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October 03, 2011

Willing Real Housewives of Miami harder to find than bin Laden & Waldo

The-Real-Housewives-Of-Miami Almost three weeks after we originally reported that casting agents were having an impossible time filling some vacant slots on the second attempt at The Real Housewives of Miami, sources tell us that yet another wave of wise women have declined the dubious offer to appear on the show. Seems like the casting crew is going through all of the city's illustrious publications and contacting everyone who appears in them in various incarnations from staffers to pose striking socialites--in other words, pretty much everone and everything but the font and those annoying subscription cards. One woman told us she was contacted twice, even after adamantly refusing the first time.  "They're calling everyone," she wrote in an email. "It's embarrassing." Sounds like the only way they'd fill the vacancies was if Michaele Salahi, Jill Zarin and all the other Housewives castoffs just moved to Miami. But that won't happen, plus, the name Desperate Housewives is already taken.


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Buck Winthrop

Thankfully, the women that really SHOULD be stars of the Miami show such as a certain Miami Herald columnist, an ageless super-publicist and a still hip Madonna gal-pal have the class to rise above the fray. Women who know who and what hey are do not need an absurd show like Real Housewives to give them 15 minutes because they already have it on their own.


They're scraping the bottom of the barrel and still can't find anyone. Take a hint, Bravo!


Everyone is on to Bravo and their staged drama. They have jumped the shark on the Housewives shows. Great HWs stuff at www.stoopidhousewives.com

Yani L

Honestly, they should cast real women in Miami, not just the socialites or rich and powerful. What about the hard working mommies, who actually cook, clean and take care of their kids, who don't have nannies. Get REAL Bravo.


That's too bad for Bravo I'm kinda shocked. Who knew Miami was the city that would reject the series.


I think they are taking their time so it wont be the hot mess it was last season. with the daughter/mother dual of druggies/freak shows. desperately seeking mothers that rather do anything but be with their kids and so on, you the show.
miami has so many cool women in south beach, key biscayne, coconut grove, gabels estates. That is where they need to be looking and I have heard they have....oh and "GOD NO, to even thinking of that B!^*H of Lesley" she has to write for THe Miami Herald because no one else would take her; why? BC she cant write! - Lesley you are so self-promoting and full of yourself, and an OUTRAGES LIER! - You change stories around to your convience, even after you have posted them and then earse anyone who calls you out of that- YOU ARE GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


I know they will find fabolus cast memebers in Miami. That city has such a variety of beautiful,cool women (not sure how they ended up with those 5 fools)but glad to hear they have a new production team and casting. I think it will be good, can't wait to find out who they are.

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