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July 22, 2011

Rock of Ages "midway" party at Lucky Strike, + sneaky on set Tom Cruise footage!


Forget about going bowling tomorrow Saturday night because Rock of Ages has bought out Lucky Strike for its big wrap "midway" party. Expected to be There in all their celebrity glory are were Tom Cruise, Paul Giamatti, Bryan Cranston, Malin Akerman, Russell Brand, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta Jones and Julianne Hough with chaperone boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.


No word on whether or not any of some of their more famous significant others will be in attendance, though we did hear from our on set snitch that Brand, fighting rumors of a trial separation, really does miss his wife, Katy Perry. After seeing a pic of Perry, Brand "got sad," and said, "I miss her so much and hope to see her soon." When Cruise asked Brand if the Mrs. enjoyed her hectic traveling schedule, Brand replied, "No, not really."

Well we will miss all these folks (yes, even Brand, as annoying as he may be) and thank them for turning some of Miami into the Sunset Strip and, more importantly, for reminding us what a bona fide A-lister looks like (it's been sooo long, don't go! We hardly knew ye). Update: They're not going anywhere yet! The party was celebrating the halfway point of filming, so we may still have some more QT with our famous Scientologist friends. The movie won't be out until at least next summer, so in the meantime, check out this exclusive video snippet of Tom Cruise channeling his inner Siegfried & Roy rocker, Stacee Jaxx (starts at 25 seconds on both, have patience), mullet and all with a nice cameo by Brand's equally offensive mullet. Seems that the Warner Bros. folk didn't want anyone to see the video so they blocked it. It's ok, you're not missing much except, well, TC channeling his inner Siegfried & Roy rocker. Oh well.



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If what he looks like is any indication of the movie, I'll pass and wait for it to be free on video.


How lame that they blocked the video


I am not interested in seeing Cruise at all.I will pass, because Cruise's ego is actually the star of the show. At his age he shouldn't be embarrassing himself and everyone else involved. This is a pathetic attempt to save his career. Him playing Reacher in One Shot is also his ego and lack of intelligence being involved. About this video,I am sure Warner Brothers took this video off because they haven't perfected Cruise's singing by fixing the recordings. This will be the only way Cruise will sound decent. It is ashame his looks in the film are just as riiculous.

Lully Diaz

I agree. It was horrible casting and this will be Tom Cruise's next Cocktail.


People talk without knowing the facts. First of all, half the people mentioned above did not show up and those who did showed up for 10 minutes and left, except for...Tom Cruise. He stayed, he bowled, he was friendly to EVERYONE. He did not need to be there that long but he was and that shows class. Second, although most likely, yes they tweaked their voices a little, he sounds A LOT better than some singers on radio today and he rocks out in all the songs he performs in the movie. I might not be a fan of his ideology and church but he's got my vote as an actor.

Lesley Abravanel

The video had no sound, unfortunately. As for those who showed up to the party, the ones who didn't have a strike through their names were there. And I, too, have heard Tom Cruise is super cool, especially on this movie set. Not so cool, I'm told, are his minders...such is Hollywood, I guess!

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