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January 04, 2013

Adios The Real Housewives of Miami, hola Elsa Patton spinoff?

Last night, The Real Housewives of Miami came to a squealing, screechy end with the second part of the series' heavily edited reunion show, which was filmed on November 30 in Manhattan. And while the show never earned stellar ratings, it hovered steadyish at around 1.2 million viewers a week, which isn't great (Atlanta has more than double the viewers), but it's better than the abysmal early season numbers of less than a million. Whether it's enough to earn a third season or not is yet to be seen and if there is, at least one cast member is reportedly taking the high road the hell out of there. Feel free to enter your guesses in the comments seciton.  In the meantime, there are murmurs emanating from the Bravoverse that there is some consideration of a spinoff starring the show's hot topic, a trending topic last night in the Twitterverse: Elsa Patton, now better known, like a rich tomato sauce, as Mama Elsa. Patton is part of an elite crew of cast members turned Twitter trends, including Lea Black, whose name trended during part one. "The cat fighting between the women grew tiresome," says a TV insider. "The quest for them to seem relevant and the producers' feigned drama [ie. a married couple pretending not to be married for the sake of a storyline, as reported by Reality Tea] was eclipsed by the sheer presence and unintentional comedic timing of Mama Elsa. That alone is worthy of a spinoff."  We asked Bravo publicist Ryan McCormick, who bluntly said "Not true," but find us a publicist who tells the truth 100% of the time and we'll find you a Real Housewife untouched by cosmetic enhancements. So, for fun, we went to the Mama of all sources, who told us, “At this time in my life having a show would be a very exciting thing to do.” And not just for her, either.


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Elsa is a freak WTF happened to that women's face why does everyone act like she looks perfectly normal????


Those women, except Lisa, truly humiliated themselves on national television. Sad.


That show was still on?


I would say the one taking a pass on season 3 would be Lea Black.
Also Are there not labor laws against prostituting your mother on a reality show for a ticket for yourself to also be on the show as a 'packaged deal' 'two4one', Not one without the other. I can not stand to watch that show just because Elsa is on there. I turn the channel & wait for about 3 minutes before switching back.

These hw shows have become like the Montel williams show or worse. I enjoy other shows on Bravo but no more Real HW shows.


I’m not sure who won’t be returning for season 3, but if I had to guess I think it would be Marysol since we didn’t see very much of her this season or Ana, her storyline was pretty boring. My DISH co-worker and I agree if there is a Mama Elsa spinoff we will be watching out of pure curiosity. I missed part two of the reunion but I recorded it on my DISH Hopper and will check it out tonight. It’s nice having over 2,000 hours of entertainment space and since my family likes to watch their favorite programs at the same time I do, I can watch this episode in my bedroom while they watch their show in the living room at the same time, so no more fighting over the TV.


Adriana was the worst person and so hatefull, can't believe they are people like her in this world. Hope she is Out!


They should all go!


Lets hope that Lea Black is the one wise enough to extract herself from this disgusting show and these disgusting women. They are all frauds. Joanna Krupa is pretty yes but a supermodel? Hardly. Ask her what real modeling jobs she had ever done. Marysol Patton has no clients. Her office is staged to look like a TV PR firm with two interns and no phones ringing and no business. After all, what idiot would hire someone who destroyed her face with monster like plastic surgery?? And Poor Karent. Looks like The Joker. Claims she's a "celebrity dentist to the stars" Really? And she has a publicist?? Why? Then we have Alexia whose bad bleach job has her in total denial about her twisted sons vicious assault on a sleeping homeless man and then video taped it!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it. Evil trickles down. Then we have Anna. How did this non entity get cast on this show?? Could there be a more boring person alive? And, who in her last ditch, 11th hour bid to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame revealed the vicious bitch she really is attacking Lea on the obnoxious reunion show. Pathetic. The only one who escapes believe it or not is Lisa Hochstein. Yes, she is over plumped, injected and implanted and looks 40 not 29 but she has a wholesome quality that sadly will forever be hidden behind her massive breasts.


Elsa is a circus freak. Bravo must be getting pretty desperate if they are looking at Andy's "mama elsa" for a show. What are the viewers going to watch, some freak show drinking, popping pills and playing like she is a spiritual consult. Madonna has to horrified that her name was even associated with this trash.


I hope the show is back without Kaurent.

Lazy Susan

TruthSeeker is spot on! Lea Black should run fast, faster and fastest while the others clamor for any camera time they can get on whatever account. how embarassing. poor lisa hochstein--she did this show, why? She has the tits, the money and the show aint gonna get her babies, so she, too, should run as fast as she can. the rest are only running their reputations further into the ground,.


Ones to keep:

1. Joanna (single women can relate to her dating woes)
2. Lea Black (adds class and ageless wisdom)
3. Ana (she has some street in her)
4. Karent (want to see if she gets a backbone)

Ones to lose:
1. Lisa.....boring
2. Marysol......boring
3. Adrian...almost interesting,but nope, drop her
4. the other blonde with psychotic son who was arrested. She has other issues she should work on.

Martha Hernandez

Ones to keep:

Ones to lose:
the viewers


Oh my goodness...what ignorant shallow people post on her. I just a little something to say to people like Marlena or whatever the heck your name is and to Sadie. First of all how are you going to call Elsa a circus freak ???? Shes the best one on the whole danged show. Im sure she knows what she looks like without mindless idiots such as yourselves making a comment about it. She has a great sense of humor and a good heart....that makes her beautiful ! I imagine you two are knockouts...lmbo cuz I seriously doubt that. Ugly on the outside and I can definately say ugly on the inside. Oh and if you dont like the show...dont watch it. Do you know how to work a remote control ??? If no, then you better ask somebody. People like you two are the reason I take meds.


Oh and for Mrs.Gossip Queen Lea Black. Wonder where she would be if it wasnt for Roy her extremely wealthy attorney/husband. I saw him try a case...he should of tried harder because his client went to prision.

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