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September 13, 2011

Will Smith & Marc Anthony: a fauxmance for the tabloids at Miami Dolphins' celeb circus


Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Wireimage

The Miami Dolphins weren't the biggest losers at last night's game. The shameless fauxmance between Marc Anthony and Will Smith earned those two the honors as they showed up together trying to quash rumors of a romance between Anthony and Smith's, uh, wife Jada Pinkett.  Says our source, Anthony, in the throes of a week-long birthday celebration, was "hanging out non-stop in his private suite" with Smith. While those two were holed up behind closed doors, Dolphins', um, co-owner, Black Eyed Peas shouter Fergie, posed for pix while nouveau fashionista Dwyane Wade, fresh from the NYC Fashion Week catwalk sidelines sans his new BFF, Vogue editrex Anna Wintour, managed to drag Smith & Anthony out for a few "orange carpet" pix. Keeping his distance from the usual Dolphin publicity hogs was Twilight tween heartthrob turned wanna be action star Taylor Lautner, trying to beef up his image from boyish to manly but kind of getting lost somewhere in between. Motley enough for you? Like Dancicng With the Stars Dolphins-style (Dolphins With the Stars!).  But about that football game. Well, maybe not. We kind of weren't paying attention and maybe that very distraction was the very intentional point.

"Team owner" Fergie on the roof of the Gansevoort Miami Beach.