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July 24, 2012

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.0 premieres at 10 p.m. September 13


The do-over of The Real Housewives of Miami is readying for its close-up, premiering at 10 p.m. on September 13. From what we've heard and what we can see in the video preview above, this retooled version is not without its drama, scandal, famewhores, hangers-on and cat fighting. And not that he'd say otherwise, Andy Cohen said on Twitter that the first episode is "spectacular." Insert grains of salt here. But we kind of may believe him this time if just for the descriptions of some of the new cast members alone.

You can read the bios for each of the cast members by clicking here, but some of our favorite lines from said bios include: "This 29-year-old beauty made three appearances in Playboy magazine and can often be found shopping, lounging, and hanging out with her maid and best friend Daisy" (Lisa Hochstein); "Dr. Karent Sierra is Miami’s No. 1 celebrity dentist;" "Ana Quincoces is a straight-shooting Cuban dynamo who tells it like it is;" "From photo shoots with Marc Anthony to luncheons with President Obama, Alexia and her husband, Herman, are the real deal when it comes to the “Who's Who” in Miami;" and "Adriana DeMoura is best known as the Brazilian Bombshell of the Miami art scene."

There is so much fun to be had with all of this, but our favorite of the faves has to be "No. 1 celebrity dentist." A Root Canal Rock Star! And though neither are "official" cast members, it's evident that Elsa Patton and James Davis aka drag queen Elaine Lancaster will play prominent roles as chum for drama in the second season. We personally can't wait for this show even if its official description is "an inside look into the aspirational lives of seven women as they juggle family, work, and a spicy social scene in the hottest city in the world." Where else would a "celebrity dentist" live?  Have at it, commenters.  


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oh no...

Herman and Alexia the who's - who of Miami? Really?
Herman is gay and Alexia is his beard. So stupid. Feature the real people that are truly out of the closet, like the impecable Ms. Elaine Lancaster! At least she knows she's a drag queen....Herman just wants to be one. Give it up, Andy Cohen. Keep your focus on Beverly Hills and Atlanta!


Oh my GOD, that Patton woman. It's criminal.

Ex Miamian

More women acting like beasts. Stay classy, Miami.


What the hell are these women saying? You can't even understand them. Is it in English> Hopefully Bravo uses subtitles.

Alyson Weintraub

Enouggggggggggggggggggggh. Be a dentist, be a socialite, be whatever, but do it off the TV. TV is for TALENT, NOT SOCIAL CLIMBING EGOMANIACS.

Brenda B.

FINALLY Miami might have a success on theirs hands. That old lady with slurred speech is Horrific. Elaine, if there is a God in Heaven, will let those Nobody's have it. Elaine is the Only one who is worthy of being called a "Celebrity". The rest, not so much. Where is the long blonde hair lady ? Did they get rid of her too ? She seemed sweet the first year, but not too bright.

I must say the trailer looks like RHWOBH by the Sea. #ShamefullyExcited


Lesley you have to call these women out when they deserve it. Don't let the "root canal rock star" LMAO or any of them get away with Nil, Zilch, Zip, Nada,

The Only ones who are true Socialites are Lea Black & her drag queen side kick Elaine who are tireless philanthropist. Now they should get some glory for all the Good they do.


There goes Miami's sleazy re'PUTA'tion again….

Lesley Abravanel

ImNotTelling: Don't you worry. I am on it.

I agree with Brenda. Unlike the first season, which was less exciting than a colonoscopy, this one looks amusing, as mindless as it absolutely is. I can't wait.


Which one is the drag queen, the public relations girl with the scary mother?

That model chick was on Dancing with the stars and now she is on this. And engaged to a Miami club owner for FIVE YEARS. Talk about a downward spiral. Or green card.


Leslie, LMFAO at Root Canal Rock Star but what about the LAWYER CHEF? LOOOOOL!!!!!


Tacky Miami at its worst! Bravo sure knows how to exploit the most narcissistic in every city.

Buck Winthrop

Ok, I will admit it, I have watched the clip a dozen times. It is a million times better than season one. Joanna Krupa is amazing and so is Lisa Hochstein.

I have to wonder though, what sort of a publicist Marysol Patton is that she would allow her own mother to appear on this show and be exploited and made a total fool of all for the sake of a few dollars and publicity. Whatever Doctor did this to her face (Elsa) really needs their medical licence taken away.

A credible publicist should never be bigger or more visible then his or her clients--not EVER. Except, of course, if one lives and does business in Miami.


Plastic surgeons who mangle their patients like that deserve to be punished like a drug dealer. And the person indulging in the mangling should be locked away too.

Samantha Penrod

You are right on the money with your assessment of Marysol & her Mother. In the clip released from Bravo showing Marysol sitting by a pool talking to a 'friend' commenting about how another 'Housewife' who is trying to get into their 'pack' to elevate her social position.
Was she talking to herself about herself ? She is such a CHARLATAN who uses that show to TRAP people into thinking she can do great things for their business. All she does is take their money & uses their businesses to promote her #1 Client, HERSELF. I have been told both of them do not pay their personal or business bills.

Her mother is one of the vilest people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. If you think she's ugly on the outside just imagine what her black soul is like. The fruit doesn't fall from the preverbal tree.

Which one is the wives from the new cast is a former prostitute from Las Vegas?
I guess that will be revealed in this season or the 3rd season if there is one.

Lesley Abravanel

They really outdid themselves this time if they cast a recovering, reformed hooker. Excellent. I truly can't wait. Make us proud, girls.

Seid Eli

I'm not so sure the Obama administration did not orchestrate the return of this show as a diversion & a monumental distraction; hitting the air right before the Presidential election. A former prostitute or two, a giant drag queen, a cook, a dentist (would not want her working on my mouth) and a human gargoyle. Who will have time to focus on what really matters in this country? Humm C-Span or the Miami Housewhores?

Lesley Abravanel

Wait till US Weekly asks them what they think should be done in Syria...

Alisa K.B.

Ms. Lea is steeped in the world of Politics so I am sure if any of those media outlets were to ask her she'd have an immediate, Head of State, reply. She is an extremely knowledgable woman. I've heard from everyone how smart she is. I bet the two new blonds haven't a clue regarding politics & the Long dark poll dancer from last season doesn't even know who the president is. The drag queen probably knows nothing other than fashion & makeup. I'll give them 1 episode then I'll switch to another network.


very interesting blog


I am looking froward to the new cast and RHWOMIA returning. These wives are a guilty pleasure...and this group is classier, better educated, and have college degrees, and more than a 3rd grade education unlike the Orange County Housewives and the New York housewives. If you don't like the show this is a free country....just turn off the TV or watch something else that's on. All you who complaint are obviously jealous, you can watch another show. I'm originally from MIA and hope this time around these ladies makes us look good...and bring on the Drama.


only classy one is joanna krupa all others trash


It is sad that even the so called socialites of Miami are trashy. Honestly if I were bravo I would not air. It is embarrassing. Pretty GROSS


I just read an article about “How Bravo TV Forever Changed Housewives,” and it's hilarious – and true! (Strategy Magazine gets the credit, offers this biweekly newsletter for free, and also has a print subscription available.) http://bit.ly/Tw9PCA

Flat Stomach Fast

Tacky Miami at its worst! Bravo sure knows how to exploit the most narcissistic in every city.

miami hater club

all of you hating ass losers saying negative would give your ovaries to be in these womens positions . you hateful dried up aging nobodies . hahaha! you think they care what you have to say ? they are out there living their lives , you are behind your laptop , commenting on here ........BAM

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