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September 06, 2011

Striking a pose instead of a photog: Naomi Campbell on her beast, er best behavior

Wordpress_gossip_67735_naomi_campbell_angry_jpg_w_292_Number_h.300 Gone are the days when supermodels roamed South Beach like dinosaurs in prehistoric times. Once in a blue moon, however, one escapes from the Jurassic Park of post-career pose striking and ends up on the loose just as Naomi Campbell does from time to time, retreating to her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin's beach shack on Star Island. There's lots to be happy about, you'd think, but not so for Campbell on Friday, when she was seen exiting the Oribe salon on Lincoln Road in a huff. Campbell was "looking pissed when a car service came speeding through to fetch her," says our spy. The supermodel, we're told, "slammed the door open and started yelling." She was seen in better spirits later that night, upstairs in the lounge at Casa Tua, where she was with Doronin, developer Ugo Colombo and another woman. Actually, she wasn't really in better spirits. "She was very pissy," says our spy. "I hardly saw her communicating with the rest of the group at her table. She was texting on her phone for the most part." Hey, at least she wasn't throwing it. An informal poll has shown that most Miamians will take moody models over reality refuse any day.