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July 27, 2011

Cameron Diaz + Alex Rodriguez working it out at Equinox South Beach

Ten minutes after injured Yankee Alex Rodriguez walked into Equinox South Beach yesterday, an "extremely bubbly and friendly" Cameron Diaz showed up in black leggings, tank top and, noted our spy, "no makeup." Diaz hopped on the Stairmaster next to her man, smiling at him before putting on her iPod and "getting serious about her workout." After about an hour, Diaz hopped off, said goodbye and left A-Rod to his "intense stretch."  No stretch, however, is as intense as our failed attempt to make this sighting more interesting. Stars, they're just like us. Yawn.


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She was probably the least hottest lady at the gym that day. There is some serious talent in that gym


Celebrities need to live their life without others trying to mind their business. If there is something going on between them, at least give them that moment to enjoy for them themselves.


I like her gym outfit, it looks simple. Sigh, celebs get followed almost everywhere, gym, cafe, park etc. Cameron Diaz always has a smiling face and bubbly personality, that is what I like about her.

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