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He does not run my life at all, as a matter of fact he has no part in it. I am American born and love my life here, he has done nothing to change it, as for my parents he changed the course of their life, as for they met in Miami and made a new life here.


Not many eighty-year olds have captured the world's imagination by leading a poor Caribbean island out of obscurity and shame as a neocolonial whore of the United States into a figure on the world stage in terms of eradicating illiteracy, producing more Black doctors in forty years than Jamaica has in four hundred, doing more to end apartheid in South Africa than all the nations of Europe and the United States combined among other accomplishments achieved while subjected to an illegal and immoral embargo and numerous "dirty tricks" funded and planned by the CIA and carried out by fascist terrorist goons on the CIA payroll.

Cuba has not been perfect under Castro's leadership but she is better off today than she was when she was under the heel of the United States. In fact, the developing world has benefited from Cuba's example and cooperation and the developing world's biggest tragedies have come as reprisal from the United States for its friendship with Cuba.

The only people heartbroken by Castro's forty seven years of leadership are a small minority of elitist misfits who helped create the conditions of inequity and injustice that begat the Revolution in the first place.

"The wine may be bitter but it is ours." - José Martí


"a small minority of elitist misfits "

you certainly, Alex, are not very familiar with the Cuban-American community, especially in miami. I'm afraid you're just another helpless victim to communist propaganda.


"Cuba has not been perfect under Castro's leadership"

I absolutely agree. People are so spoiled, really. What's a few freedoms worth anyway? Castro will go down in history as one of the most misunderstood visionaries of our time, along with Hitler, Stalin, et al.

Pepe Pi

Companerito Alex,
Your level of ignorance as to the demographics and level of development in pre-Castro Cuba is utterly amusing. BEFORE castro Cuba had the highest literacy rate in Latin America, the most booming economy, and the largest middle class per capita in Latin America. The number of Doctors per capita was one of the highest in Latin America if not the highest. The number of schools also one of the highest per capita. Data is readily available in pre-castro publications. As to Apartheid, what would you call that which your precious fidelito has created on the island. Cuban Citizens are unable to use, enjoy, and set foot in the same places castro uses to pimp out the citizenry to foreigners. The level of apartheid in Cuba pales any level of apartheid in South Africa. Also what Black Cuban face(s) have you seen in castro's inner circle in post castro Cuba. Your precious castrito has single handedly destroyed the fabric of what it is to be CUBAN, he has demoralized the minds and souls of those Cubans on the island. Alex please elaborate why thousands of Cubans have risked their lives and those of their children in the Florida straits to escape the horrific and horrendous hell your castrito has created. Obviously you are quite removed from the Cuba experience otherwise I welcome you to move there and live it or discuss it with someone who has. As to being a whore of the United States, one cannot imagine the deplorable conditions or situations that Alex's family had to be exposed to come to such conclusions. Alex it is also disturbing that you claim that Fidel has captured the imagination of the world perhaps Raulito Castro is more in tune with your imagination. Alex, read, educate yourself and then blog!
"Nuestro vino es amargo pero es nuestro vino." Marti
Marti is very likely roling over in his grave by you having quoted him.


Wow, i thought everybody hated Fidel. People defending him? But he is a dictator, and he executes, and imprisons people just for speaking out. I dont see how anyone can defend Fidel.

Susie Davenport

Thankfully, that 80-year-old tyrant is not running my life, and nothing to do with my life.
But since you asked, I'm in my 30s and I have two 80 year olds that contribute to the running of my life, because they run my mother's life, and she has a role in running my life.
Eighty year olds running your life? If your Cuban in Miami, it's possible.
But I don't mind it.
I'll miss those viejos meddling in my life when I don't have them around anymore.


The doctors in Cuba are infact "products" of the country. There is no such thing as a private medical practice. Doctors are slaves of the state. There may be a large number of doctors per capita, but the average Cuban does not have access to even an aspirin. I recently spoke to a Cuban doctor who exiled from Cuba two years ago because his meager salary of $10/month was not enough to feed his family. If Castro is doing so many great things for the rest of the world, what is he doing for his own people?

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