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October 19, 2012

Judge denies accused fetal murderer Joshua Woodward bail discount, deems him flight risk

Although accused fetal murderer and former Miami restaurateur Joshua Woodward was unable to get a discount on his bail because the judge deemed him a flight risk, he did post bond (typically 10%) on the $4 million needed to get him out--for now. Prosecutors claim he pulled a Casey Anthony, searching the internet for sinister ways to end his girlfriend's pregnancy. His attorneys cry BS. Woodward, often seen lounging at Miami Beach's members only Soho Beach House, was most recently seen in a blue prison jumpsuit before the bond was posted. No word on his whereabouts or those of Ocean Drive editor and newlywed Suzy Buckley, who, despite ending her relationship with Woodward after his first arrest back in 2009, ended up marrying him legally in Miami in August 2012.

Click here for coverage of Woodward's 2009 arrest and more


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what a scumbag

Ramona Weiss

Wait, that girl he cheated on with the pregnant one MARRIED HIM? IS SHE NORMAL?


What he did or supposedly did is sickening. that someone would marry him after he supposedly did this while cheating on them is almost as sickening. I guess the girlfriend is lucky to be alive and the one who married him is just pathetic. if he is proven guilty i hope he rots in prison . if he isn't i hope he and casey anthony have a nice life together because only a ghoul like casey anthony deserves to be with such evil


He was a member of Soho House? Nice clientele they have there

Jason Sternbaum

casey anthony! well that juts really fcked his whole defense. let me get this straight--he cheats on his girlfriend, knocks his other girlfriend up, begs her to get an abortion, she refuses, he begs, she refuses, and he takes matters into his own hands. 1. The pregnant girlfriend is lucky to be alive. 2. the other girlfriend/wife is an idiot 3. he's fcked
Dude sounds like a real winner.


Cant wait to see what Nancy Grace has to say on this one. Full Fledged Animal. Seen him around town for years, foggy eyed freako. SoHO House declines Miami's elite, yet accepts murderers'.... Anyhow, all of this aside, where is SUZY hiding? I would feel bad for her, but she married this sicko...on 2 separate occasions, 2 lavish celebrations.... Perplexed, grossed out....


Nancy Grace will rip him a new one! tHEN AGAIN, so will the guys in prison.

Peter Hexton

Wow, lots of venom and preconceive opinions on two people , one of them who still has to be judged and the other a bystander. I am not for the abuse of abortion, but it would not be the first time someone lies about taking contraception to entrap a guy in marrying them or getting child support money, especially if they are wealthy. What he did or didn't do in despair is to the court to judge. What happens if it turns out that he is innocent, would you shove back down your throat the verbal attacks you make to his wife and erase the memory of being dragged into the mud. If you are Christian and against abortion then you should also be forgiving like a good christian or any other religions that teach love and not hate.

Julie Jewels

You don't know where his wife is? She's out and about at parties and events like nothing happened! It's so bizzare and so creepy.

john rincon

and, he don't pay his bills for service in his restaurant in North Miami the name 8 oz buger bar., and opening another in boca raton florida.

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