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February 25, 2014

Frozen for equality: Art Smith, Andrew Zimmern & pals chill at Big Gay Ice Cream party

Celeb chef Art Smith at the James Royal Palm Saturday hosting the Big Gay Ice Cream Social, featuring NYC-based Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and its founders Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff,  joined local chefs Todd Erickson of Haven and Huahua's Tacos, Jamie De Rosa of Tongue and Cheek, and Michelle Bernstein, among others, giving away free ice cream to bring attention to Florida’s marriage equality campaign. The Chew's Carla Hall was seen kibitzing with chefs. We also ran into Andrew Zimmern there, who told us,"The idea that in 2014 our government is trying to legislate relationships is abhorrent in a free society.  I have gay family members whose love for me and each other isn't made any less supportive or nurturing because they are  of the same sex. We shouldn't penalize anyone in America because of their sexuality, we should be applauding all who exhibit the character needed to have real relationships."