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October 12, 2012

Say it isn't so! #RHOM adds a few viewers on veep debate night!

Blame it on the train wreck effect, the Bravo bait and switch which duped viewers into watching straight off a preview of the brutal, blistery part deux of the reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, or perhaps just general disinterest in the vice presidential debate (which had way more interesting drama and faces that actually were able to show expression--holla, Joe Biden!), but last night's 9 p.m. showing of The Real Housewives of Miami had 870,000 viewers--abysmal still, yes, but up from last week's even more abysmal 847,000. We weren't even going to post about the plummeting viewership anymore, but the addition of 23,000 viewers was worthy of a few words. Again, for perspective, the veep debate attracted approximately 51.4 million people who care about the future of this country or just wanted to see if VP Biden would do anything offensive (he did), while Project Runway, also on at 9, had 1.9 million people watching.


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Wow, that's still some very sad numbers.


I tried, I really tried. I wanted to like it. I like some of those ladies, I do. But it's like watching paint dry. No, paint drying is more interesting. Sorry gals, keep your day jobs.

scott huminski

Final brief filed in arpaio corruption case in 9th circuit,,,


Here it is, AZ law enforcement engaging in felony obstruction of justice to protect a close friend and adviser of sheriff arpaio.

Time for state and federal law enforcement to put on their blindfolds in furtherance of the justice is blind motto -- or is it law enforcement is blind when law enforcement are the criminals.


Who is this horribly disfigured lady? Is she from Fraggle Rock?


They are going to cancell this show

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