic: Radio Mambi.
There is no doubt that this radio station, like Fox News, has an obvious Republican slant. And, even further, this radio station is extremely anti-Castro, to points of hysteria.


john wrote: The reason why Cuban Chicanos can give their brother chicanos the finger when trying to escape a communist type country, or to provide a living for their babies is because the Cubans are a self-loathing group of people. They strut around Miami like they are special because they can "flee" Cuba to America.

You are really not an idiot but an ignorant bastard. Cubans are very sensitive to fellow latinos that are trying to flee from communism, i.e. Venezuelans, Colombians, Nicaraguans and Bolivians. Colombia doesnt have a leftist government but has guerrillas who are as bad. To those we show them our hearts we dont give them the finger. Now to Mexicans that are here to do the work you gringos dont want to do, I hope they can get a legal status for their own benefit but dont forget you wonderful american that they are burning the american flag in mexico as solidarity with their ilegal immigrants. And one more time WE MADE MIAMI THE CITY THAT IT IS TODAY. Gringo please go North


Dear Joe, Cubans like you, like to pretend that you are American. But you and your Cuban brothers loyalty remain with Cuba first. Nothing necessary wrong with that. But, when you and your brothers advocate and commit acts of wanton violence against Americans, because of your right wing Cuban politics. Then you lose the right to call yourself an American. And more importantly, you subject yourself to be properly label an internal terrorist if not directly, than by association. As i said in previous post Jorge Bush has already begun cracking down on you and your ilk, as im certain the left will continue the same policies that Jorge Bush has instituted, against the Miami right wing cuban, aka the enemy within. Bragging about how Jorge Bush is the 1st Cuban-American will be a mistake that the right wing Miami Cuban exile enemy within terrorist will regret for many generations. Images of you unpatriotic Cubans burning the American flag, flipping over cars, and superimposing Clinton's picture over Fidel's are only a google click away for Americans like me to reinforce the negative stereotypes which many of us developed from the marial boatlift, and the movie Scarface. Cite: google images of cuban americans burn american flag out of anger!! In www.fighting-dems.com several veterans from the Balkans who were carrying out operations against communist serbs, stated they saw you disloyal cubans burning the flag, and calling their President Clinton a communist. While they were fighting against communist. Amazing!!! As Jorge Bush the 1st cuban american president cements his place in history as the most corrupt,inept and unpopular freely elected leader the world has ever seen. This nation, will begin to look around and wonder who put him there. The focus will shift to the Cubans, as they, and their "im snickering" republican brothers from Mississippi put him there. However, unlike the folks up in Mississippi who are now turning against Jorge Bush over this Chicano immigration movement, the Cubans still run around bragging about how Jorge Bush is the 1st Cuban-American president. Well, i say good, continue to brag about how Jorge is the Cuban exile representative. Isolate yourself more than you already are. Again, another one of thousands of miscalculations. Do you see where this nation is headed? Are you blind as the Batista folks who had to escape hurridly? Are you underestimating the anger of Americans, because you only talk to like minded right wingers? Below is why "real" Americans consider the right wing militant cuban exile the enemy within. These right wing cuban terrorist will have to now face leftist war veterans from www.fighting-dems.com. These leftist war veterans will make you wish upon the good ole days when you had that conservative Clinton to deal with. Many of the younger generation mistakenly thought Clinton was a leftist. Well, unfortunately, you will be taught by these leftist war veterans what a "real" leftist looks like. Then you will be able to speak with an experience tongue, when you hurl around your right wing dribble. Nuff Said!!

Cite: www.miaminewtimes.com


En Español

The following list of violent incidents I compiled from a variety of databases and news sources (a few come from personal experience). It is incomplete, especially in Miami's trademark category of bomb threats. Nor does it include dozens of acts of violence and murder committed by Cuban exiles in other U.S. cities and at least sixteen foreign countries. But completeness isn't the point. The point is to face the truth, no matter how difficult that may be. If Miami's Cuban exiles confront this shameful past -- and resolutely disavow it -- they will go a long way toward easing their neighbors' anxiety about a peaceful future.

1968 From MacArthur Causeway, pediatrician Orlando Bosch fires bazooka at a Polish freighter. (City of Miami later declares "Orlando Bosch Day." Federal agents will jail him in 1988.)

1972 Julio Iglesias, performing at a local nightclub, says he wouldn't mind "singing in front of Cubans." Audience erupts in anger. Singer requires police escort. Most radio stations drop Iglesias from playlists. One that doesn't, Radio Alegre, receives bomb threats.

1974 Exile leader José Elias de la Torriente murdered in his Coral Gables home after failing to carry out a planned invasion of Cuba.

1974 Bomb blast guts the office of Spanish-language magazine Replica.

1974 Several small Cuban businesses, citing threats, stop selling Replica.

1974 Three bombs explode near a Spanish-language radio station.

1974 Hector Diaz Limonta and Arturo Rodriguez Vives murdered in internecine exile power struggles.

1975 Luciano Nieves murdered after advocating peaceful coexistence with Cuba.

1975 Another bomb damages Replica's office.

1976 Rolando Masferrer and Ramon Donestevez murdered in internecine exile power struggles.

1976 Car bomb blows off legs of WQBA-AM news director Emilio Milian after he publicly condemns exile violence.

1977 Juan José Peruyero murdered in internecine exile power struggles.

1979 Cuban film Memories of Underdevelopment interrupted by gunfire and physical violence instigated by two exile groups.

1979 Bomb discovered at Padron Cigars, whose owner helped negotiate release of 3600 Cuban political prisoners.

1979 Bomb explodes at Padron Cigars.

1980 Another bomb explodes at Padron Cigars.

1980 Powerful anti-personnel bomb discovered at American Airways Charter, which arranges flights to Cuba.

1981 Bomb explodes at Mexican Consulate on Brickell Avenue in protest of relations with Cuba.

1981 Replica's office again damaged by a bomb.

1982 Two outlets of Hispania Interamericana, which ships medicine to Cuba, attacked by gunfire.

1982 Bomb explodes at Venezuelan Consulate in downtown Miami in protest of relations with Cuba.

1982 Bomb discovered at Nicaraguan Consulate.

1982 Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre defends $10,000 grant to exile commando group Alpha 66 by noting that the organization "has never been accused of terrorist activities inside the United States."

1983 Another bomb discovered at Replica.

1983 Another bomb explodes at Padron Cigars.

1983 Bomb explodes at Paradise International, which arranges travel to Cuba.

1983 Bomb explodes at Little Havana office of Continental National Bank, one of whose executives, Bernardo Benes, helped negotiate release of 3600 Cuban political prisoners.

1983 Miami City Commissioner Demetrio Perez seeks to honor exile terrorist Juan Felipe de la Cruz, accidentally killed while assembling a bomb. (Perez is now a member of the Miami-Dade County Public School Board and owner of the Lincoln-Martí private school where Elian Gonzalez is enrolled.)

1983 Gunfire shatters windows of three Little Havana businesses linked to Cuba.

1986 South Florida Peace Coalition members physically attacked in downtown Miami while demonstrating against Nicaraguan contra war.

1987 Bomb explodes at Cuba Envios, which ships packages to Cuba.

1987 Bomb explodes at Almacen El Español, which ships packages to Cuba.

1987 Bomb explodes at Cubanacan, which ships packages to Cuba.

1987 Car belonging to Bay of Pigs veteran is firebombed.

1987 Bomb explodes at Machi Viajes a Cuba, which arranges travel to Cuba.

1987 Bomb explodes outside Va Cuba, which ships packages to Cuba.

1988 Bomb explodes at Miami Cuba, which ships medical supplies to Cuba.

1988 Bomb threat against Iberia Airlines in protest of Spain's relations with Cuba.

1988 Bomb explodes outside Cuban Museum of Art and Culture after auction of paintings by Cuban artists.

1988 Bomb explodes outside home of Maria Cristina Herrera, organizer of a conference on U.S.-Cuba relations.

1988 Bomb threat against WQBA-AM after commentator denounces Herrera bombing.

1988 Bomb threat at local office of Immigration and Naturalization Service in protest of terrorist Orlando Bosch being jailed.

1988 Bomb explodes near home of Griselda Hidalgo, advocate of unrestricted travel to Cuba.

1988 Bomb damages Bele Cuba Express, which ships packages to Cuba.

1989 Another bomb discovered at Almacen El Español, which ships packages to Cuba.

1989 Two bombs explode at Marazul Charters, which arranges travel to Cuba.

1990 Another, more powerful, bomb explodes outside the Cuban Museum of Art and Culture.

1991 Using crowbars and hammers, exile crowd rips out and urinates on Calle Ocho "Walk of Fame" star of Mexican actress Veronica Castro, who had visited Cuba.

1992 Union Radio employee beaten and station vandalized by exiles looking for Francisco Aruca, who advocates an end to U.S. embargo.

1992 Cuban American National Foundation mounts campaign against the Miami Herald, whose executives then receive death threats and whose newsracks are defaced and smeared with feces.

1992 Americas Watch releases report stating that hard-line Miami exiles have created an environment in which "moderation can be a dangerous position."

1993 Inflamed by Radio Mambí commentator Armando Perez-Roura, Cuban exiles physically assault demonstrators lawfully protesting against U.S. embargo. Two police officers injured, sixteen arrests made. Miami City Commissioner Miriam Alonso then seeks to silence anti-embargo demonstrators: "We have to look at the legalities of whether the City of Miami can prevent them from expressing themselves."

1994 Human Rights Watch/Americas Group issues report stating that Miami exiles do not tolerate dissident opinions, that Spanish-language radio promotes aggression, and that local government leaders refuse to denounce acts of intimidation.

1994 Two firebombs explode at Replica magazine's office.

1994 Bomb threat to law office of Magda Montiel Davis following her videotaped exchange with Fidel Castro.

1996 Music promoter receives threatening calls, cancels local appearance of Cuba's La Orquesta Aragon.

1996 Patrons attending concert by Cuban jazz pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba physically assaulted by 200 exile protesters. Transportation for exiles arranged by Dade County Commissioner Javier Souto.

1996 Firebomb explodes at Little Havana's Centro Vasco restaurant preceding concert by Cuban singer Rosita Fornes.

1996 Firebomb explodes at Marazul Charters, which arranges travel to Cuba.

1996 Arson committed at Tu Familia Shipping, which ships packages to Cuba.

1997 Bomb threats, death threats received by radio station WRTO-FM following its short-lived decision to include in its playlist songs by Cuban musicians.

1998 Bomb threat empties concert hall at MIDEM music conference during performance by 91-year-old Cuban musician Compay Segundo.

1998 Bomb threat received by Amnesia nightclub in Miami Beach preceding performance by Cuban musician Orlando "Maraca" Valle.

1998 Firebomb explodes at Amnesia nightclub preceding performance by Cuban singer Manolín.

1999 Violent protest at Miami Arena performance of Cuban band Los Van Van leaves one person injured, eleven arrested.

1999 Bomb threat received by Seville Hotel in Miami Beach preceding performance by Cuban singer Rosita Fornes. Hotel cancels concert.

January 26, 2000 Outside Miami Beach home of Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, protester displays sign reading, "Stop the deaths at sea. Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act," then is physically assaulted by nearby exile crowd before police come to rescue.

April 11, 2000 Outside home of Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives, radio talk show host Scot Piasant of Portland, Oregon, displays T-shirt reading, "Send the boy home" and "A father's rights," then is physically assaulted by nearby exile crowd before police come to rescue.


krystal: You are really not an idiot but an ignorant bastard. And one more time WE MADE MIAMI THE CITY THAT IT IS TODAY.

For the last time for the Cuban Chicano, Miami is nothing but a poor cuban chicano hellhole pit of sin. Made up of tacky little trawdy towns named Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Little Havana, Little Haiti, etc etc. The place that "real" Americans like myself live is Miami Beach. Which is not run by corrupted, right-wing republican cubans. That is why the Beach has flourished. Many Cuban Chicanos confuse the growth of Miami with that of South Beach. The migration toward Miami is not due to the desire to move to the Cuban ghettos of Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, or Little Havana, but rather Miami Beach. Fortunately, Cuban Chicanos are not in charge of SouthBeach. But, rather "real" Americans are in charge. In fact, Cuban Chicanos cannot afford to live on the Beach. Yes, it is true, the Cuban drinks beer on the beach, work on the beach, and many times commit violent crimes against us. But at the end of the day, the illegal alien Cuban has to get back in their dirty little pintos ,and go back to their dirty little chicanos neighborhoods like Hialeah. In conclusion, Miami is growing because of Southbeach, which is where "real" Americans live and play, and Cubans Chicanos "only" work. Mostly serving "real" Americans at restaurants. Big difference Krystal. One more thing. Many "real" Americans would argue that Cubans destroyed Miami, espcially after the marial boatlift cuban crime wave. Below is an article which illustrates this poor Cuban Chicano ghetto which you call Miami. Oh yah, i gleened the article from your newspaper. Oh, and one more point. Dont you have some womanly duties to be conducting? If you were my wife i can guarantee you, that sitting on yer fat ass at this keyboard would be unacceptable to me. You would be cooking, cleaning, sewing, and keeping your uneducated arrogrant cuban mouth shut!

Taken from El Nuevo Herald

Miami, the poorest city in the country

IN the last decade, Miami has become the poorest city in the nation, according to the most recent figures from the 2005 Census. Previously, the city occupied fourth place on the sad list.

With nearly one third of its population – 31.9% – living under the poverty line, the city portrayed by statistics is a long way from the glamorous resort promoted in tourist brochures.

Miami-Dade County, with a little more than 20% of its population living under the poverty line, ranks 2nd in the nation.

"It doesn’t surprise me. It’s what our agencies have been telling us. Last year alone we distributed 16 million pounds of food [in Miami-Dade], much of it in Miami," said Brenda Williams, director of development for the Daily Bread Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes food to agencies that help the most needy.

This doesn’t mean that Miami’s economy has worsened compared to poverty indices 10 years ago (31.2% of the population). The reality is even more sordid. While other poor cities – such as Laredo, Texas, or Detroit, Michigan, which were the two poorest in the country – pulled out of their stagnation during the economic boom of the ’90s, Miami was clueless to the Dow Jones’ record earnings. This inertia landed the city in first place.

According to the Census Bureau, the annual income of a family of four considered to be poor is $17,603 or less. The number fluctuates in accordance to the number and ages of family members.

"In the midst of the ’90s expansion, we were left behind," says Jorge Salazar, director of the Center for Economic Studies at Florida International University.

"I believe that this is due to two principal factors: the immense quantity of new immigrants arriving daily, and the little interest that our leaders have shown in diversifying our economic base. Tourism is a passport to poverty," added the economist.

Other data from the center validates the argument about immigrants, showing Miami-Dade County as the metropolitan area in the country with the greatest percentage (nearly 50%) of foreign-born residents. Salazar believes that a great number of recent arrivals lack the training that leads to well-paid employment, and "very little is being done to train them."

Adding to the situation is to a third factor: 23% of the state’s population is 65 years old or more, nearly a third of which are concentrated in South Florida.

"These people present a very difficult situation," explains Genaro "Chip" Iglesias, spokesman for Miami Administrator Carlos Giménez. "They live on a very low fixed income, and that isn’t going to change. Their income doesn’t improve with the economy, or the creation of new jobs."

Furthermore, Iglesias pointed out, the city’s infrastructure hasn’t been improved in years, which makes it difficult to attract and retain businesses.

"That’s what we are hoping to do with the bonds that were approved," said Iglesias, referring to the $255 million USD that voters approved last week to attract investment.

"But this isn’t a battle that we should have to face alone. It requires the involvement of the county, the state, and even the school board. When executives consider moving here, for example, the first thing that they look at is the condition of our public education system."

El Nuevo Herald attempted to contact Mayor Manny Díaz, but he wasn’t in his office and didn’t returned our messages.

Nuff said,


Ouch! Good response. Some people must be very arrogant to say "we made this city". But, that doesn't give you, John, the permission to tell people to keep their mouth shut. I think you should just stick to the facts.


I have trouble believing you intellegent people have fallen for John's guise. He is a double blogger, meaning he blogs under 2 different screen names this keeps him in the limelight, the center of attention. My guess is he did not have enough toys to play with as a child. By the way, he is obviously of cuban decent. Do us all a favor and quit playing up to him

a Miami Beach resident

Juan (John)aka Cubano arepentido.......
Miami Beach is run by "real" Americans?? Last I checked there are no Native Americans sitting in any position in City of Miami Beach Government. By the way.. a real American is one who supports the ideals this country was founded on, no matter what ethnic background. Look around you.......


"Made up of tacky little trawdy towns named Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens"

Wow, you really are uneducated. Hialeah is the name of a Native American tribe. Just like Miami, and Miccossukee. That's right, the "real" Americans. So, no, Cubans can't take credit for the "tacky" naming of Hialeah. Sorry.


Do you have the balls to sit down and have this conversation with the radio hosts in that article? I have no doubt D'Kendall will make you walk out of the station with your tail between your legs.


Hello,john I happen to be a Cuban Italian from my father side. you can call me guini,chicano what ever. but I don't like mexicans neither chicanos. This thing of chicanos is a mex thing. i like to tell you that i feel very proud being both cuban italian born in u.s.a and my extended family eats italian and cuban which you problably like it very much too. don't tell me you don't eat pizza. but if you don't it okay too you problably cracker or shit.


you luciano. i just found something about you guys. you all going to freak about this one.
go to

and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Miguel_Battle,_Sr.




this guy still runs the organization


hey guys i got my guy computer wiz which can do a doble reverse check up on this guy name john's ip address computer so we can find out what areas he sit at his computer. you all got my mail.



hey it is so funny, on the top there is guy that mentioned i don't know how many times the world bomb, he might get one on his ass.



go a friend at herald server itd department.

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