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March 05, 2012

The New Real Housewives of Miami: Which one of these doesn't belong here?

The castmembers of The Real Housewives of Miami continue to post pictures on assorted social media channels, trying to convince themselves everyone that all is swell and eagerly attempting to build up a speck or two of public interest, but we can't help but notice Rush Limbaugh's favorite drag queen, Elaine Lancaster, in many of them, unlike the first season, when many of the ladies were allegedly jealous of her, er, commanding presence. This season, however, producers don't care and want the jealousy. Says one insider "The ladies were so worried that Elaine would appear as the breakout star, so they complained to Bravo, who then forced Lancaster to lay low. Now producers want that jealousy, so they welcome Elaine."  So who else will hover in the drag queen's shadow? A third new castmember has emerged and is pictured to Lancaster's left in this photo taken yesterday when the Housewives crashed the annual gay gathering known as Winter Party: Ana Quincoces, someone whom we know from our other job as editor of Eater Miami as a full time lawyer, part time chef and bigtime networker who managed to campaign herself all the way to last year's title of Eater's Hottest Chef in Miami. Says one castmember who is already exuding insecurities, "She's not too exciting, but sweet." That may be debatable, but what's not debatable is the fact that it took casting agents a helluva long time to find willing and able participants for the second go around, making many realize that maybe most Miami women are smarter than people think. And so it begins...

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Buck Winthrop

Here we go again. Miami self promotion that always backfires! The women who SHOULD be on this show won't be.

Michelle Lawrence

All these fake Real Housewives are only about self promotion. They sure aren't on it for marriage, because all these ladies end up divorced after going on these shows. All they are are sad women just desperate for attention. Go volunteer somewhere and help the needy instead of putting your phony faces on tv.

Tony Soprano

THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN! Just a bunch of fake airheads who want to be seen.


As a gay male in attendance, I saw these "housewives" trying to pretend they were there because they wanted to be there, but only noticed them trying desperately to get camera time. They exploited the Winter Party for their own purposes. Shame on them.

RJ Diaz

At least the drag queen makes no bones about the fact that she is on there for publicity. How dare those women to go to Winter Party pretending to care about gay issues.


if some of them care about their "husbands", they should care about gay issues


You Had me at ELAINE LANCASTER ! #Epic

Lulu de Kawtizakski

No way those women are going to let a drag queen steal their thunder but Elaine will prevail. It won't be that hard based on the first season!

sara ginn

its perfect because Marysol looks like a drag queen so having a sister on the show will make sense. She needs a partner this year after the French guy is divorcing her for being obsessed with her own fame.


That marriage was a fraud to begin with. All for the cameras. Typical.

Allison Weissman

Marysol IS a drag queen and her mother is a ghoul. And Andy Cohen is a putz.


Please tell me Elaine knocks the sheitel off that Frozen Face Marystal who also is doctor shopping Xanax all over town & her poor drunk of a mother who has been passing out all over town. My prayer is Elaine Kicks butt and doesn't look back & they leave town in shame. #famewhoresall

Miss Lawrence

I hope the cameras are there to film when she gets busted for doctor shopping. Got that Bravo?

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Sally Cannon

Despite all of your negative comments. It is making the new show sound very interesting. I think that is what Bravo wants, and so do I. Can't wait for season 2.

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