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April 05, 2012

Behind-the-scenes Real Housewives of Miami drama sizzles on Star Island

Photo/Manny Hernandez

You definitely didn't want to be in the shoes of certain Real Housewives of Miami cast members Wednesday afternoon at the just sold Star Island estate of shoe moguls Donald and Lisa Pliner. The couple hosted a classy ladies' luncheon followed by a fashion show of Lisa Pliner's 2012 fall collection of fab footwear, which some would argue were the real stars of the show.

All glammed up, made up, and wired like mafia rats were most of the cast: drag diva Elaine Lancaster, model Joanna Krupa who flew in from LA just for this particular scene--er, luncheon, plastic surgeon's wife Lisa Hochstein, dentist/model Karent Sierra, lawyer/chef Ana Quincoces, and returning cast members Lea Black, Adrianna De Moura, and Marysol Patton. Also in attendance and staying as far away from the cameras as possible was a gaggle of Miami society gals who were just there to see shoes and observe the scene.

And a scene it was, as the heat beat down on the glitz, creating a hot and bothered on-and off-camera situation between a few "Housewives" in particular, namely Patton and Lancaster, who had it out over some bad blood drawn long ago. To the disappointment of a few, no wigs flew, no tables flipped and no one ended up wrestling in the pool a la Krystle and Alexis.

Some of the on camera drama may be saucy, but even saucier was the off-camera drama between cast members and puppet master producers, who are most definitely stirring the pot with some carefully choreographed on-camera confrontation that's not quite Bob Fosse, but more like, say, an early 80s Paula Abdul. A source overheard Patton threatening to quit the show, a threat that was quickly rebuffed by a producer who warned her she had an iron-clad contract. A flustered Patton insists that there were no such threats made and that she just had to get back to work. Estrogen, egos and 80 degree heat isn't exactly a day in paradise, which is exactly what may make the second go-around--at least this episode, anyway--Must Tivo TV.


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I can not wait to see this season of the RHWOM. Lesley do you know when it is due to air ? Thank G-D Elaine Lancaster is on this year I just hope they don't do her like they did in season 1, but if i were her i'd deny that I was ever on the 1st season. (Wasn't Me)
She is just the person to put those B-tches in their place. I've alway enjoyed her. GO HARD or GO HOME.
TEAM ELAINE ! Great T-shirt idea. hummm ?

Lesley Abravanel

I think they are aiming for sometime next Fall! And Elaine sure does add a, uh, colorful element to it all, doesn't she?!

Sally Cannon

So looking forward to season 2. Enjoyed season 1. Looking forward to seeing the new girls as well as Lea, Marisol and Adrianna. Will miss Alexia. Hope her son is doing well.

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