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July 24, 2012

Coal mining heir Wayne Boich, Jr. building billionaire bachelor pad on North Bay Road

Wneystb5547dnwy4There are no real estate woes for the 1 percent. According to Kevin Tomlinson's South Beach Condos Blog, three North Bay Road homes were sold for $19.6 million to 37-year-old Ohio coal mining heir Wayne Boich, Jr., who plans to knock down all three homes and build one big billionaire bachelor pad. Boich's ICON South Beach penthouse is currently under contract for somewhere in the market of $21 million, closing allegedly on September 1. Boich is CEO of the eponymous Columbus-based Boich Group of Companies, which in 2008 teamed up with Ohio utility company FirstEnergy to buy the Signal Peak Coal Mine near Billings, Montana to create Signal Peak Energy. The company is also a big donor in political circles, too, especially to Speaker of the House John Boehner, a big supporter of clean coal efforts.

From clean coal to down and dirty partying, Boich, a LIV-fixture, is best known locally for dating Tara Reid many moons ago, and for his big, star studded birthday bashes, his latest featuring DJ Avicii spinning at his penthouse. His website describes him as "a man with vision, who has a deep concern for the community, society and the environment. These combined factors make him a powerful and articulate business man."

Incidentally, one of the homes he bought used to belong to former singer, beauty queen, Florida citrus spokesperson and anti-gay advocate Anita Bryant and then husband, late Miami DJ Bob Green back in 1982.

PhotoUpdate: So much for the billionaire bachelor pad. Congrats go out to Boich, who, last week announced his engagement to 29-year-old Cynthia Marin. The couple, who met in Spain over two years ago, will marry next year and move into that big ol' house they're building together. Mazel tov and move on, golddiggers.


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Woody Graber

Built on the black lung bodies of workers and poisoned air of communities around the world. May he choke on coal dust.

Sasha Asdourian

The super yacht industry is still going strong as well. Betram is moving to a new facility in NC because their FL operation was too small to build the size of boats that are currently being purchased.

Cheap Car

Wayne Boich, Jr is a smart investor. We need more clean coal to fuel the north and more cash for the Miami Real Estate area.



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