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August 08, 2011

Hulk Hogan to celebrate bday with unveiling of daughter's birthday suit PETA pic

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Brooke Hogan, but she's back in town this time shooting a nude campaign for PETA, which is admirable and stuff, but there's something a little too John and Mackenzie Phillips about her dad, Hulk, appearing at the unveiling of his daughter's nude pic as he will do at Cafeina on Thursday night, which also happens to be his birthday. At least she's not jumping out of the cake naked. Says a rep, "the photos at the exhibit are very sophisticated and classy and just give the illusion of nude or the perception of nude, but of course to get these shots, the shoot itself is fully nude." The photo is part of an exhibit, also featuring some local gals, called Women in Cages, which isn't the title of a new reality show about women on reality shows, but, rather, about the politics surrounding the treatment of animals. Again, they mean actual animals and not Jersey Shore cast members.


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What is this, 3rd grade? We were all born nude, get nude a few times a day, etc, etc, no big deal.


Is that old man grabbin some cooch?


Yes, Snappy, his daughter's. I just threw up in my mouth.


OMG. Someone is nude. Oh this just can't be, am I nude under these cloths? Do you think cavemen cared this much about nudity, when did society begin to pretend we don't have bodies?

charles ashenoff

yeah, hogan always comes off looking perverted with Brooke. Touching her to much, way to overprotective. Then the wife with a kid 30 yrs younger than her as her boyfriend, and the son racing while intoxicated and leaving his friend paralyzed. Then a tape is leaked from jail where his son is asking when he can do a reality show so he can get sympathy. Piece of work that family. Starts with hulk

Jinna Dee

Hi All..

i love it's info cool!!

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