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April 02, 2013

More Housewives hype: did Lisa Pliner move from Star Island to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Now that we've got The Real Housewives of Miami out of the way, we can move on to a glitzier zip code in the form of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which just wrapped up its season with big questions as to who will and won't return and who, if anyone, will replace the castoffs. While most of this is all pretty much out of our coverage range, rumor had it that former Miami resident Lisa Pliner, wife of shoe designer Donald, would very possibly be making her West Coast Housewives debut on RHOBH's next season.

The Pliners left Miami for LA LA Land last April. For those who watched Miami's second season, they'll recall a tiny cameo at Pliner's gigantic former Star Island estate, site of much feigned female drama unrelated to the hosts. Just because Pliner wasn't involved in on camera drama doesn't mean she wasn't involved off camera. So if the shoe fits, why not take your drama to Beverly Hills? After all, Adrienne Maloof is gone and "friends of the Housewives" Marisa Zanuck and Faye Resnick reportedly are, too. So there are a few slots, supposedly, into which Pliner, who was seen lunching at The Ivy with Housewives' lite Camille Grammer, may fit.

Bravo would neither confirm nor deny this rumor, but Pliner, who may end up on Miami's next installment when she attends Roy and Lea Black's big gala next weekend, quashed it immediately, saying that although she did meet with producers, it's a no go. "I'm not going to do it. I don't want to be targeted like these women. They'd tear me apart like vultures! Beverly Hills Housewives needs someone who's been in LA for a long time. I'm still new and no drama." We'll see how long it takes before she sells her soles to the Bravo devil.


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Pliner would be better than the old hag Black. But Pliner has more class. She wouldn't be selling cheap pillows, skin care and handbags. Black is a pathetic old woman whose past will catch up with her in round 3

Maybe they will bring her 4 husbands on the show

Diana P

Emily or is it Anna ?
What is the deal attacking a lady's age? What's the alternative to growing old? Death. Mrs Black looks great, she doesn't need me defending her rich a**, but you are exactly what's wrong with women who are menless, they grow bitter and turn to things to lean on. You need to clean your own room before pointing out 'flaws' in others.....and 4 husbands, that truly is LOL........

I've also hear Lisa Pliner is on the RHBH & coming to Miami to appear on season 3 to settle some scores.
I can not wait.

Ultra Violet

Catfiggggggggggggggght! Or is that cougar fight?

Reality Check

Yikes. Lea Black is 62? She looks amazing. And 4 husbands? Didn't know that either. I guess she has something pretty special. These damn washed out witches like that Ana can't even keep ONE husband right? And just how did this bitch get cast on thus show anyway? In scratching my head. No talent. Not pretty. Zero personality. Just a mean spirited CUNT. Go ahead bitch say something so I can let your fat Hialeah ass have it. Pathetic.

Fancy Pantsy

If Lea Black is 62 we need to figure out who gave birth to her son...

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