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May 21, 2012

South Beach drag queen says Travolta rubbed him the right way


As John Travolta's former massage therapists emerge with allegations of inappropriate behavior, we're hearing that a certain South Beach drag entertainer claims to have had a brush or two of his own with the actor at the Russian & Turkish Baths on Miami Beach a few years back. The model turned high profile drag queen is said to have had his own consensual touchy feely moment with Travolta following their individual Eucalyptus massages, a subject the former Sweathog is said to have been very, er, excited about, sharing the benefits of this ancient rubbing ritual while communicating his knowledge to the out-of-drag dude with a hands-on demo. Refusing to jump on the bandwagon, said drag queen is remaining uncharacteristically tight lipped and will neither comment nor come forward. That is, until Gloria Allred, attorney for two of the more loose lipped alleged ex-Travolta paramours, or JT himself comes a knocking. We're also counting down the minutes until some former Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne massage therapists jump into the ring as that's the hotel Travolta seems to favor, along with alleged late night in-room massage appointments, when he's in town.


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Brian G

If it is who I think it is. OH what a circus this will be. Get out the Popcorn.


I was a massage therapist at the Ritz Key Biscayne in the early 2000's. I never saw Travolta but even back then we heard the rumors. The only surprise is that they took so long to become public.


J.T. had an ongoing Affair with Miami Beaches Elaine Lancaster. I lived there in 2005 and people at work all knew it to be true or a widely known rumor. When Elaine would walk into the club some of us would say, GREASE IS THE WORD & she would smile and say hello. Elaine is one cool dude.

And I Am Telling You

JT also banged a few other South Beach dudes who didn't wear makeup. But now they're all Scientologists.


I'm a female former massage therapist who worked at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne and definitely saw some shady shit. He always requested late night massages by men only. in his room. That wasn't normal for the regular guests. There are a few guys out there who definitely have stories.

Frank Vito

Whoever has been assaulted by John Travolta should contact Gloria Allred at 323-302-4773. They are the people who are helping victims of sexual abuse.

Big Carlos

I worked at the Eden Roc for several years & Elaine Lancaster would come to the hotel to visit "Mr.Smith" ( John Travolta) who stayed in our Penthouse. They would work out together, but appeared they were only friends. I would like to say I feel sorry for what is happening to Mr.T's, but I can't since he brought this all on himself. He seems so Slezy to me now.

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