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March 19, 2012

Meet Karent Sierra: dentist, actress, model & yet another "Real" Housewife of Miami

425943_180952138673853_150366598399074_199351_1019841011_nJust when we thought we've unearthed them all, we uncover yet another new cast member of the retooled Real Housewives of Miami. This one, Karent Sierra, likes to multi-task. She's an actress, a spokesperson, a model and . . . a dentist. What she's not is a wife, so she'll fit right in with all the other unmarried women in the misnomer of a franchise. We met her Saturday night with her BFF and bon vivant, party animal Beau Beasley, who will also make his Bravo debut in season 2. We asked her what in her right (?) mind would have her subject herself to such a thing and she told us bluntly that she wanted to promote world peace prove to viewers that not all the women on these shows are classless fame addicts with low IQs and Botox for brains. We can count on one finger hand a few who are smarter than they appear, but smarts don't always equal sanity.  Sierra, a Colgate spokesperson with obviously very white teeth, says she has a passion for being out there in the public eye, and wants to do right by Miami. She also tells us that yes, there's fabricated tension between her and all the other ladies who, uh, drill her on camera for, among other things, being a dentist and having a publicist.  Sierra says she refuses to stoop to the level of some of the other gals--no table throwing, no screaming, no cursing. So what then? "I'll just kill 'em with kindness," she says, sharpening her teeth. That, or laughing gas. Stay tuned.


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This should be an interesting season. Let's see how long before she's fighting with the best of them.


She is the biggest fame seeking Whora of them all & nobody can stand her & I'm not talking about on the show. She will end up being the Outcast from the get go. For someone who is suppose to be a 'cosmetic' dentist her teeth look like HORSE teeth, well then I guess they are perfect for her face.


Somehow I don't think Karent will be the one to prove to viewers that not all the women on these shows are classless fame addicts with low IQs and Botox for brains. Sierra has already stooped to some of the most classless comebacks yet as well as made herself a laughing stock in Miami among other things. Sierra must have had a little too much laughing gas because Botox for brains would be a major upgrade for this "housewife".


Actress, Model, Dentist now she can add D-List reality skank to her esteemed bio.
In our current state of cultural affairs this is downright LAUGHABLE. She does have a set of wHORSE teeth, good one Bravoslut.


I met her at a party once and she was very nice and sweet to me and the people I was with. The friends that introduced us to her also were ranting about how nice and what a great dentist she is. Why don't these people making these negative comments just get a life!


It's about time there is a professional on these reality shows, instead of all these women who marry for money and have nothing to show for it but there big closets! I think this will be a refreshing turn for this show. A true woman! Karent, you have my vote!

Linda Lovelace

She seems to be auditioning gay BFF's. This desperato Beau is just 1 of 4 now from what I hear. She needs something, because if it is personality they are looking for, she aint it.

Ms Erin

oh miss les, u always have the best local celeb society breaking news.... simply the best! actually met her at photo shoot last week and she is vvv nice and outgoing latina and seemed most normal to be honest, then again, consider the source, jajaj, love u! xx erin

Sandra Perez

A friend who knows that (Karent) is my dentist sent me this link and frankly, I am surprised that people would say such horrible things about her. My experience with her has been a good one and I've been going to her for the last few years. I dont follow all her entertainment stuff other than seeing her on some Colgate commercials. But I am not sure why people are posting such horrid comments about her. She is always cordial, professional and sweet. What is everyone drinking so much "Hater-ade"??? My close friend works every year with several non-profits and I know that Karent supports a lot of great things. Poor girl...doesnt being kind count for something anymore?


OMG! I will admit I am addicted to the franchise and Miami's first season was awful. It made us look terrible! But I know a few of the ladies on the Miami show. I also know the dentist (Karent). She went to school with my sister and they have remained friends through the years. I dont know her well, but the times I have seen her she was actually very cool and also very funny. I found it weird that she does both the TV thing while being a dentist but hey. Whatever floats her boat! I will say I think she's pretty different from the other ladies on the Miami show. I hope she proves to be a positive addition and not let us down. Season one in one word: SUCKED. Rep Miami Karent!


Ok, so I have one question. WHY are these women relevant again? Someone please tell me. They filmed at a restaurant I was at a week ago. My colleague loves the show (why I don't know) and pointed out to me what they were shooting while we were eating. I asked who the "cast" was. They seem to all be known in social circles because of who their husbands or boyfriends are. As a woman, this infuriates me! All these reality shows focus on crap. I follow the column and there is always some great info and dish here and there on places that are opening and stuff to do. I dont know who this girl is. I do hope that what she states is the case. If she is an independant woman with a career, I hope we dont see her punching someone in the face at an event or posing nude to get some more media attention or wait- marrying someone for 72 days for fame! As a strong woman, who isnt a fan of the show, I hope you can (sigh) create awareness for something BIGGER than you- other than a beverage, clothing designer or brand that will give you millions. Not. Its all about money and bad TV. It pains me I took this time to post this. I admit it, I did!

Baby jane

Well the woman is already a dentist, so she makes decent money. She is doing this for the fame, like all of them do. The first version of this show was so awful, the WORST. This one sounds like it could be even worse if that is possible. at least this woman has a profession to fall back on . The others just have their egos.


Miami SUX! Bravo missed the boat on Florida. Hello! Palm Beach. Oh wait, those women have too much class to join the circus

barcelona 2011

ok haters give it a rest!!!! i have worked on many charity events with dr. sierra including Flying to Haiti last year to help with the natural disaster those poor people went thru. I must say she is a wonderful human being who cared deeply for human kind, (no cameras or media in that event) just simple Dr. Sierra in jogging pants and a pony tail, doing all she can to help. Cant say that the rest of "reality show divas" can truly say they would put themselves in that setting without cameras rolling. In addition i have had the pleasure to share some local events with Dr. Sierra and not once has she shown anything more than a funny ,i mean roll on the floor funny, down to earth Miami Girl whos worked and (Studied!!!) hard to be where she is today!!! So what being selected to be a Miami Housewife is just a moment in time hope she has a great time and good for her if she can kill them with kindness God only knows we need a whole lot of that ingredient in this life!!!!!!!


Another example of people wasting their time and energy to spew evil. Do you realize that it takes the same amount of time to write something positive? "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all." Is this reslly that important? Some girl "doing her thing" really seems to be p*ssing off a whole bunch of people. She's the girl from the Colgate commercials right? Who the f*ck cares what she does with her life? I do like soap operas....but for that I will stick to General Hospital on my DVR that dosent affect anyone's in REAL life's reputation. The REALity cattiness is simply too much and it REALLY hurts REAL people. I guess it works...people saying nasty thngs....tongues wagging....ratings and drama =$$$$$$$ Karent wipe your @ss with em!


WE love Karent! I bet all these miserable people making fun of her are bitter lowlifes with way too much time on their hands. TEAM KARENT! Pretty girl inside and out!


She sounds like she has half a brain. The other half that's missing must be the one that told her doing such a show would be a good thing


First lets start off by saying she is the FIRST Miami "housewife that at least has her OWN self paid degree and career! We needed someone to represent us as "educated latina" versus the dumb blonde bimbo (alexia) from last season, stating she was a talking Barbie. when everyone knows she was married to a drug dealer that beat her and then decided to marry her GAY OLD man for money! so Karent you have my vote not only for looks, bc honey that fades but for ur brains, charity work, and great looks! GOOD FOR U that you can wear so many hats. u are a perfect example of living life to the fullest!!


All those fake celebrities And all those viscous queens All the stupid papers All those stupid women who want to be in the scene
And the stupid magazines Sweet dreams are made of anything That gets you in the scene....Did her daddy not hold her when she was a little girl? Everyone is talking about how this DESPERATE woman is sending the link to your blog Lesley to her patients and friends asking them to PLEASE write a positive comment. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. The people hate you & your practice will be what suffers. There is Absolutely Nothing you can do except baring your fake breast, fake teeth, fake hair, You are just Fake. Not one woman in this line up is on par with a Beverly Hills housfrau's except Lea Black & why is she doing this damn thing again after the producers tried to make her look like a fool the first go around. Wait & See.


I see one thing here: people making a lot of reference to what Karent is "supposedly saying and doing" about all this. That takes time and effort on YOUR behalf. Don't any of you have a life? A job? To be investigating and trying to discredit this girl? Seems to me that those posting specific {negative}comments here are doing so for very specific reasons. For someone who is so unimportant and ugly she seems to be doing alright. Team Karent all the way!


This goes to Karent. I used to work in media here in Miami from many years as well as NYC. You are part of a money-driven project and clearly surrounded by pitbulls. Reality TV is a dangerous place. I hope you are as sweet as you seem and as intelligent. If so, you will know how to navigate through the muck and do something (hopefully) good with your new celebrity status. You seem very "real" and many cannot deal with that. We live in a very fake society in thi slovely city of ours. Your counterparts..ugh...well....as I said you seem very real. Let's hope you are.

Vivian L.

Big boobs- check. Cosmetic smile- check. What does that = hot girl. SO whats the big deal? She IS a dentist isnt she? Hence the great smile. She is from Miami AND an ex model? Hence the big boobs. As long as she has a brain and that seems the case- WHAT is the big deal with Karent? She seems nice. I guess we will have to wait for the people posting to do some more digging to find out who she murdered or stole from. LOL. Inquiring minds want to know!


This is all crap that makes Miami girls all seem stupid and like major attention seekers. Get a life!


KARENT ROCKS !!! The other Housewives are stupid BIMBOS !


LOL... comments FULL of "Envidia"disgusting people...I don't even know her in person but I know everything she had done for the community... you bunch of "Buenas Para Nada" look your self in the mirrow before talking so much shit about others... and YES so far THE BEST HW in Miami.....


Oh well... it must feel soooooo good to be in her position right now, specially when people talk soooooooo much SHIT about her and I am sure 98% dont even know this person including myself.. WOW.. really we have a lot of HATERS in miami I would LOVE to see all these asses that are talking so much shit and bet you my Ferrari que no le llegan ni a los tobillos a esta mujer... que ASCO MIAMI Bitches,Envidiosas, Low Class!!!!...


AWWW!!! I love it specially those that don't know KARENT SIERRA.. Keep it up girl and wipe your ASS with the beautiful comments.. this is what is all about.. ENJOY...

Eleanor Steinberg

I'd bet money half the haters commenting here are the "Housewives" of Miami!


You are amazing Karent! I hope to one day get to meet you in person. I think you are the best representation of class, success, and elegance. I have followed you since you came out in "Mariaelena" the spanish soap opera around '94. I admire you so much! Thank you for being "REAL" unlike all the other Housewives....

Sally Cannon

All I want to say is the negative comments must be coming from envious people that are dissapointed that they have not had their 15 min todate. I like the Miami HW's last season and looking forward to season 2.


From Miami to “just a litadtle more horadriadble” NYC.a0hah! I’m glad you are havading fun. I found that the brief time I spent in Miami was an exceladlent way to recaladiadbrate the idea of work. i.e. it is posadsiadble — and maybe even an act of sheer genius — to do nothading at all execpt chillading on the beach drinkading rum. So strange. Soa0hot!! Enjoy it!

Dentist Toronto

Just when we thought we’ve unearthed them all, we uncover yet another new cast member of the retooled Real Housewives of Miami .


What's her backgrounds..does anybody knows? Is she Cuban american, etc?


I know her and her family for years. Wonderful, genuine, caring family! Always there for anyone with smiles and open heart. Good luck Karent!
Team Karent


I thought it was a bit strange that on Karent Sierra's Bio on the Bravo webiste it stated that she is in a relationship with the "actor" Rodolfo Jimenez, actor?? He was a TV host on a show about celebrity gossip and was fired! Also he is known to be a big womanizer in the Miami scene, sorry to say this but "un perro" (a dog) as they say here in South Florida. I know this because he treated a girlfriend of mine really badly. Not a gentlemen at all!

Beatriz yoder

Go Karent!, you have the looks, the brains, and the talent.Teach them all a lesson, that Good looking women can also have brains and you specially have what it takes to be succesful and go after your dreams. You are sweet, inteligent and one of the nicest person I have ever known.


This woman is beyond stupid- my spouse and several friends went to dental school with her and they don't know how she got her degree...also she had to take the Florida dental boards 3 times before she could practice in FL... Pathetic!

Reality Check

Promoting peace what a phony, she was the first to say nasty things on nation TV about Ana's age. Well looking at her she looks very close to Ana's age and Im sure many will agree (Except for the patients she emailed to pat her on the back in here) that this woman looks much older than Ana. She even looks like her boyfriends older aunt not so much a girlfriend even. The guy falls asleep when she was talking about marriage, seriously thats a sign he's NOT that much into her. I'm sure he's keeping her as an option for a life style plan while he cheats and chases attractive women. Please Please people look up actor before claiming to be one or add that on your bio. The only acting she can be accredited for is all this bad Telemundo type of acting on this show. She's the only one who always comes across over acting, so phony and as a viewer I can spot she is just playing up to the camera and it comes off as gaudy and fake. I will say this, its great she has a career stick with that instead of chasing fame. We are not buying the BS reason for why your doing this show, your anything but peaceful. Next time you want to insult women about their age look at your own age you are ther honey and so many of the viewers on this show are at that age you put down. Get over yourself and stick with a "spa"dentist you are not what fame is made for.


As a young dentist myself and with some modeling in the past, hispanic, and from south florida..she can do whatever she wants with her life. DOCTOR Karent Sierra already conquered what most canNOT do: dedication, a Working brain, and a highly successful practice. so keep hating women. I am loving her already and let the drama begin

Buck Winthrop

She certainly is pretty. Can you get a deal on the new teeth I want?


Karent seems like a lovely, driven, hard-working woman! All the negative comments are from HATERS. Jealousy is an ugly thing. Criticizing Karent is easier than self-improvement to these people.


What is she doing on this show? She seems classy and the otehrs just seem like trash!


This is what they were fighting over last night? Karent, if you were smart, you would have told them to READ and notice that the words were not in quotes. You didn't say it, Leslie wrote it. So if you only said to them that they werent your words, you would have nipped that in the bud. Botox for brains is pretty hilarious. Too bad you didn't say it!

Lesa mason

I'm a huge Bravo fan, Karent, if it weren't for you, and Lisa, I wouldn't even tune in, to watch Rhom. You are a great asset to have for Bravo, just remember...love all these rice krispies, if all they do is keep, snapping,crackle , and popping... You must being doing something right!!! @ all you hater's, go www. Get your life.com!!!


I agree with Lesa. RHOM sucks but Karent and Lisa are the best. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't watch either. At least one is professional and one is funny.


THey are all famewhores who try to convince themselves (they are not fooling anyone) that they are smart, classy, driven, strong, when half of them do not work, married for money, have problems constructing one coherent thought or sentence, are petty and catty, and are obsessed with getting old and therefore try to compensate by behaving like stupid teenagers, and worst of all... they step all over each other instead of realizing that we are all women, we should support one another to thrive in this male-driven society. It is a shame...
What I found funny, is that all the Cuban and Cuban-Americans are hating on this chick for being Colombian, because everyone knows Colombians are taking over Miami, the social scene, the entertainment, the men.... Why are they so threatened? Sure, Colombian women are known to be some of the most beautiful (or most made up) in LatAm., but they can be just as vapid as anyone else (case in point, all the Cuban and Cuban American and the Polish chicks in this show) Stop hating! at the end of the day, you are all on the same boat: that of the pathetic, selfish egotistical, insecure females.


I remember her from the soap opera Marielena with the beautiful Lucia Mendez.


I've read all the comments and some seem like some of you aren't even watching it. 1st of all Karent is not the only professional; Ana is an attorney, Marisol is in PR and Alexia a magazine editor. Whether these women work or not, at some point in time they all went to school. In the earlier episodes I found Karent's behavior childish and attention-seeking. She has gotten more grounded. Her "relationship" with Rodolfo seems fake; something made-up for the show. Definitely not a fan of hers. For the person who said Colombians are taking over Miami, that's just ridiculous. No-one is taking over anything, this town is completely multi-cultural and diverse.


damn I like this blogg hahaha

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