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July 05, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice loser Aubrey O'Day celebrates the 4th at Perry South Beach

Less may indeed be more for Celebrity Apprentice wanna-be slash 'singer' Aubrey O'Day, who celebrated July 4th at the Perry South Beach rooftop pool where you will likely catch her looking for photo ops throughout the entire weekend. The loud mouthed O'Day isn't quite known for making any best dressed lists, which is why this Independence Day getup is surprisingly subtle and, dare we say stylish, all things considering:

Aubrey This_weeks_worst_dressed_celebrities_2011-03-14


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The fact you put 'singer' in parenthesis is silly. She is an incredibly talented musician, vocalist and lyricist.

Carmela Falsetto

On what planet is she talented? If she's so talented, how come most poeple can't name a single song she's sung!?


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