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January 08, 2013

Sofia Vergara's South Beach Story: Chris Paciello's a 'dangerous thug'

EpzFG.Em.56Things may be back to normal for Modern Family bombshell Sofia Vergara and her Delray Beach-based fiance Nick Loeb, but Vergara isn't too thrilled with her former flame turned friend, reformed Miami club kingpin Chris Paciello, whom she called "a dangerous thug" on Twitter.

According to SoFlo political blog The Shark Tank,  the whole New Year's Eve dustup at the newly opened Story nightclub was a lot messier than reported.  Vergara's party of 17 was given a tiny table thisclose to Fereidoun ‘Fred’ Khalialian, who has a substantial rap sheet of his own. Says Shark Tank, "When one of Loeb’s party-goers inadvertently backed into space perceived by Khalialian’s bodyguards to be theirs, he was physically ejected back  to the Loeb table causing substantial tension between the two celebrating parties." When Vergara and Loeb tried to diffuse the tension, "two oversized security men tackled Loeb and wrestled him to the floor. Loeb, a tall 220 lbs made like Daniel Craig to fight off the thugs. Club owner Paciello jumped on top of this dog pile in an additional attempt to subdue Loeb. When Vergara realized that Loeb had been assaulted she entered the fray where upon two more bodyguards tackled her, tearing her dress.  Vergara struggled to her feet and left the club." Yikes. While some may say this is hearsay, Vergara herself endorses the story via Twitter.

A source very close to her told us "Sofia will never speak to [Paciello] again. He begged her to come to the club and then he had no table for her. He used her for all the press for the club." Vergara was a good friend of Paciello's during his own troubles and allegedly put up her house for his bail money way before she was a big star, visited him in prison, and, most recently of course, hosted (pro bono) the New Year's party at the Delano where Paciello is a consultant for nightlife conglomerate The Light Group. We contacted Paciello, who said he did not want to comment.

(Photo/Loeb and Vergara Christopher Polk / Getty Images for FOX)

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/04/3167894/back-to-normal-for-sofia-nick.html#storylink=cpy


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Rich people problems


Sofia is a really nice person. She just keeps the wrong company. I remember one night when she and paciello were a couple, in a very well known restaurant in Miami Beach, some young man looked or stared at Sofia, Chris jumped him (I saw it close and personal)beat the living daily and took the fight to the street with some of his pals and kept on kicking him and terrorising the poor guy. Chris Paciello is a very well known thug from New York and some say that he is really insane when he starts giving it out






Wow this was only a matter of time. Its beyond me why the Delano or Story would get involved with someone who has such a checkered past and obviously will be in trouble again. My only advice to people, if you value your safety stay away from the Delano, Story, LIV, and any other place who hires him. Its going to end bad for Paciello.

life is good

hahahaha Peoples are so jealous no meter what Cris dose hi's have a good life and all of you just suck it


I can't believe how pathetic everyone is. Hiring a murder, bank robber, home invader and car thief! Upon the fact Chris has been arrested for a few DUI's and assaults. This guy not only robbed his, at the time, girlfriends mothers car but he even robbed his neighbors car. Then had the ordasity to park it next to guys new car! Anyone can start a fabulous life if given a large sum of money. People in South Beach praised this guy for starting a club with stolen money. If someone gave me $400,000.00 I can start a new life too. How disgusting is our society!?!?!?! Since Chris has been at the Delano I never went back and will ever go back knowing these are types of people the Delano employ's. Disgusting.


Bah!Medias are always looking for gossips to pump-up....to make audience.This guy paid his debt with justice and he's working hard in the only honest business he knows and is good at ,to rebuild his life.


I would love to get a one on one fight with chris paciello and see just how truly tough this so called bad ass really is.from what I heard from people in staten is,he sucker punches people.there is always someone bigger and badder than the next guy n I'm sick of hearing how much of a tuff guy he is.he was never in the so called bonnano family which never even existed in the first place.there is no mafia.he's just a two bit thug that will steal from his own family to get ahead...


Put him in the ring with me for just 3 fuckin rounds ill give him a nice fuckin beaten which is exactly what he deserves.how many more people is he gonna take advantage of??fuckin piece of shit. My #-718 902 0581


Sadly, it seems that all you need is a prison record to get notoriety and a good job...


Hey miami herald thanx for giving him the news.


Wow! she is so pretty and cool.I love this post.


a will you give this guy a break already he pay his dues ,this guy took miami to a whole other level ....and years later he is doing it agian.....now that fucking enpresive...

Jenna york

Paciello is continuing to associate with people he met in prison, including Keith Chemlen, another shady businessman that seems to attract a following, mostly consisting of people who seem to have a thing for people with a dark past. What is it about ex cons that people seem to be so intrigued by them? Anyway I think it is good that Vergara does not associate with these sort of people anymore.

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