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June 10, 2011

The Real Housewives of Miami season 2? And you thought bad things came in threes.


Rumor has it that the hot mess known as The Real Housewives of Miami is being given a second chance. But before you Baker Act Andy Cohen, we're told that the show's original producers and casting agents have been axed and that Bravo's bringing its own staff. That staff, incidentally, is in Miami this weekend to reevaluate and re-interview the original cast to see if they are Season 2-worthy. As those of us who watched wondered, were they ever Season 1-worthy? Rhetorical question. "Not everyone will be back," says our source. Well that's a good start. We contacted Bravo for comment and, says Bravo's Senior Press Manager Kristen Andersen, "We haven't made any announcements regarding a second season."


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I am an avid follower of the RHW series. My take, if there is a season 2;

The only cast members who should stay are Lea Black, Alexia Echevarria, Adriana de Moura & Larsa Pippen.

Marysol & Christy are worthless on the show as personalities. Elsa added a "freak" factor or element to the show, but We here in Miami want the rest of the country to see there are some really strong, smart, intelligent & successful women here & not a bunch of bimbettes.


I disagree. They need to fire everyone from that show EXCEPT Elsa. If any of those insipid women had half the personality she does, they'd not have to be on such a shitshow!


I'll take it one step further and say they should cancel the show completely.


I think Elsa & her daughter were such an Embarrassment to our city not just because they were recklace and got DUI's & Allegedly are known drug addicts. Anyone can be a sideshow of entertainment if you ply a bottle of cheap red wine down their throat twice or three times a day. Adriana is a idiot with zero social skills. Leah Black is promising and would be better with the cast of Beverly Hills. Alexia seems to be ashamed of her Cuban roots, which I can certainly understand, but did not go over too well in Miami. Larsa seems like a money hungry snob. Kristy, thankfully they did not show much of her. Glad to hear they have fired the production team that did the editing of Season 1 & my only hope is they edit Out season 2.

Mary J.

which one was Leah Black, the old one who tried too hard to stand out for camera time?

Jessie's Girl

Smart women don't appear in shows like this.


the only two that should not be seen in public is that low life big nose lebanese woman and the slutty one (cristy) , firstly the leb would still be eating dirt in beruit and she has a nerve to attack elsa , she asked elsa to tell her something about her life then says else must of been drunk on the reunion show , as for the other low life i have no words , she clearly shows what type of person she is by opening her mouth!

larsa pippen

I was there and you want to know why, because Im the leb girl IM LARSA PIPPEN


I hope it is all new girls. - I would defienetly watch if it is all new cast members. I love Miami and I am a big fan of the RHW series.


Yes, I agree, everyone especially larsa ( annoying) should be fired from the show except Elsa!

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