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September 28, 2012

#RHOM audience drops below a million, losing approximately 162,000 viewers

Last night was a big TV night, but not for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Miami, unfortunately. The show's viewership has tanked again, this time going from last week's 9 p.m. numbers of 1.025 million viewers to last night's 0.967 which, in ratings talk means 967,000 viewers. Yikes. According to BravoRatings.com, that's worse than the lowest rated episode of The Real Housewives of D.C. (1.1 million), which Bravo cancelled.

To compare, though there's really no comparison, The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday scored a whopping 3.4 million viewers; Wednesday night's finale of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo brought in 2.7 million and last night's Grey's Anatomy premiere, airing at the same time as RHOM, had 11.7 million people tuning in, according to TV By the Numbers.

The RHOM rerun at 10 p.m. also lost viewers compared to last week: last week's rerun had 815,000 viewers while last night's dropped to 711,000.

Despite the numbers (or lack thereof) speaking volumes and a general apathy about the show, the Twitterverse was abuzz last night over the debut of drag personality Elaine Lancaster, who eventually gets into it with the show's main sideshow, Elsa Patton. Maybe they should have put her on the first episode and, come to think of it, on the first season? Oh well. Perhaps Lancaster's celebrity BFF Pamela Anderson can help bring in some viewers now that she has some free time on her hands after being booted from Dancing With the Stars. Stay tuned. We dare you.


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Miss Thang

I cant believe it had that many viewers to begin with!

Connie M.

We watched it in rerun & when Elaine enters the screen it was like Dorthy landing in OZ ...Everything just came alive & in brilliant Color. Keep her front & center or No Season 3. Elaine + Elsa = Beauty & the Beast.


Which one's the drag queen, they all look like drag queens

Mary Mother of C

For what it's worth.

Here's my take on the Reincarnation of RHOM Season Deux. After Last week I'd say, Close it down, Now I say, Please close it down. J/K This week I have Hope this show just might make it with the Grand Debut of Elaine at Lea's meeting. They could be sisters but ones much much bigger than the other. The comments Lea made in her one on one interview about Elaine made me realize what a good woman she must really be even if she makes snide glances at the other girls the heart is true.

Then to the nightclub Mint where Joanna made a complete fool of herself & her boyfriend ruining his big anniversary party. Joanna called Elaine over to try to stir the pot between Marysole & Elaine and I believe Marysole was not convincing in her claims that Elaine was confused about another event. I suspect Marysole was caught in a bold faced lie & Joanna's expression showed she too knew Marysole was not telling the complete truth.

I am not saying the show is worthy of a third season nor am I saying it should be made a mockery of, Mama Elsa does that well enough on her own. I wish she was on there last night so Elaine & her could have gone at it. We know from the previews it's coming. If there is a G-D in heaven Elaine & she will go to blows.
I'm sure the small but mighty viewing audience would love that (rhymes with WITCH) get knocked out instead of passes out.

In a final note, I want Ana and her trashy daughters & awful Ex out.
Alexia and her boys back in IF there is another season.
Now moving forward.
Karen is unimportant & phony.
Lisa seems shallow & stupid.
Lea has contempt for most the other 'wives' maybe because she
knows she has the better life.
Marysole is calculating & I assume untrustworthy.
Joanna pretty but immature & her sister needs to get out of their lives.
Adriana is much calmer but her skin isn't.
Elsa & Elaine are both Freaks, but at least Elaine can wash hers off.

This may not have the high ratings of RHONJ but this one is just a baby. Give it time to stand before you expect it to run.

If Queenie & Meanie go at it then Watch Out Ratings Gold. Elaine, My Mama said, Knock her Out.

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/scene_in_the_tropics/2012/09/rhom-viewership-drops-below-a-million-losing-approximately-162000-viewers.html#storylink=cpy

Annie Hales

I had the great fortune on running into Miss Lancaster
At Limelight years ago . I was from out Of town and
clearly out of my depth. I was at the bar and struck
Up a conversation with her. Two things struck me immediately
she was high profile and beloved and she was
southern and down home as proclaimed. She took interest in my
less than remarkable life and i remember thinking
Wow she really is something ...not because she made
me feel special ( that didnt hurt) but because shes
Truly interested in people ..as a result i have followed her career with interest
last nite when i saw that housewife (merisole?) prevented
Her from walking the carpet and denied her exposure
To an event that she has supported tirelessly
I was outraged...this was clearly a personnal issue
from somone that has supported this charity for all the
right reasons...you wont remember me Elaine
but i'm betting on you and your big heart, and i'm
certain that those that have the pleasure of knowing
You fell the same...continued success!!!

Frank Johnson

Elaine Lancaster is so hot! I want to have sex with her!

Doug Shingleton

Well, in all fairness to the show. I see no promotions for this show in comparison to the other "housewives" shows.. Granted, I live in NYC, but there still should be some national exposure. The show was up against Grey's Anatomy, which was heavily given exposure by all three networks becuase a major character was being killed off, and then followed up by Kerry Washington's hit from last year Scandal, both of ABC. I didn't watch the show in real time either, I watch almost everything in VOD fashion.. We could also bring that subject up as well, becuase the viewership of a show like this has to follow that of the core audience, if we are to believe they only really want to market the show to the Miami Audience, which contains high mixture of South Americans and Europeans, who watch programs online in greater numbers than US audience, and bravo doesn't even offer the show as an online option on their digital format, nor via their parent company, NBCs, own digital platforms, like Hulu or HULU plus... It seems like this show. So if they wish to market to mainly a local audience, via local promotion, then of course RHOM drew only 1MM viewers, the entire Miami-Dade Population is only 2MM persons. In comparison to RHOBH, or RHONY or RHONJ, which have MUCH larger population pool to draw upon... With all this being said I do enjoy the show much more this year, as it has real conflict and larger sense of fairness, less fakery, amongst the cast.. (with exception of Marisol who seems to only use the show to promote her work, and the Brazilian lady, who is so uninteresting I cant remember her name, even after two seasons). I hope the show survives, and I hope the ladies get some promotion support from the network, because it is unique to the housewives shows..

Laurie Presman

Elaine's great, but come on! The show is shite. Give Elaine her own platform and get rid of this crap. You're too good for such a piece of shit and so is your BFF Lea Black. Run while you can!


My name is Joey Mugica a.k.a. the color QUEEN. I have had the privelege of knowing ELAINE LANCASTER for almost 4 years. (both the MAN and 'persona'). Meeting Elaine catapulted and helped me flourish as an artist. Fueled and insprired by her beauty, she quickly became the LENS through which I expressed myself in color. We met for the 1st time at an event for the KARDASHIANS, and the first question she asked me was "where are my skittles?" It really caused an impression that she had remembered my promise to bring her skittles. You see a testament to her character is that she always remembers and never forgets you. No matter who you are. Over time, however, as we developed a friendship I was able to see beyond the big HAIR, statuesque beauty and public PERSONA and discover her HEART. I can tell you first hand , that her's is a HEART of GOLD. She is such a selfless, loving, loyal, caring and one of the most giving human beings I've ever met. She has supported countless charities including CARE RESOURCES (white party) and the BLACK'S GALA..... Miami can be a vicious and vindictive town. But, Elaine keeps it real and sincere and is pure of HEART. She treats everyone EQUALLY. Whether your Pam Anderson or the BUM on a corner, I have seen firsthand how she gives and respects everyone with the same dignity they deserve. And, that is one of the qualities which I LOVE the most about ELAINE. Not the big WIG or BIG hair, but her caring SOUL. It's no wonder so many are attracted to her LIGHT. I have thousands of images of Elaine which are safely stored and saved to someday be immortalized. I have more images of Elaine than anyone else. And, there is a reason for it, she has inspired me unlike no other. In April I held my first exhibit, and she had the grace of hosting and performing magnificently a rendition of "dream in color". It's become 'our song'..... I am happy to report today my colors as the color QUEEN are no longer a dream. They are real. They are ALIVE. And they are vivid. And I owe it to my #1 muse of all time who served as a loving launch pad...-------Elaine Lancaster......... love you hooker.....

Sally Cannon

I think the show is awesome. Much better than all that screaming and yelling on HWNJ. There are some snide remarks, but all in all it is very good. I sincerely hope it does well. The other HW shows seem so phony. These girls seem to be themselves. I especially like Lea. Seems very real and down to earth.

Brian Gonzalez

Lea Black & Elaine Lancaster are a tour de force without a doubt, so what if they leave a few shaken in their wake. Step aside and let the LADIES of the Real Housewives come through there are plenty of women but few Ladies. I am enjoying, but I must admit it was a slow start, but with Elaine it seems to be building steam. Nice to see a true friendship. I hope they are still friends by the end of the show. Let me see next weeks.

Jason Hotstuff Morgan

I think at first the show was eh, but then Elaine popped in and BOOM, like a star was born! Clearly, if Bravo has it right, they will feature more Elaine and Elsa, well, much more elaine, a lot more pleasing on the eyes lol.


I am thoroughly enjoying this season of RHWOM…especially the addition of Elaine Lancaster! I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Lancaster on numerous occasions and know she is a true professional with class, integrity and a vibrant persona as big as her hair styles! She brings energy and electricity into any setting and is the epitome of Miami’s over the top glamour and star like image . I remember the first time I introduced my Mother to Elaine at a special event…she was so gracious and eloquent and went out of her way to insure that my Mother was being treated well and enjoying herself. I have never forgotten that and neither has my Mother…we are both huge fans! I am proud to be able to call Elaine my friend…always loyal, caring and non judgmental. I hope she plays an integral part in all the upcoming episodes of RHWOM. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her…I see big things in her future and can not think of a more deserving person!


Now that we've established that Elaine deserves her own show or at least some airtime, those of you asking for more Elsa Patton should be ashamed of yourselves. She is being EXPLOITED by her daughter and ANDY COHEN and SHAME ON THEM. IT IS NOT FUNNY THAT SHE IS HIDEOUSLY DEFORMED AND BARELY COHERENT and you are all laughing at her. I DONT CARE IF SHE AND HER DAUGHTER ARE MAKING A DIME OFF SOME IDIOT COFFEE THEY ARE SELLING. where are TV STANDARDS? It's like exploiting a child but worse. she is obviously in no condition to make any deicisions for herself and her daughter is obviously riding on her deformed coattails to make a buck. HOW DARE SHE? HOW DARE ANDY COHEN. HOW DARE you all watch and ask for more. You should be boycotting this atrocity and by that, I MEAN THE SHOW, not ELSA.

Stephen Gordon Clair

I just watched episode 3 online and all I can say is I hope Elaine winds up with her own show; I want to see more of her but find that TRHOM is (IMO) not worth the watch and can understand why the viewership is down. I speed-stepped through the show and watched only the parts that highlighted Elaine as it provided a welcome respite from the 'same old, same old.' The rest is, well...lackluster. Just my opinion, but HOPEFULLY some producer will take note that Elaine is commercially viable and gives her something better. The rest just can't hold my attention. Fingers crossed for Elaine! She's a figure that's paid her dues and should be showcased for the selfless work over the years.

Seems like I'm not alone in thinking Elaine deserves more air time. There's a good reason for that!


That's some bad ratings. Yikes is right. I wouldn't be surprised if Bravo cancels the show before it even ends.


Viewers shouldn't flee so fast. The drama is slowly building like a fine wine. Stay tuned for the feud between Elaine and Marysol as well as Karent vs Ana. And will Adrianna ever marry Frederic? I want to see if these housewives go on an exotic vacation like the other franchises and how does Tomas Kramer fit in?

Mary Ann

This season has come alived!!! We are always for Team Lea as she brings it as always and love Mama Elsa! And Elaine is going to bring on more as I can see from the promos!!! Loving it!!


Finally a juicy season!! We all like it here, I love seeing all their beautiful mansions, clothes and all the drama! I hope it keeps coming!!! They are all pretty different from each other- I'm ready for the next episode.


Ratings, schmatings: who can trust "ratings" in our on-demand society? A new show unfolds and Bravo has proven their commitment to it. More importantly, the REAL character: ELAINE LANCASTER takes center stage! YAY! Lea, as ELAINE's mini-me, and the diva herself carry on doing important meaningful work, as Marisol and Ana fill their roles as villains...certainly this season has secrets in store that will be shown over and over in reruns for years to come....and I predict the future for Lea and Elaine (The Real TALENT of Miami): BRIGHT as Miami's sun!

Kim Kaiser

A column in today’s Herald declared Joanna Krupa "is quickly emerging as the star" of the show. Give me a break! Joanna’s tirade was so boring and childish it belonged on Nickelodeon. The plotline with her sister is about as fun as watching grass grow. The real stars of the show are the duo of Elaine Lancaster and Lea Black whose lives and personalities are fascinating in real life and it’s too bad they’re not being showcased more – they could provide the real drama. It was great to see Elaine on this episode; we can only hope Bravo includes her more and perhaps it will improve the ratings.


I totally agree with you Kim Kaiser... you nailed it on the head- without Lea Black and Elaine it would be pretty dull! Joanna is definitely a plus! I'm a Miami girl at heart- grew up there live up north now but Miami is too close to my heart! I remember when the Black's were the only ones who were out on the scence and supporting the community! Plus as everyone knows Elaine will never not being a part of Miami and will always support the community like no other! These two always support the area like these new ladies probably never will. But I love this season and can't wait for more!!


I surely hope these Bravo peeps aren't looking at who's watching!! I've got it taped and if that's the case they don't need to worry all my friends love this season and looks like much is more to come!!! We love this season so much more than the "Crispy Rice" era!!! Ready for Thursday!!!


That column is crap. Joanna is the furtherst thing from being a star. That being said, the SHOW SUX! Sorry Elaine, but I'd rather watch you watch paint try than have to watch you with these women I dont' give a half a shit about! No one cares about what will happen in these girls lives. I do care that Elaine comes out of this junk smelling like a rose and not looking as stupid as the rest of them. Oh and Lea Black too!

TV Tom

People, ratings matter. Friends and supporters of Elaine are great, but ratings matter here. They cancelled DC and their ratings were better than Miami. I'm afraid putting Elaine in now is too little too late. The show is terrible with only a handful of people watching. It's not likely to get better. Sorry, Elaine fans but there is not much she can do to help this out.

Can't Deal With Stupid

@Kim Kaiser, spot on there, with one exception. The Joanna "storyline" belongs on the cutting room floor or mute, or in a JC Penney catalog. What stupidity.

I find Lea the most natural to watch, but it behooves me as to what the fock she is doing on this disaster. She doesn't need money, she doesn't need publcity or a man, so what gives?

The drag queen sounds like someone of substance, shockingly, and I hope she (he?) can find a better platform from which to shine.


The show is awful. I don't think anyone outside of Miami Beach understands it. Most importantly, the show doesn't have a plot. The characters really aren't doing anything interesting (except Alexia, but all of her drama is off camera). I'm tired of the back and forth with Joanna and Roman. He's not cheating. WE GET IT!!! Everything else is extremely petty, especially "she beat me to the tweet!" Who cares? Karent is clearly there to soak up camera time. Adrianna has a super annoying personality that grates my last nerve. Elaine is fantastic and I believe everything that comes out of her mouth. Leah seems over it and I don't blame her at all. Marysol is so boring and she just skipped over the entire wedding for last season like it never happened. Maybe Leah's green card quips are true? Joanna's sister needs to get a life. Lisa, my personal favorite, needs something to do besides botox and saline. I will give the show another week. After that, I'm done. If they want the REAL Housewives of Miami, they need to mix in some ladies from Hialeah, Miami Gardens, and Aventura. That would be a show.

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