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November 15, 2011

Something only Real Housewives of New Jersey fans will care about

For the politically inclined, Blackwater elicits images of the scandal-plagued security firm with dealings in Iraq. For others, black water is just the stuff that comes out of the sink in a schlocky old Art Deco apartment. But for the Manzos of The Real Housewives of New Jersey infamy, blk.Water, as it's spelled, is a way for sons Albie and Chris to make a living that doesn't involve strippers, car washes or the LSATs.  One of the young Men-zo--Albie--will be at the Hotel Breakwater on Ocean Drive Friday night along with mom Caroline and aunt Jaqueline Laurita to celebrate the launch of this bizarre dark liquid. For famewhores, no, the cameras won't be rolling, and for RHONJ fans, no, arch enemy Teresa Guidice won't be there either, as she's busy famewhoring herself on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.