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November 19, 2012

Camp MDNA: Elsa Patton was never Madonna's psychic! #RHOM

PhotoMadonna's in town for her shows at the American Airlines Arena, and while many people love to name drop the iconic ex-Miami resident's name around town, her closely guarded camp wants it known that she never, ever hired erstwhile and eccentric Real Housewives of Miami cast member Elsa Patton as her personal psychic. Huh? According to Purveyors of Pop, the show's producers, via Twitter, "Did you know that #ELSA was #Madonna's psychic advisor for years? #THETRUTH #RHOM." That statement, says a mole in Madge's camp, couldn't be further from the truth. Despite a Twitter response from Madonna pal Ingrid Casares trying to squash it, the rumor seems to have more lives than Shirley MacLaine. While Patton and her daughter Marysol met Madge many moons ago, that was pretty much it, says our source. No psychic connection there. As for Madonna commenting on the situation, only a true psychic will be able to get that out of her because she has no time for nonsense. "She wants nothing to do with the Pattons or the show," says our source.


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Johnny Casas

The original source of this story is Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone. He wrote in his 2008 book about Elsa & Marysol Patton coming over regularly to Madonna's house and them and Ingrid and Madonna going out in M's boat on Biscayne Bay and getting ritual cleanings. One time, he also participated. So either HE is lying or Ingrid is lying. Do not blame Marysol. I have a feeling Ingrid is concealing the truth, why would Chris make up that story? I'll never forget once in an interview where Ingrid denied ever having been in Club Warsaw with Madonna, when I myself had seen then there 2 weeks in a row on Wed night back in 1993. Im sure the other thousand or so people that remember those two night can confirm this. So who is lying?

Lesley Abravanel

As with many sibling rivalries, I think that the facts of that book were questionable and if not, they were certainly questioned by many, so who knows what the truth is except for the Ciccones! Also, there was a time when the Warsaw doorman didn't let Madonna in because she didn't have her ID and he didn't believe it was her. Needless to say he was fired!

All I know is that Madonna never hired or used Elsa as her personal psychic. Perhaps as amusement at a social gathering, but never on that shrink patient level!

I would imagine Madonna is appalled at the very association of her and schlock TV. :)


The article is absoultely true. A very good friend of mine was at a dinner at Elsa's house and madonna was there. It was an intimate dinner for about 8 people. They were at one time very close. I personally was at a party where Marysol was and she was telling her friends that the coat she was wearing was given to her by madonna.
Who cares if they are/were friends? Whats the big deal?


What are you saying, man? I realize everyones got their own viewpoint, but really? Listen, your web log is neat. I like the work you put into it, particularly with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everyone here is stupid!

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