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January 04, 2013

It's not The 'Real' Housewives without something fake; the official spin on Adriana de Moura's marriage scandal(s)

Some reality TV sleuths (or cast members looking to detract attention from their own sad storylines or lack thereof) dug into public records today to discover that The Real Housewives of Miami's newly engaged cast member, Adriana de Moura, has already been married to her "fiance," Frenchman Frederiq Marq since, gasp, November 4, 2008. How dare she?! The big deal is that apparently de Moura's storyline centered around whether or not she'd marry her Frenchie. Now we find out she's been married to the guy this entire time. This wasn't de Moura's first fib down the aisle either.

Photo She was married before, which she admitted, to Roberto Sidi, from whom she filed for divorce in Plano, Texas in 2001 (granted in 2003) despite saying on season one that she dumped him for cheating in 2006. A source close to de Moura says the former housekeeper turned art dealer slash aspiring night club singer (aren't they all?) has been married at least two other times, has never attended the Sorbonne in Paris, and, well, the list goes on. Scandal? Not quite, but the whole marriage cover-up does diminish any speck of credibility the Bravo franchise had, especially in the wake of the allegedly made-up-for-TV faux relationship between The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore and her "boyfriend." It also adds a delicious irony in the fact that she faked not being married so she could play a housewife on TV. Go figure.

DeMoura's publicist Lynn Brodsky admitted to us that yes, "Adriana did get divorced in 2003, but her and Roberto tried to work things out and had a common law marriage until 2006. After breaking it off she then met Frederic in 2008. On a romantic whim after dating briefly, Adriana and Frederic went to the clerk's office on their own with no friends and family, and were married. There was a discrepancy in the certificate - so instead of having the marriage fix [sic] or annulled, they decided to take a step back and hold off until they were truly ready. Adriana and Frederic are planning to have a beautiful (and proper) wedding this spring."  When asked about this alleged discrepancy, Brodsky told us "Marriage certificates are not valid by law if there is a typo on it. There was a typo on their certificate. I have no further comments at this time."

That "typo" apparently, was that her maiden name (or one of her many supposed married names) is Moura and not "de Moura." But the only real discrepancy we can find is de Moura's entire storyline.

We asked Bravo for comment on this whole thing to which publicist Ryan McCormick replied, "We were not aware that they were married."


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Sally Cannon

Not surprised.


What a loser


I find it hard to believe Bravo had no knowledge that Adrianna was already married before she started the show. I guess the cheating story would cause more sympathy for her, and now they have a reason to put on a season 3 so they can “straighten everything out.” My DISH co-worker and I are more interested in a Mama Elsa spinoff; I missed part two of the reunion but I recorded it on my DISH Hopper and will check it out tonight. It’s nice having over 2,000 hours of entertainment space and since my family likes to watch their favorite programs at the same time I do, I can watch this episode in my bedroom while they watch their show in the living room at the same time, so no more fighting over the TV.

Hot Mess

Now there's less of a reasson for season 3 since season 1 and 2 were big frauds!


I would like a Joanna Krupa and Roman Zago spinoff. I mustve been the only one that could tell Adriana had skeletons in her closet. She attacked Joanna so harshly constantly, makes total sense that she was a former housekeeper. I have nothing against housekeepers, I have something against people that attack other peoples careers and try to claim that they are bogus when in fact every time I see her, she has her clothes off.


Adriana is a dirty filthy whore. Wait till her low end hooker secrets come out. But, being the fame whore she clearly is, she will love such revelations. Even funnier is that she had a publicist. Really? A publicist for what? For this lowly rated vile show that nobody watches? Absolutely hysterical. Hey, Adrianna, whore, I hope tonight's date covers your rent. Or, maybe another vagina tightening you disgusting bitch.


Everyone to Andy's right during the reunion it appears are complete & total Frauds. Adrianna, (Maid, whore, pathological) Marysol (broke,Pathological, homophobic, liar, pill popper) Anna (too disgusting to talk about. Not one thing/everything about her stinks) Elsa (FREAK) & Alexia (Drugger, horrible mom, Beard for gay husband, deep in debt, Petty)

Now on his Left: Joanna (Drinks a bit too much but honest about it & never was a call girl, hard worker & successful, Beautiful) Lisa (real, sweet, married for money, pretty) Karent (smart, successful, desperate, but good daughter)
Lea (Smart, catty/witty, good mother, super successful, Loyal to her friends, charitable, & her jewels are envious)

Bravo should really trim the fat on this show. Your viewing audience is not falling for your BS next season.(if there is one) Get rid of the ones to your right Andy or We'll get rid of you.


Why is anyone shocked about Adrianna's lies? That what she is. The layers of the Onion are being peeled away, but it doesn't make me cry, I am busting a gut laughing.

I am certain everyone of those women are not what they present themselves to be except for the Ladyboy Elaine. I have a great intuitive sense & thats a true spirit and she wasn't even on the reunion. How Fricken Stupid of them, maybe Bravo can't handle the Truth.


You're taking credit for this story? Our own @TexasBeth2 on Twitter broke this story wide open and every blogger that has seen it has called it their own. She's not a blogger, just another person on twitter who had a feeling something wasn't right. Give credit where credit is due.

Lesley Abravanel

If you read properly , the first sentence gives credit to those due. I take no credit for anything other than properly reporting it and going to the source and to Bravo for comment. Happy to link to Beth's breaking if you send link


I heard from a very good source that Adriana got pregnant from the son of the person she was working for on Fisher Island while "cleaning" thier home. Another Arnold low class move. She has no business pretending to be all high and mighty and lying about her marriage. Karma always wins out over a lie.


I am amazed that this tramp lied for 2 seasons on this show and Bravo claims they knew nothing about it. They, Bravo are lying. They had to know.

Adriana did not go to the famous art school, she was a maid, a hooker, a lounge lizard singer, it is sickening to even think about her.

Then for her to act so high and mighty about TK and Joe Francis and make remarks against Joanna is truly disgusting. We are finished with the housewives sagas. They are sick and Andy Cohen is an idiot.


Adriana did get pregnant while working as a maid. True Arnold form....I agree with that earlier post.

I think child services needs to take that boy away from her. She is a terrible mother.

Remember in the first season she was out dancing until 2 a.m., dancing with two guys acting like a whore


When did Adriana work on Fischer Island. I know her son went to school there. Was she a maid there too. Did she have an abortion. What is the scoop

The real housewife

Adriana was a housekeeper in Texas but not sure she was one on fisher island. I think her French husband is a house sitter on fisher island. He doesn't own that boat or rolls. Or anything. He hous sits on fisher island. Her baby daddy's daddy (the one she cleaned for ) may own the condo on fisher island or pay for the school.

Sucker Punch

@Laura oHIo, grab that bottle of psych meds and take your DAILY DOSE!! Once you've done that, send the rest of the bottle to TexasBeth, she sure seems to need it, LOL!! I can't believe how twisted she's allowed her panties to become over something as moronic as "getting the credit", LOL!! Seriously. If it meant that much to her, why didn't she contact a rag mag and sell the story?? She could have gotten paid AND got the "credit" she so desperately wants. Strike that, hell, that she SO desperately seems to NEED... LMAO


It truly disgusts me that you people get so caught up in a reality tv show. Everyone has skeletons in their closet somewhere so why do you feel it is your place to be all high and righteous and condemn her for living her life. Last time I checked we lived in America where people have the freedom to do and say what they want, which you also have the freedom to spit your words of hatred and I have the freedom to express my complete disdain and utter disgust for you.... just really makes me sad to see how people can hate on someone so bad when they don't really even know the person at all.


LauraOhio, you have mentioned someone elses name and maybe that person didn't want their name mentioned. I find that wrong. Take up for a friend and assume they want credit for something, but how about let that person do it. I have read a ton of posts and saw that she clearly couldn't care less about the story, just found it interesting and shared. I am glad Adriana was caught in a lie since this is "reality." But, I think we all know it's fake and everything is set up. Gotta love Twitter.


Wait, we attribute public records to the first "twitter sleuth" who opens them now? Are you serious? I'm dying here. Is there a place somewhere they actually publish their info so they can claim it? Maybe we could start a board them to claim to be the first to read a public record and then journalist from the Herald and the like could pop over to see if they were allowed to mention it.


DISGUSTED>>> Yes everyone does have skeletons in their closets but not everyone goes on television and lies about it. Adriana placed herself in the public eye and lied lied lied. Living in America we the people strive to be honest and hard working. When ADRIANA spoke out on her tv show for all the world to see she was lying. The people of America are calling her out on her lying. Hurray for freedom of speech and shame on Adriana. Karma is a bitch.

Kim Kaiser

Disgusted...If you're so disgusted, why are you on this blog writing about a reality show with the people that like to watch them? Turn off your TV and don't watch so you won't be disgusted.


Liar liar pants on fire. This is the reason why Adrianna never crossed Lea. I think Lea knew.


the lenghths people go to for fame. good for the former housekeeper to get out of that business and onto a reality show but come on. did she think we were all dumb enough to buy her act as a Sorbonne-educated classy lady? Perhaps we were for two seasons , but it was all dubious. She looks like a washed up rough lady who's been through a hard time. Who I feel most sorry for is her son, who had to not only be thrown into a huge lie for his mother's desperate quest for acceptance and fame, but now he has to face the wrath of his peers who are calling his mother names that shouldn't be uttered by young boys . Shameful.

Candy Cohen

I hear aarnold schwarzenegger is in the market for a new housekeeper. think adriana's available?

Baby Jane

sad that the woman's lies are more interesting than the truth. wait, isn't that the case with all these women? yawn.


Cruela DeMouras' Top Ten List of Deceit:

10. Never went to Sorbonne Paris University.

9. Her fourth (4th) marriage is to Frederic in 11/4/08 after meeting a month prior. Lies on TV to get Bravo to pay for a wedding party.

8. Frederic 'gets' his Green Card as a result of quickie court nuptials.

7. Adriana & son get to live free with Fredric since he is a paid house sitter. Conveniently this is exactly the time she is being kicked off of Fisher Island for being in foreclosure and not paying anything for years.

6. House, car, old boat owned by Fredric's male "friend" who lives on Fisher Island and introduced the two prior to their quick court room marriage.

5. As an 'art dealer' she does not actually own any art. Adriana tries to convince local artists to put their work on consignment at galleries for a commission. Her art biz is struggling. She begged Bravo to put her on the 1st RHWM show because she desperately needed the $40k. Lea got her on the show.

4. Did not defend Lea from irrelevant Ana's desperate personal attacks, despite Lea organizing donations so Adrian'a kid's Fisher Island school tuition would be paid for multiple years. Word is Adriana sold out to Marisol who promised her a lame singing gig at some local fashion show TBA.

3. Legal last name is Moura - she added "De"for effect.

2. As Texas maid, she slept with both boss and his son.

1. 'Got pregnant' from boss's son forcing him to become hubby #3.



Who picked her to be on this show? She's not particularly attractive, not smart, not interesting. I blame Lea Black for bringing her on. Didn't she take her in as a charity case? Maybe she isn't that dumb after all. Banged the right guy, bamboozled the right woman. Thought she could fool Bravo too. Bravo would be foolish to bring this show back for a third season.




sadly I think all this attention on her makes the other women envious and if that is so, that makes all them just as bad and low class as she is. they all belong together and bravo needs to dump them and find some new ones of substance though in miami that may be impossible so they should just cut their losses and call it a day


You are wrong NOT everyone has skeletons in their closet. I and 99.9% of my friends & family have worked hard to live a clean, honest life who has raised their children to be the same way. What kind of person are YOU & what kind of people do you associate with ?
You attempt to Chastise the readers & viewers of this mindless show, while Adriana Mora is the one who is at fault here. One does not set themselves up to be superior to the other cast members. It is no wonder she got so outraged by the 'slums of Rio' comment, too close to the truth. Also trying desperately to label Joanna as a 'hooker', Glass houses?

She is obviously low rent in more ways than one.
I think Bravo has great contempt for the viewers. One can NOT place themselves in the spotlight then ask folks not to look too close. If the production company & Bravo rewards her for these pack of lies then I am certain Adriana will be the sole reason the viewers turn their back on this immature show. I will also turn to an online partition to boycott this show.

Martha Hernandez

Why all the fuss over this woman? She's not particularly interesting, not particularly attractive and seems to be trying real hard to make a name for herself for nothing, which she has obviously done here. I don't get it. I don't understand why she is on a TV show to begin with. Same goes for all the other woman on this show. I watched a few episodes and found it mind numbingly dumb and boring just like this Adriana Mora person.


Here is what would make the perfect season 3:

AX AX Alexia & Anna (They are taking up oxygen in the show)
The mass Exodus of Elsa & Marisol is plain for all to see. They are just not likable to me. They are the ugliest women of any of the hw shows. If they bring them back they must be 'Friends of the show' who are occasionally scene.
The black hair girl caught in all the lies (Adriana) Must be punished & placed in 'time out' by diminishing her air time
Joanna is the most naturally beautiful woman on any the HW shows and obviously the star.
ElaineJames is the most beautiful man on any of the HW shows and the one with obviously star appeal with or without the makeup. I think he/she was too nice. Be a B*tch like DQ are known for.
Lisa is striking but certainly Not Beautiful. Too Artificial for me.
The horse mouth dentist, Karent is a harmless idiot who has to be on the show for the 'stupid factor'.
Lea can be what ever she wants to be since she really has the most appeal as what a "REAL HOUSEWIFE" is suppose to be. I'd like to see the behind the senses drama of that big gala. I know there has to be plenty.

This just my humble opinion but since I am knowledgable on ALL THINGS HOUSEWIVES. I think i can create a dynamic formula .

The "Lost Footage" How stupid was that? A waste of time. Don't waste my time in season 3.


There should be no season 3. Who care about these woman? The model should shut her mouth, stop drinking and model. The boob doctor's wife should get off tv and concentrate on conceiving OFF camera. The rest--who are they? Oh, Lea Black--Mrs Black, please get off this show. You don't need it and it definitely doens't need you. Drag queen--you don't belong here either. Go to Ru Paul or something.


LET'S NOT FORGET!!!! This is the same bitch who sat at Lea Black's gala and loudly called Joanna K a WHORE, A DESPERATE MONEY GRUBBING POLOCK AND A FRAUD AS A MODEL!!! She brought her to tears. Except for a very few these are the ugliest (inside and out) women on Bravo. I say @$@& her and all her and her cohorts.

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