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C'mon guys... Let's not allow an ignorant, cantankerous honkey and a naive, contentious simpleton get us all in a huff.

I'd just as easy let them wallow in their own warped credulousness than feed their bigotry with direct replies.


Oh, the first racist put down by a Cuban Chicano. You no good m*%f*cker!! F#@k You!! You would never say that to my face. Trust me!!


:::takes in deep breath::: ah, the air in here is quite thick... John you have succeeded in yanking my chain in the past, to see how far I would go and how many bites I would take, but in the end I've just come to realize you're a waste of breath and energy. I could go on and on, but the world seems to look a little brighter and turn a little better when I just sit back and read you bullshit, without actually responding to it. It's been fun... hope you and your cowboy hat enjoy the sun, and make sure you get some spf 50 on that "real" American skin of yours, I've heard you people burn easily.


...particularly between the shoulders and the back of the head, no?

Cuban American!!!!

To John!!!

Remember this country was made up of imagrants!! What in the Hell have the Cuban People done to you!!!! Are you an American Indiana!! you ASS HOLE. Like someone else posted tell me to my face and I'm a Cuban Girl!! you don't have what it takes to say it to a Cubans face.

Born in Miami Beach raise by Cuban Parents


I am with you 100%. I recently moved to North Carolina from Miami. It was time to get away from all the f-ing cubans. Yes you are all "chusma". I was raised in Miami by my cuban grandmother and mother and know first hand how crazy those people are. I have seen Miami change from a clean friendly city to a dangerous, overpopulated, overbuilt, overpolluted, unhospitable, hostile one. I have known most Cubans to be inconsiderate, confrontational, name calling, unreasonable, unjust people.
But as luck would have it, my boyfriend who I love is a marielito no less. We argue all the time. What upsets me is when he says things like "Dade County belongs to the cubans" and "cubans are better than Mexicans" I am so glad that I now have you to back me up. Hey lets have lunch in Blowing Rock! Lol


I would like to know where this Cuban Chicano stuff came from. I am Chicano, conservative and support a Cuba without Castro. I have never heard of a Cuban Chicano. Someone will have to shed some light on that.


Just the title alone is racist. Alysa, you've got to be kidding. This is what is wrong with this country, people like John thinking he is too good for others. I am puro Chicano and proud. I do not feel Chicanos are any better or worse than any Latino group and or human being. It must heart to be so damn racist. Some day you might have to move from where you are now! You know us Latinos we sure do multiply! :) Keep running you pendejo!

Cuban Chicano? :) LOL!!!!

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