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November 18, 2011

Art Basel Miami Beach invites: the real works of art

It's not long before the who's who in the art world swarms to Miami like Kardashians to TV cameras. And while there will no doubt be a motley crew of A-list celebrities, indie bands whose songs play on Gossip Girl, and real life, big money socialites out and about, remind yourselves that it's all about the art. Just 12 days away from the big opening and we've already received a year's worth of emails touting all sorts of exhibitions, parties, parties, parties and, oh yes, exhibitions as the ones to be at. The ironic hipster gathering at the 7-11 on Alton and 15th sounds particularly stellar. But again, it's about the art. And discovered in those emails—the 30 or so that we've spared from the recycle bin, was the inspiration to create our own art. Presenting the Scene in the Tropics Running Art Basel Miami Beach Invitation Word/Name Tally Spectacular, in which from now until the big event is over, we will list a count of the most used and overused words and phrases in each and every invitation. We'll also list celebrity names, because name dropping is indeed, a true form of art, which is different from those pieces of work who are otherwise known as name droppers. We're especially hopeful that we get to use the (non) word/name Sucklord in the coming days. Check back from time to time to see which words and names are debuting and, of them, which are most ubiquitous.

iconic 2
famed 1
exciting 1
reimagined 1
rebranded 1
private 3
invite only 11
DJ 15
fashionable 1
tastemakers 4
the who's who 15
pop up 3
original water of disco 1
official sponsor 10
Tilda Swinton 1
Moby 1
Special Disco Version 1
The Black Lips 1
Midnight Surfer 1
surprise guest 1
Nigel Barker 1
Theophilus London 1
Young the Giant 1 
Silver Medallion 1
Mick Boogie 1 
beats by Dr. Dre (as in the headphones, not the man) 1
Nick Cave 1
Alex Dellal 1
Stavros Niarchos 1
Vito Schnabel 1
Aby Rosen 1
Samantha Boardman 1
Dom Perignon 1
Ruinart 1
Veuve Cliquot 1