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September 24, 2012

Escape from the tool shed: Ryan Lochte's & The Situation's LIV-ley new bromance


Much parodied Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was in Miami Sunday for the Dolphins/Jets game where he spent most of the game at Liv’s Sun Life Stadium spot, and then later asking his followers on Twitter where he should go to party despite hash tagging Liv along with his bizarre, toolish, trademarked, uh, catchphrase “Jeah.” Turns out, Lochte took his own advice and did party at Liv “all night” says our source, who added that he “shot the CO2 gun all over The Situation, who had an instant bromance with him. The two hung out all night after having their pick of model-like girls rushing over to both of them all night.” Uh, jeah?