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Article quotes: "though the companies wish to remain anonymous as negotiations proceed."

Im sick and tired of everybody being anonymous when discussing Cuba. Enough. If we learned anything from Miami Cubans during Elian Gonzales riots is that brute raw naked force works. Luckily the men below have experience in using raw naked force to combat radicals, in this cas miami cubans.

Cite: www.fighting-dems.com


John I couldn't agree with you more about how annoying it is when people only discuss topics regarding cuba anonymously. Why don't you lead the way and sign your missives with your complete name and address!


Rubio, lol. If i did that, then a cuban might write me a nasty letter. Or worse, one might actually stand outside my door and shake their fist in anger at me. Having a cuban shake their fist in anger at me would hurt my feelings. So i rather keep posting anonymously. That is a good thing about the internet, "real" Americans can freely express their views. I know this upsets many Miami Cubans. But you chose to sneak into america illegally, so now you have to accept the concept of free speech. If you dont like free speech you can always return back to your homeland in Cuba, nobody is stopping you. Just get that same raft that you used to sneak into America, and point it South, hopefully it will carry you right back into your home country.

have a nice day,


Cant wait until gas prices go up to 5.00 a gallon due to the iran crises. I wonder if all those right wing cubans in Little Havana, and Hialeah will be still be screaming about Clinton being a communist? I wonder if the average working class Miami Cuban can afford to pay $5.00 a gallon. No matter, that is how the Maimi Cuban fights Fidel via the Bush adminstration and anything that it inflicts upon its citizens. Luckily, as a "real" American i have old family money and can cover Bush's high gas prices. I hope that Cubans elect Dick Cheney for another 8 years.

THE John

John, the nurse called- your medications are ready...

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