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December 09, 2011

Celebrity magnet Beacher's Madhouse honing in on permanent Miami location


Big things come in small packages, indeed, especially when it comes to the celeb-packed Beacher's Madhouse, the bawdy sideshow currently housed in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, where anything goes--especially height restrictions. We have it on excellent authority that the show's creator Jeff Beacher, has been taking meetings in Miami for the past couple of months with several local hotel groups, looking for a permanent location for his madness. His partner and creative director Kelly Osbourne was in town a few weeks ago to scout locations. The theatre in Los Angeles has attracted every celebrity from Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock to the young stars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, both who recently celebrated their 19th birthdays there. Following his breakup with Courteney Cox and prior to his breakdown, David Arquette was spending lots of time amongst the show's burlesque dancers and dozens of little people performers including Mini Nicki Minaj, Mini Rhianna, and a mini mixologist making "Mar Tinys." Small folk and enormous egos. Sounds perfect for Miami. We'll keep you posted.


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I love this show I can't wait for it to come to MIAMI!!!!


Excited for new Miami location. It can't open soon enough.


Woot! Beacher's Madhouse is moving in...

Miami needed more Oompa Loompas!


Bienvenido a Miami, enanos! Le amamos!


This is going to be epic!! Beacher's Miami!!!


OMG seriously????? I love this place in LA can't even imagine what its going to be like in Miami.


this sounds like trouble to me hahaha Love the Madhouse cant wait for this to open!!


so curious where this is going to be. Miami needs this! Beacher's Madhouse is the best club ever...


This cant open soon enough. I went to Beacher's one time when I visited LA and it was the craziest thing I have ever seen lol. Flying Midgets and the smallest stripper I think in the world. Bring Beacher's to Miami!!


Hopefully it won't be in some ghetto club, though!


It would suck if it ends up at the Fountainblue or LIV


LA's Beachers is in a nice hotel, The Rosevelt or something. I stayed there last year when they were doing construction.

Seen 'em twice in Miami - can't wait to have them here full time!

Lesley Abravanel

Is it me or does this Ooompa Loompa look like Rosie O'Donnell?

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