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August 09, 2011

Shaq, lies and videotape?


Back in the day, when LeBron James was just a fetus and Shaquille O'Neal was the biggest thing to happen to the Miami Heat since, well, nothing, aspiring basketball wives lamented the existence of then wife Shaunie. If you believed the rumors, the really aggressive aspiring basketball wives ignored the existence of then wife Shaunie. Some even said O'Neal kept a secret pad at the Flamingo just to accommodate those aloof aspiring basketball wives. And whether that's true or not is as irrelevant as an article on the nouveau riche and their favorite luxury toys during an economic meltdown. Further bolstering that is the fact that a judge has thrown out an insanely absurd case against gangsters accused of kidnapping a man who claimed he had a video tape of the retired baller shaquing up with multiple women, none of who were his wife. As everyone knows by now, the ex Mrs. O'Neal filed for divorce under "irreconcilable differences," but if you believe Shaq, those differences did not include a secret  sex tape. And while you may not believe him, the judge did. As for that condo in the Flamingo, well, O'Neal never said anything about taking his talents to South Beach, so we'll leave it at that.