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September 17, 2013

The 3 Wise (?) Men (?): Dennis Rodman & drag queen Elaine Lancaster to North Korea at Xmas?


If you thought his last trip to North Korea was controversial, just wait until Christmas time when Dennis Rodman and his best gal pal, drag queen Elaine Lancaster, may visit the baller's best bro Kim Jong Un on an alleged goodwill mission to hand out toys to kids in the communist country. Christmas, incidentally, has typically been a non event in the country that has been known to arrest Christians for celebrating it. In a Twitter exchange over the weekend, Lancaster asked our opinion about her potential mission, to which we replied " if you can spread joy, peace, and bring [American prisoner] Kenneth Bae back as a present to the US, go for it."

More tweets went out between us and Lancaster, while Rodman apparently retweeted some. Then the Feds got wind of things and, well, Lancaster got a slap on the wrist from Rodman's camp, which allegedly received a call from the State Department. "My intentions were good," said Lancaster, who deleted some of her tweets. Wrist slapping and tweeting is one thing, but is the drag queen going with Rodman to dinner and drinks with the supreme leader?

"Perhaps I'm a bit naïve, but I thought if I could convince Rush Limbaugh to stop making disparaging comments about homosexuals on his radio talk show I'd be successful in getting to 28-year old dictator to set a fellow American free," Lancaster, whose real name is James Davis, said. "I guess I really don't know the complexities that go on, but it doesn't seem as if anyone is working or trying to gain freedom for Kenneth Bae. I don't want to make negative comments about our current administration, but It seems as if we have a lot more muscle to use to demand his release. I would never make a spectacle of myself, going to a communist country where I know known homosexuals are systematically executed. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid. Dennis is my friend first and foremost, yet he has no idea what takes place under the rule of Kim Jong Un. I'm well aware of the atrocities that take place there almost daily I'm sure, but somebody needs to do something. We must engage our enemies and negotiate freedom. Whether I go to North Korea in December or January with Dennis is at the wait-and-see. I will seek out the advice of people a lot wiser than I am. But my only reason for wanting to go is, if not me then who?! "

As for Rodman, well, he's all about brokering world peace and pistachios. As cliche as it is, you really can't make this stuff up.