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June 06, 2013

This Miami teen is not Justin Bieber's new girlfriend

IMG_9224Until last week, Aventura's Haleigh Youtie, 17, was just a regular teenager looking forward to attending college in Michigan in the fall. Then Justin Bieber sat next to her at the Miami Heat game and all of a sudden her face was catapulted into the social media stratosphere, becoming a subject of mystery, speculation and, in the case of some frenzied female Bieber fans, great jealousy--especially when the "mystery brunette's" picture appeared on the front page of London's Daily Mail, Extra, OMG Insider, Access Hollywood and even The Tonight Show. Before the Heat game was even over, Youtie, who did post on her social media accounts that Bieber, who refused to be photographed until someone brought a Miami Heat dancer over, wasn't the friendliest, she was getting threats from rabid fans and, says her mother Eileen, "more friend requests than you can count."  We asked Haleigh her thoughts on the insanity and she said, "I got a taste of how fast social media works and of the positive and negative effects it can have on a person. I did have fun with it, though." We bet she did.


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She tweeted a not so nice comment about him indicating she's was just trying to get her pic with him for attention. Justin Bieber probably realized that.


Something wrong with Bieber lately, she is gorgeous looking girl, talk to her, fool. She made fun of him on instagram but it was rather in a flirty way.


From what I read, before Bieber entered this game both he and his body guard threatened someone who took their photo, demanding they delete it.

I'm sure thats what Bieber is thinking here also. Bieber is a prick.

Also you can find the video on Youtube of Bieber getting booed at this game when the camera zoomed in on him.


Justin Beiber is a punk who tries to role himself as a thug and struggler, who in reality is a subject of someones dream (yeah that guy) who can take a stupid non singing brat and make him famous. Personally I would like to punch him in the face and watch him cry like the little BOY that he is. Put that in your song Justin...hopefully you dont get stage sick....you puke.


She called him an asshole on Instagram with a close up pic of his face. That's the only reason anyone paid attention to her. I'd be an asshole too if a stranger was shoving her camera in my face while I was just trying to watch a game.


Bieber with a gold chain? Look out, we got a bad@$$ over here!


Maybe she called him an asshole because he is an asshole. If anyone was trying to get attention, it was the boy showing up in large dark sunglasses and a huge bodyguard. How does that not scream: LOOK AT ME!!!


girls anyone that rude is a dirt bag, (my daughters words).
A Daddy


When you are famous you should expect people to want to take a picture with you. No reason Justin should not have taken a picture with this girl. Should never feel you are too good for anyone Justin, you were once just a regular guy, remember???? You still are a regular guy, just one that got stardom due to his singing. Wake up and smell the roses Bieber, we are all human beings and should all get respect, you are not to good for anyone. Money does not make a person, what is in your heart makes a person. Bieber says he is a Christian, then act like one. If you really do pray, as you say you do, you might want to repent due the way you acted and have been carrying yourself lately.


My goodness, such a whoop this all raises


The guy has/had Selena Gomez he doesn't need this super cutie.


Mel I completely agree with you and (while I'm at it) didn't he write (if not sing) the song "All Around the Word" where it says people want to be loved?


Justin beaver is such a punk. id whip em with my pinkie


She is going to college? She needs to grow up. Hey Haleig! u think u are the center of the world so he has to talk to u? Or do u think because he is who he is he must talk to you? U think he is not the friendliest because of this only one awkward interaction you had with him? This is real life girl not TV. And by the way, the dude was trying to enjoy the game. And u spoiled his fun by acting like a foolish weirdo the whole time. Put yourself in his shoes and you'll understand his reaction.


What an arrogant jack$ss .. If every parent with 1/2 a brain sees this and STOPS giving their kids money to waste on this no-talent phony punks so called music..his 15 minutes would finally be OVER.


Basically, I've grown tired of the gross inconsistency of how famous athletes and actors plea for privacy or anonymity at public functions/venues and then appear either wearing some circus outfit or behave in a very conspicuous manner (e.g. bodyguards, posse). Was Bieber listening to Corey Hart on the way to American Airlines Arena and just had to wear his sunglasses at night and inside? Sorry for the 80s reference...showing my age. Nothing screams ostentatiousness louder than "I hope no one notices me tonight but I'll be the only one amongst 20k fans wearing shades indoors and Mr. T-esque gold chains".

Famous people, especially models, are the most insecure of all. It's unfortunate and I do feel empathy for them having a self-imposed pressure of feeling like they're ALWAYS being looked at or instantly judged. Never being able to relax and "having to be on" all the time would wear on anybody over time. In addition, this snowballs into a "people only like me because I'm famous" or "would I have all these 'friends' if I weren't famous or rich?" mentality that rouses insecurity.

Therefore, not wanting to be noticed or a desire to blend in to normal society more than not goes 180 degrees in the other direction sustaining this insecurity and need to be immodest.

Looks like Bieber's alienation undertaking has begun. Advice: Take 1 picture, don't dress like you're the long lost member of Public Enemy, and restrain from wearing beach eyewear at night and/or inside!


Bieber is a little punk douchebag. The only people who like him are brain-dead pre-pubescent girls.


I remember when a person could actually enjoy the music and look forward to hearing that same song again. Yes, I did semi-like Bieber's first song. However, I did not want to hear it again. And he has not made another that I wanted to hear. Therefore, I deduct he cannot sing or recognize music when he DOES hear it. Agree, he has to be a "badass." Haleigh, I know you will always remember sitting next to him at that game. However, also remember how he acted and how it made you feel. Does it change your mind about him?

Kristin Hoofman

Pathetic. We're all human. I hate that this girl looks like all her dreams have come true because a celebrity is next to her....they're only human, but it's the vast majority of public obsession that sets them upon a pedestal that WE (normal citizens) created! If you want privacy, get a VIP box muthaf*cker!

Box Office

One day in the near future Bieber will wish he had the attention of a college girl. His fame will plummet like the rest of the former stars.


He upsets this girls life a bit by sitting directly next to her, yet he won't even talk to her, who do I get that if you had a bad fall in front of him, he would just step over you or maybe even on you to get where he is going? I would not listen to music of someone who seems to be a sociopath.


You want to sit with the common folk, act like a common folk.


Nick. You've quite possibly made the post of the year!!! "A long lost member of public Enemy" I about choked to death on a mouthful of coffee when I read that!!


They say, "a picture is worth a THOUSAND words"; look @ Bieber! Check out his brows through his sunglasses (why in the heII are you wearing SUNGLASSES,...INDOORS, IDIOT?!?!?). He's looking towards the two "common-folk", and acting as if, "are you two 'REGULARS' talking to ME?????!!!???!?!"

The most SELF-ABSORBED, SELF-LOATHING, SELF-ENTITLED, JACKRAG, who's EVER been associated with Hollywood. Sure this IDIOT has got more money than some 3rd-World countries, but it's just a matter of time before:

A) Teens EVERYWHERE stop giving a crap about him


B) He's COMPLETELY BROKE from spending like an IDIOT!


j beaver lost his v card to selena gomez and BAM!!!! hes got the ego of some kind of arrogant royalty the end

there I edited the article


in fact Justin is very cool and u are so baby to cry to complain or say bad thing about him


Hes a jerk


Don't let your kids give that punk any money!!!


Hey Justin, your white, act like it!! And Selena you are waaaaaaay to good for that loser!


Biebers fame is over /dont watch him or listen to him but see him on tmz for his monkey which is more famous than he is

Go Spurs G

cant wait for Bieber to OD so we can move on


hey Justin, don't listen that people that bullshitting about u they are unworthy people to judge u :)


ok really? does he have to be so mean? He looks at the girl like "your seriuosly talking to me?" He could show her a little respect!And how do you not expect to get a picture taken dressed like THAT?!?! i mean your wearing BIG DARK SUNGLASSES that take up your WHOLE FREAKING UGLY FACE!!! yea he has ok music and yea he went out with selwna gomez and yea you might have alot of money due to the screaming crazed girls who might praise you like a freaking god(which is really stupid)but show some decency!Poor girl she said yea she was freaking out that she was sittingby him (alot of ppl would he's a celebrity)but she dsaid he was really unfriendly!He was bing a jerk! If he didnt have 3/4 of the money he had and all those rachet looking clothes and that horrible attitude he'd probably a whole lot nicer to that girl than he had been(and had a way better choice of clothing). If he wanted to watch the game and not act like a decent person go book yourself private seats away from the crowd!
but then again who cares?She just sat next to him big deal...

Mac Douglas

who cares...

Aaron Baker

Justin Bieber needs to remember his fan are what makes him!!!! So take a picture with your fans and don't act like an ass and you won't be called one.


wow she's like 100x cuter than that idiot bieber. Awesome hair and a cute face....talk to her, you frickin IDIOT.


oh hey u idoit she is not that shit cute but we are same common


damn.....don't care for his music or anything, but maybe he just wanted to watch a basketball game. he can't take a break for a minute to enjoy his life? Oh....that's right....since he's rich and we're not....make him pay with negative comments and feedback!!! let the man breathe!!!


shes ugly as sin, obv midget boy didn't want her to talk to him, like who would want some random "ok" looking girl talking to them if I was him id say "PASSSSSSSS good luck not getting knocked up in college" I mean I wonder what she act like when she sees a weiner.


u all people are so stupid to say bad about Justin give him break !!!


We created a insecure headline seaking monster when we allowed this kid punk to become famous and rich. When the pre-teen worshipers gain a couple of years, they will drop this no talent kid like a hot potato.

What made him famous was a very smart promoter pushing a kiddy faced no talent punk to stardom.

When he's 25 he will be washed up broke and a druggie just like Lindsey Lohan.


did he died?


why them girls be mean to him. him good kid and him sing good. him okay after I read they say him okay and that not his gillfriend. him okay , why the story at top make it seem like him got hurt or some crazy stuff.


I can almost guarantee he would be offended if she didnt look his way once during the game.


Justin Bieber has a boyfriend now. That's why he wasn't talking to the girl that sat next to him at the NBA finals basketball game. Awesome, for Justin Bieber.


hey Sophia, I really can guarantee that u will be offended if boy don't look your way


This young lady is totally out of his league.

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